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University of Nebraska–Lincoln


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Robert Campbell

Assistant Professor of Management
HLH 325 L
P.O. Box 880491
Lincoln, NE 68588-0491
(402) 472-3915
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Robert Campbell Photo
Ph.D. in Strategic Management, University of Georgia.
B.B.A. in Finance & Accounting, Temple University.
Areas of Expertise
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Assistant Professor, 2019
CV 7.9.24

Dr. Robert (Rob) Campbell is an Assistant Professor of Management in the College of Business. He received his PhD in Strategic Management from the University of Georgia and BBAs in Finance and Accounting from Temple University.

Rob's research is situated within the strategic management discipline, which focuses on understanding how differences in firm strategy influence firm success or failure. He primarily devotes his research to understanding the critical role played by strategic leaders—such as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and boards of directors (boards)—and mergers and acquisitions (M&As)—instances where firms subsume or combine with other firms. Specifically, when conducting research in these areas, Rob aims to develop theoretical insights by leveraging temporal and linguistic perspectives (i.e., by focusing on the role of time and language usage). Rob also has an interest in contributing methodological insights to the discipline, particularly in terms of advancing scholarly understanding around the usage of new and existing methodologies.

To date, Rob's research has been published in the Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management, and Organizational Research Methods.

Oliver, A. G., Campbell, R. J., Graffin, S. D., & Bundy, J. 2023. Media coverage of earnings announcements: How newsworthiness shapes media volume and tone. Journal of Management, 49: 1213-1245.

Busenbark, J. R., Graffin, S. D, Campbell, R. J., & Lee, E. 2022. A marginal effects approach to interpreting main effects and moderation. Organizational Research Methods, 25: 147-169.

Campbell, R. J., Busenbark, J. R., Boivie, S., & Graffin, S. 2021. Retaining problems or solutions? The post-acquisition performance implications of director retention. Strategic Management Journal, 42: 1716-1733.

Campbell, R. J., Jeong, S.-H., & Graffin, S. D. 2019. Born to take risk? The effect of CEO birth order on strategic risk taking. Academy of Management Journal, 62: 1278-1306.

Quigley, T. J., Crossland, C., & Campbell, R. J. 2017. Shareholder perceptions of the changing impact of CEOs: Market reactions to unexpected CEO deaths, 1950-2009. Strategic Management Journal, 38: 939–949.

Graduate Courses

Doctoral Seminar in Strategic Management (MNGT 985) - This doctoral seminar is a broad survey of the major topics and trends in the field of strategic management. The course covers core theoretical perspectives in strategy research, as well as major strategy topics. Selected readings primarily come from journals broadly recognized as top-tier, meaning research published in these journals is expected to make a strong theoretical contribution and be of broad interest. Although we will cover a considerable number of topics, the vastness of this field means that many areas of current and relevant inquiry must be omitted. In addition to exposing students to the strategic management field, this course also addresses a number of developmental topics to help prepare students for an academic career.

Foundations of Business Strategy (GRBA 808) - This online MBA class focuses on presenting an overarching, integrated framework of the strategic management process - analysis, formulation, and implementation- that provides a foundation for examining why some companies succeed and others fail. Readings and lectures cover business and corporate strategy and illustrate strategic management theories and frameworks while case discussions and projects provide opportunities for application.

Undergraduate Courses

Business Strategies (MNGT 475) - A senior-level capstone course designed to build on and integrate the knowledge and skills acquired during the business school curriculum. The goal of this course is to study the company as a whole rather than any one functional area. Students will learn principal concepts, frameworks, and techniques of strategic management and will use written and oral communication skills to analyze and critically think about strategic problems, solutions, and decisions. This course requires students to formulate and apply business strategies through the analysis of cases and business simulations. Students will gain an understanding and appreciation of how strategy affects careers, company performance, and industry attractiveness.

  • Dissertation Committees
    • I have am currently co-chairing one dissertation.
    • I am also serving on another committee
  • Co-authorship with doctoral students
    • I have one published research project where one of the co-authors was a doctoral student at the time of project inception.
    • I have numerous ongoing research projects where one of the co-authors was a doctoral student at the time of project inception.
Professional Service
  • Academy of Management Journal, Editorial Board Member 
  • Strategic Management Journal, Ad-hoc Reviewer
  • Organization Science, Ad-hoc Reviewer
  • Academy of Management Review, Ad-hoc Reviewer
  • Journal of Management, Editorial Board Member