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University of Nebraska–Lincoln


Mitch Herian Photo

Mitch Herian

Project Director of the Bureau of Business Research
Bureau of Business Research
HLH 523
P.O. Box 880406
Lincoln, NE 68588-0406
(402) 472-3077
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Mitch Herian Photo

Dr. Herian is a political scientist with a background in public policy.  Since 2007, Dr. Herian has worked both in academic and private settings to provide policy analysis and program evaluation support to government agencies and non-profits.  Currently, he serves as Project Director at the Bureau of Business Research where he helps conduct sponsored research and helps oversee the Bureau Scholars program.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

PytlikZillig, Lisa, Christopher D. Kimbrough, Ellie Shockley, Tess M.S. Neal, Mitchel N. Herian, Joseph A. Hamm, Brian H. Bornstein, and Alan J. Tomkins. 2017. “A Longitudinal and Experimental Study of the Impact of Knowledge on the Bases of Institutional Trust.” Plos One, 12(4): e0175387.

DeSimone, Justin A., P.D. Harms, Adam J. Vanhove, and Mitchel N. Herian. 2017. “Development and Validation of the Five-by-Five Resilience Scale.” Assessment, 24: 778-797.

Abdel-Monem, Tarik, Mitchel N. Herian, Rick Hoppe, Alan J. Tomkins, and Lisa M. Pytlik Zillig. 2016. “Policymakers’ Perceptions of the Benefits of Citizen Budgeting Activities.” Public Performance and Management Review, 39: 835-863.

PytlikZillig, Lisa M., Joseph A. Hamm, Ellie Shockley, Mitchel N. Herian, Tess M.S. Neal, Christopher D. Kimbrough, Alan J. Tomkins, and Brian H. Bornstein. 2016. “The Dimensionality of Trust-Relevant Constructs in Four Institutional Domains: Results from Confirmatory Factor Analysis.” Journal of Trust Research, 6: 111-150.

Vanhove, Adam J., Mitchel N. Herian, P.D. Harms, Alycia U.L. Perez, and Paul B. Lester. 2016. “Can Resilience Be Developed at Work? A Meta-analysis of the Effectiveness of Resilience-based Interventions.” Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 89: 278-307.

Herian, Mitchel N. 2014. “Trust in Government and Support for Municipal Services.” State and Local Government Review, 42: 82-90.

Herian, Mitchel N., Tarik Abdel-Monem, and Nancy Shank. 2014. “Trust in Government and Support for Government Regulation: The Case of Electronic Medical Records.” Health Expectations, 17: 784-794.

Herian, Mitchel N., Louis Tay, Joseph A. Hamm, and Ed Diener. 2014. “Social Capital, Ideology, and Health in the United States.” Social Science & Medicine, 105: 30-37.

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Hamm, Joseph A., Lisa M. PytlikZillig, Alan J. Tomkins, Mitchel N. Herian, and Hannah Swanson. 2013. “Understanding Projected Compliance with a Water Allocation Decision: The Moderating Roles of Knowledge and Consistency.” Ecology & Society 18: 49.

Herian, Mitchel N. 2012. “The Intergovernmental Politics of Internet Sales Taxation in the U.S.” Policy & Internet, 4(1): Article 5.

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Rosenbaum, David I., Nicole Hutsell, Alan J. Tomkins, Brian H. Bornstein, Mitchel N. Herian, and Elizabeth M. Neeley. 2012. “Using Court Date Reminder Postcards to Reduce Courts’ Failure to Appear Rates: A Benefit-Cost Analysis.” Judicature, 95: 177-188.

Whitaker, Eric. A., Mitchel N. Herian, Christopher W. Larimer, and Michael Lang. 2012. “The Determinants of Policy Introduction and Bill Adoption: Examining Minimum Wage Increases in the American States, 1997-2006.” Policy Studies Journal, 40: 626-649.

Hamm, Joseph A., Alan J. Tomkins, Lisa M. PytlikZillig, Mitchel N. Herian, Brian H. Bornstein, and Elizabeth M. Neeley. 2011. “Exploring Separable Components of Institutional Confidence.” Behavioral Sciences & the Law, 29: 95-115.


Dr. Herian teaches POLS 225:  Nebraska Government and Politics each spring.