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November 12, 2020

Mentor Opens World of Opportunities for Schlecht

Mentor Opens World of Opportunities for Schlecht
Maggie Schlecht, an international business graduate from Elmhurst, Illinois, benefited from switching her major to international business. By connecting with a faculty mentor, she studied abroad and gained leadership opportunities that also help her in her job at Refinitiv in Chicago.

Maggie Schlecht faced major doubts about her ability to succeed during her early years at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business. Through mentorship in her International Business Program, she attained the courage to not only excel in the Nebraska Business Honors Academy, but to also graduate and begin a career in the global financial services industry.

“I went in as an actuarial science major because I loved economics and calculus in high school. I thought it was a good fit,” said Schlecht, who came to Nebraska from Elmhurst, Illinois.

After taking her first actuarial science course, the global-minded Schlecht decided to switch her major to international business. Though she always loved the idea of traveling abroad, the change in programs brought a sense of uncertainty.

Then she met Dr. Kalu Osiri, director of the International Business Program and associate professor of practice in management, who helped her look at challenges differently. Despite her timidness in Osiri’s Leadership in a Global Context (MNGT 414) class, her professor noticed Schlecht’s curiosity to learn and recognized her potential.

“There were 80 or more students in the class, but Maggie stood out,” said Osiri. “She was a sophomore then and highly engaged with the course material. She was quiet and wouldn't say anything during class, but she often met me after class to ask questions.”

Schlecht, who graduated virtually on Saturday, was the first Nebraska Business Honors Academy student to be named an Allan Noddle International Business Distinguished Scholar.
Schlecht, who graduated virtually in May 2020, was the first Nebraska Business Honors Academy student to be named an Allan Noddle International Business Distinguished Scholar.

Talking with Osiri gave Schlecht more confidence in her new major and her future in the field. It led her to study abroad in Panama, which she credits Osiri for putting on her radar. During the trip, Schlecht worked on a team project to create a business plan for a luxury sailboat marina. Consulting in frontier markets like Panama makes the college’s global immersion experiences distinctive. She later studied abroad for a semester in Aix-en-Provence, France.

“Learning from Dr. Osiri made me feel secure in choosing international business as a major because I can see opportunities out there for me,” she said. “Since switching majors, I’ve always gone to him for advice on internships and applying to different programs. He’s always pushing me to go further and do more than what I think I can.”

He encouraged Schlecht when she led the International Business Club and volunteered as an American Conversation Partner for the Employment Readiness Certificate Program, an eight-week intensive career preparation program for international students. She also became the first Nebraska Business Honors Academy student to be named an Allan Noddle International Business Distinguished Scholar. The cohort-based distinguished scholar program allows high-achieving, global-minded students to take part in research opportunities and an additional study abroad experience.

“When I found out Maggie was an international business major, I began to mentor her. I would contact her whenever I saw an opportunity for her to lead and get out of her comfort zone. Of course, she figured out what I was doing but still accepted the challenge,” Osiri said. “Maggie truly embodies what it means to be an international business major. She is a resonant leader with a bright future.”

After graduating in May 2020, Schlecht started at Refinitiv, a global financial services company in Chicago, as an associate in their Graduate Leadership Program. During her first year, she has the opportunity to serve in multiple client-facing roles as she builds her career in the industry. With the support of faculty like Osiri empowering her to secure a job early in her senior year, Schlecht is grateful for her time at Nebraska Business.

“The College of Business is where I spent the bulk of my time while in college and I loved every minute of it. The people I met and the places I went are irreplaceable,” she said.

To learn more about the Employment Readiness Certificate program in which Schlecht volunteered, visit: