Stanislava (Stas) Nikolova

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Associate Professor
Ph.D. Finance, University of Florida
B.S. Management, State University of New York - Geneseo

Dr. Nikolova comes to CBA from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission where she was a Senior Financial Economist with the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis. Prior to this, she was on the faculty of George Mason University. Dr. Nikolova's research focuses on fixed-income securities, credit risk, and regulation of the financial sector.


S. Nikolova, L. Wang and J. Wu, 2019. Institutional Allocations in the Primary Market for Corporate Bonds, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

A. D. Jagolinzer, K. W. Hanley and S. Nikolova, 2018. Strategic Estimation of Asset Fair Values, Journal of Accounting and Economics 66, 25-45.

G. Jostova, S. Nikolova, A. Philipov and C. W. Stahel, 2013. Momentum in Corporate Bond Returns, Review of Financial Studies 26, 1649-1693.

M. J. Flannery, S. Nikolova and Ö. Öztekin, 2012. Leverage Expectations and Bond Credit Spreads, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 47, 689-714. [Lead article]

M. J. Flannery and S. Nikolova, 2004. Market Discipline of U.S. Financial Firms: Recent Evidence and Research Issues, in Claudio Borio, William C. Hunter, George Kaufman, and Kostas Tsatsaronis, ed. Market Discipline Across Countries and Industries (MIT Press).

Working Papers
The Transaction Costs of Trading Corporate Credit (with G. Biswas and C. W. Stahel)
Reject & resubmit at The Journal of Finance

Conferences: AFA 2015, FIRS 2015, Fixed Income 2015, FMA Europe 2015

Portfolio Similarity and Asset Liquidation in the Insurance Industry (with G. Girardi, K. W. Hanley, L. Pelizzon and M. Sherman)
Revise & resubmit at Journal of Financial Economics

Conferences: AFA 2017, SEC 2017, Econometrics of Financial Markets 2017, Temple Conference 2016, MIT Consortium 2015

Rethinking the Use of Credit Ratings in Capital Regulation (with K. W. Hanley)

Conferences: WFA 2014, NBER 2014, FDIC/JFSR 2014, CREDIT 2014, Bocconi/CAREFIN 2014, FMA 2014, FMA Europe 2014, MIT Consortium 2013

The Bond Pricing Implications of Rating-Based Capital Requirements (with S. Murray)
2018 Best Paper Award, INQUIRE Europe/UK Joint Seminar

Conferences: AFA 2019 (scheduled), Fixed Income 2019, Chicago Financial Institutions 2019, SGF 2019, MARC 2019, SFS Cavalcade Asia-Pacific 2018, EFA 2018, Bocconi/CONSOB 2018, INQUIRE Europe/UK 2018, CFEA 2017

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HLH 425 W
P.O. Box 880490
Lincoln, NE 68588-0490
Phone: 402-472-6049
Fax: 402-472-5140

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