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University of Nebraska–Lincoln


Sam Allgood Photo

Sam Allgood

Faculty Director of the Teaching and Learning Center and Edwin J. Faulkner Professor of Economics
HLH 525 V
P.O. Box 880489
Lincoln, NE 68588-0489
Sam Allgood Photo
Ph.D. in Economics, University of Georgia, 1993
B.A. in Economics and Political Science, University of Georgia, 1989

Areas of Expertise
  • Economic education
  • Labor economics
  • Cost of taxation
Research Interests
  • Welfare Costs of Taxation
  • Determinants of CEO Turnover
  • Economics of Education
  • Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Economics, 1996
  • Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Economics, 2003
  • Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Economics, 2011

Dr. Sam Allgood received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in 1993. He has been with the University of Nebraska – Lincoln since 1994. Dr. Allgood is the Edwin J. Faulkner professor of economics.  He is the current chair of the American Economic Association's (AEA) Task Force for Outreach To Undergraduate and High School Students, and a member of the AEA Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Professional Conduct.  He is co-editor of the Journal of Economic Education. His research includes economic education, the efficiency of taxation, and CEO turnover and compensation. 

Selected Publications/Articles
  • Allgood, S.A. (Forthcoming).  Age Discrimination and Academic Labor Markets.  Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

    Allgood, S. A., Hoyt, G., McGoldrick, K. (2018). Teacher Training for PhD Students and New Faculty in Economics. Journal of Economic Education.

    Allgood, S. A., Amanda, B. (2017). Learning Outcomes for Economists. American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings.

    Allgood, S. A., Walstad, W. B. (2016). The Effects of Perceived and Actual Financial Literacy on Financial Behaviors. Economic Inquiry, 54(1), 675–697.

    Allgood, S. A., Walstad, W. B., Siegfried, J. S. (2015). Research on Teaching Economics to Undergraduates. Journal of Economic Literature.

    Allgood, S. A., Farrell, K. A., Kamal, R. (2012). Do Boards Know When They Hire a CEO that is a Good Match?  Evidence from Initial Compensation. Journal of Corporate Finance, 18, 1051-1064.

    Allgood, S. A. (2009). Charity, Impure Altruism, and Marginal Redistributions of Income. National Tax Journal, 62, 219-235.

    Farrell, K. A., Allgood, S. A. (2003). The Match Between a CEO and Firm. Journal of Business, 76, 317-342.

    Allgood, S. A. (2001). Grade Targets and Teaching Innovations. Economics of Education Review, 20, 485-493.

    Allgood, S. A., Snow, A. (1998). The Marginal Cost of Raising and Redistributing Tax Revenue. Journal of Political Economy, 106, 1246-1273.

Books and Book Chapters
  • Allgood, S. A., Bayer, A. (2016). Measuring College Learning in Economics. Measuring College Learning.
Working Papers
Selected Presentations
Consulting Work
Grants and Research Awards

Professional Service

Chair, American Economic Association Task Force on Outreach To High School and College Students

Member, American Economic Association Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Professional Conduct

Member, American Economic Association Committee on Economic Education (ex officio

Co-editor, Journal of Economic Education