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BBR Scholars

BBR Scholars is a unique program providing undergraduate students with an opportunity to participate in meaningful economic research. Students will train in a variety of advanced economic research methods and techniques, collaborate in writing research reports and present study findings. There may also be opportunities to submit research products for publication. Scholars may work on Bureau-sponsored projects or potentially develop their own research agenda.

Mentoring is provided by Bureau faculty and staff, as well as senior peers. The wage is competitive and the students are expected to work 10-15 hours per week.

Train, Collaborate, Present Findings, Get Published!

Why Bureau of Business Research?

The UNL Bureau of Business Research is a leading source for analysis and information on the Nebraska economy. The Bureau conducts both contract and sponsored research on the economy of Nebraska and its communities including economic and fiscal benefit analysis; models of the structure and comparative advantage of the current economy; economic, fiscal, and demographic outlooks, and assessments of how economic policy affects industry, labor markets, infrastructure, and the standard of living.

The Bureau also competes for research funding from federal government agencies and private foundations from around the nation and contributes to the academic mission of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln through scholarly publication and the education of students.

BBR Scholars Seminar Series

The BBR Scholars Seminar Series is designed to introduce Scholars to advanced research concepts and techniques. The seminars will prepare Scholars to perform their duties at the BBR, as well as prepare them for future employment and research opportunities. Currently, there are seven seminars scheduled during the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

All seminars will be held from 2-3:30 p.m. in HLH 511P.

FALL 2018

September 14: Survey Techniques

The BBR commonly administers surveys to make inferences about the economic activities that take place in certain geographic locations and among specific groups of people. This seminar will cover the seminal research relating to the delivery of mail and internet surveys, with a focus on the effective development and delivery of such surveys.

October 19: Data Visualization in R

The programming language R is among the most widely-used statistical programming languages in business and research settings. This seminar will build upon Scholars’ existing experience with R to introduce various data management and data visualization concepts. The popular ggplot2 library will be used to develop several different types of plots.

November 16: Basics of Regression - Continuous Variables

Regression techniques are commonly used in economics and other fields to estimate the impact that various predictor variables have upon a dependent variable of interest. This seminar will cover the use of regression with continuous dependent variables. A conceptual overview of regression with continuous variable will be provided, and concrete examples will be provided in R.


January 18: Basics of Regression - Discrete Variables

In regression analyses, the dependent variable often takes the form of a discrete variable, where outcomes are binary or consist of a variety of ordered or non-ordered categories. In such situations it is necessary to utilize specialized regression techniques to account for the non-linear nature of these variables. A conceptual overview of regression with discrete variable will be provided, and concrete examples will be provided in R.

February 15: Presenting Research and Research Posters

This seminar will lay out the basics in presenting research and research posters. BBR faculty and staff will provide insights into presenting different types of research for various audiences.

March 15: Student Presentations

BBR Scholars will engage in several different research projects over the course of the academic year. This seminar will give Scholars the opportunity to present research that will not be presented at the annual spring research fair.

April 5: Student Presentations/Prepare for UNL Research Fair Poster Session

BBR Scholars will present their research at the annual UNL Research Fair Undergraduate Poster Competition. This seminar will give Scholars the opportunity to present their research posters to BBR faculty and staff, and to fellow Scholars.

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Undergraduate students working with the Bureau have co-authored numerous reports, journals and articles over the years. Are you ready to be a part of our team?

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