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Thirty-Eight Nebraska Students Selected for Strengths Coaches Program

Peer Mentors Make Positive Impact on New Business Students
Thirty-Eight Nebraska Students Selected for Strengths Coaches Program
The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Clifton Strengths Institute introduced 38 students as the newest cohort of its student strengths coaches. Students provide one-on-one coaching to new College of Business students in Professional Enhancement I: Investing in Strengths (BSAD 111).

The Clifton Strengths Institute at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln recently named 38 students as strengths coaches for the 2023-24 academic year. The new cohort, along with more than 100 returning coaches, will mentor nearly 1,000 new College of Business students in the Professional Enhancement I: Investing in Strengths (BSAD 111) course.

Required for all first-year business students, BSAD 111 teaches students how to excel using their natural strengths, learned from taking the CliftonStrengths® assessment. Student strength coaches support and guide new students’ development as they learn to leverage their top strengths.

“A student's college experience can be the most transformative years of their life. In crucial times of life transitions and self-discovery, students in the College of Business have the opportunity to identify their natural talents and dive into the qualities that make them unique. Focusing on their strengths, along with their student strengths coach's guidance and support, sets students up to be successful and more confident throughout their college careers,” said Alyson Lenz, assistant director of the Strengths Program.

The program requires all new coaches to enroll in Strengths Coaching, Theory and Practice (MNGT 451) this spring, where they learn about strengths-based development and techniques to maximize individuals’ potential. These skills are used to make positive impacts within the college, community and in their professional careers.

“Our student strengths coaches truly care about the development and well-being of the students they coach. They have a passion and energy for investing in others, building trusting relationships, helping students be at their best and leaving a lasting impact beyond the 8 weeks of the class,” Lenz said.

The new student strengths coaches represent all majors across campus, including business. Hannah-Kate Kinney, a junior advertising and public relations major from Omaha, Nebraska, plans to use her experiences on campus for the betterment of her peers at Nebraska.  

“Nebraska has afforded me so many opportunities for which I am eternally grateful. I hope that I can inspire students to take advantage of all the university has to offer. I want to light a fire within my students that they can do absolutely anything to which they put their minds. If I can be the first spark that lights their journey onto future leadership positions, I know I will have done my job effectively,” said Kinney.

The newest cohort of strengths coaches for the 2023-24 school year, with their year in school in the spring 2023 semester and academic major(s), are:

Bellevue: Delaney Huck, freshman business and law major

Bennington: McKenzie Sharp, sophomore marketing major

Central City: Jade Erickson, sophomore Clifton Builders Management major

Firth: Hannah Hurt, sophomore management major

Fremont: Elise Estudillo, freshman accounting major

Grand Island: Hannah Fjeldheim, sophomore business administration and advertising & public relations major

Hastings: Mari Conant, freshman marketing major

Kearney: Ashton Huls, freshman nutrition & health sciences, pre-dentistry major

Lincoln: Myah Anderson, sophomore special education 7-12 major; Kaiden Bedient, sophomore finance major; Eva Gronewold, freshman marketing and management major; Nathan Makinson, freshman economics major; Alasia Wynne, freshman accounting major

Nelson: Alexa Cox, sophomore marketing major

Oakland: Ellen Magnusson, freshman business administration major

Omaha: Carter Bautch, junior advertising & public relations major; Jacob Faapito, freshman psychology major; Margaret Kee, freshman economics major; Hannah-Kate Kinney, junior advertising & public relations, broadcasting and journalism major; John Kinney, junior business and law major; Ava Rosenfels, freshman business administration major; Jordan Tipton, freshman business administration major; Mandy Tran, sophomore business administration major; Dywan Williams, sophomore accounting major

Steinauer: Ellie Schaardt, freshman business administration major

Valley: Audrey Frohloff, freshman business administration major

Waverly: Tenley Kozal, freshman management major


Ames, Iowa: Brylie Anderson, freshman accounting major

Shenandoah, Iowa: Ty Lantz, junior accounting major

Glen Carbon, Illinois: Jack Wise, sophomore Clifton Builders Management major

Yorkville, Illinois: Regan Willie, freshman accounting major

Courtland, Kansas: Carolina Barraza, freshman accounting and marketing major

Overland Park, Kansas: Sydney Beck, freshman management major

Cottage Grove, Minnesota: Mara McGuire, freshman business and law major

Magnolia, Minnesota: Sara Knips, junior Clifton Builders Management major

Kansas City, Missouri: William Wooden, freshman accounting major

Frisco, Texas: Robert Frost, sophomore accounting major

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin: Katelyn Duero, freshman marketing major
Published: February 22, 2023