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University of Nebraska–Lincoln


James W. Gentry


Professor and Maurice J. and Alice Hollman College Professor
HLH 345
P.O. Box 880492
Lincoln, NE 68588-0492
(402) 472-2316
James W. Gentry Photo
  • D.B.A., Indiana University, 1973
  • M.B.A., Indiana University, 1971
  • B.S., Kansas State University, 1969
Areas of Expertise
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Cross-Cultural Issues
  • Family Decision Making
  • International Consumerism
  • International - Asia

Jim Gentry is a Professor of Marketing and the Maurice J. and Alice Hollman Professor of Marketing in the College of Business. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Kansas State University, and a MBA and DBA from Indiana University. He has taught at Kansas State University, Oklahoma State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Western Australia, and has been with UNL since 1987. Dr. Gentry retired from UNL in 2019.

While at Oklahoma State University, he was named the Outstanding Graduate Instructor on campus and he was awarded the Excellence in Graduate Education Award in 2007 from UNL’s Graduate Studies. He served as the Graduate Coordinator in the Department for a number of years. He is a Past President and a Fellow in the Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning.

Jim’s research early in his career focused on behavioral decision theory, but in the last two decades has concentrated on family, gender, and cross-cultural consumer issues. Most recently he has started concentrating on issues facing the aging global population. He has published in a wide variety of journals.


Research Interests

Changes in consumer behavior associated with life-event transitions

Cross-cultural differences in consumer decision processes

Consumer acculturation

Family decision making

Published In

Journal of Marketing

Public Opinion Quarterly

Journal of Business Research

Journal of Retailing

Journal of Leisure Research

Journal of Consumer Research

Clothing and Textiles Research Journal

Home Economics Research Journal

Recherche et Applications en Marketing

Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management

American Behavioral Scientist

Journal of Public Policy and Marketing

OMEGA, The International Journal of Management Science

Journal of Applied Psychology

Journal of Behavioral Decision Making

International Business Review

Journal of International Business Studies

International Marketing Review

Journal of Macromarketing

Psychology and Marketing

Refereed Publications

Beruchasvilli, M., Moisio, R., Gentry, J. W. (2015). Cultivating Hope. Journal of Consumer Culture, Sage Publications, 15(3), 307-328.

Fowler, J. G., Gentry, J. W., Reisenwitz, T. H. (2015). Analyzing Chinese Older People's Quality of Life Through Their Use of Internet. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 39, 324-334.

Jun, S., Sung, J., Gentry, J. W., McGinnis, L. P. (2015). Effects of Underdog (Vs. Top Dog) Positioning in Advertising. International Journal of Advertising, Routledge, 34(3), 495-514.

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Boeing, R., Torres Urdan, A., Gentry, J. W. (2013). I Saw It In the Movies, But Does That Matter? Product Placement in A Cross Cultural Study Between Brazil and the USA. Brazilian Journal of Marketing, 12(2), 1-28.
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Gentry, J. W., Harrison, R. L. (2010). Is Advertising a Barrier to Gender Role Change? Marketing Theory, 10(1), 74-96.
Gentry, J. W., Mittelstaedt, R. A. (2010). Remittances as Social Exchange: The Critical, Changing Role of Family as the Social Network. Journal of Macromarketing.
McGinnis, L. P., Gentry, J. W., McQuillan, J. (2009). Ritual-Based Behavior that Reinforces Hegemonic Masculinity in Golf: Variations in Women Golfers’ Responses. Leisure Sciences, 31, 19-36.
McGinnis, L. P., Gentry, J. W. (2009). Underdog Consumption: An Exploration into Meanings and Motives. Journal of Business Research, 62(2), 191-199.
Broekemier, G., Marquardt, R. A., Gentry, J. W. (2008). An Exploration of Happy/Sad and Liked/Disliked Music Effects on Shopping Intentions in a Women’s Clothing Store Service Setting. Journal of Services Marketing, 1(22), 59-67.
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Gentry, J. W., Putrevu, S., Shultz II, C. (2006). The Effects of Counterfeiting on Consumer Search. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 5(3), 245-256.
Hyun, Y. J., Gentry, J. W., Park, C., Jun, S. (2006). An Investigation of Newspaper Ad Memory As Affect Context Involvement and Ad Size--A Korea

Grants and Research Awards

Faculty Research Award, Marketing Department, College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. (2012)

Faculty Research Award, Marketing Department, College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. (2008)

Faculty Research Award, Marketing Department, College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. (2007)

Faculty Research Award, Marketing Department, College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. (2005)

Teaching Interests

Buyer Behavior

Marketing Research

International Marketing



Carmen Award, Macromarketing Association. (2013)

Best Doctoral Paper, Collegiate Retailing Association Conference. (2013)

Recognized for Contributions to Macromarekting, Macromarketing Society. (2012)

Reviewer of the Year, Journal of Macromarketing. (2011)

Reviewer of the Year, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. (2011)

People's Choice Award for Best Video, Association for Consumer Research. (2009)

Excellence in Graduate Education Award, University of Nebraska. (2007)

Best Conference Paper, Macromarketing Conference. (2005)

Slater Award, Journal of Macromarketing. (2005)

Best Reviewer, Journal of Business Research. (2002)

Certificate of Recognition for Contributions to Students, UNL Parents Association. (2001)

Best Reviewer, Journal of Consumer and Marketing Research. (1997)

Invited Faculty Participant, AMA Doctoral Consortium. (1996)

Best Article of the Year, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. (1992)

Best Article of the Year, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. (1991)

Faculty, AMA Consortium on Teaching. (1990)

Outstanding Graduate Teacher, Graduate Student Council, Oklahoma State University. (1986)