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Steinle Transfers Big Dreams to Lincoln

Student’s Vigor Leads to Glory at Nebraska
Steinle Transfers Big Dreams to Lincoln
Bailee Steinle worked closely with the Business Advising and Student Engagement office to ensure her class choices and Business Abroad opportunities would facilitate her graduation plans.
Bailee Steinle grew up in small towns dreaming of making a big impact in business. After struggling to find direction in her first year of college, Steinle transferred to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business, where she now packs new activities into each day with the intent on getting her dream job thanks to the help of Rachel Wesley, academic advisor.

“I first met Rachel during the summer and we hit it off because she’s very similar to me – we’re both Type A people,” said Steinle, a sophomore accounting major from Salina, Kansas, who also lived in Geneva, Nebraska. “I came to Nebraska knowing I wanted to work at a private accounting firm but needing help getting there. I’m very proactive, so I started working with Rachel to understand how to transfer credits. I also wanted to know about study abroad and she helped me find the answers.”

With more than three times the business academic advisors as her previous school, and the flexibility to choose an advisor that fits her best, Steinle believes she is now on track to fulfill her career goals. By better understanding Business Abroad options, she feels confident her academic goals are aligned with her future career plans.

Steinle worked with advisor Rachel Wesley weekly during her first semester at Nebraska Business.
Steinle worked with advisor Rachel Wesley weekly during her first semester at Nebraska Business.
“Rachel has been helpful making sure I’m on track to graduate. She always helps me understand my options. I learned the CIMBA Italy abroad program is perfect for me because they offer a lot of business classes. Those credits will transfer back, which is helpful because I’ve already completed most of my elective courses,” she said.

Wesley praised Steinle for taking initiative for her future right away at Nebraska. The more Wesley knows about a student, the more she can assist in their progress.

“Bailee was willing to share not only school interests, but also what she likes to do socially, what her family is like and what her goals are after college,” said Wesley. “That makes it a lot easier to give suggestions on classes and studying abroad. Coming in early when we’re not so busy with priority registration helps our advisors give better suggestions for students to reach their goals.”

Steinle got a job in the university’s Student Involvement office, which not only keeps her active, but also lets her get a firsthand look at student organizations on campus. As a member of Chi Omega sorority, she is expected to join at least one other organization at Nebraska.

“I’m not someone who can go to class and then go home and take a nap,” said Steinle. “I have to be doing homework, going to work or involved in campus activities. I’m now working on an application for the Nebraska Business Student Advisory Board.”

Knowing Steinle got involved in Greek life upon arriving at Nebraska, Wesley directed her on how to build on that experience.

“We talked about the things you get from a sorority that you might not get in a student organization and vice versa.
Where can we fill the gaps with activities like going on a Career Expedition or finding a leadership position. It’s been fun to work with Bailee on helping her make it come together, and she’s continued to reach out to me every week this semester,” said Wesley.

Steinle went on the Career Expedition to Minneapolis earlier this semester, sponsored by the Business Career Center. The trip became a centerpiece for her sophomore year so far.

“I love the cold and the big city setting, and Minneapolis also has the right Midwestern feel. It gave me the chance to meet other students at the College of Business and get recommendations from them on what accounting classes to take next semester. It also will help me when I’m looking at internships and jobs since I have that connection with the Business Career Center,” she said.

Taking the trip helped open Steinle up to more job possibilities after graduation too. Though she still leans toward private accounting, she has a broader picture of where an accounting degree might take her. She believes continuing to stay in touch with Wesley and other advisors in the Business Advising and Student Engagement office will do the same.

“I think it speaks really highly of Nebraska Business that they have such great advisors like Rachel. If you stay on top of what you want out of college they will always give you the help you need to stay on track, graduate and find a great job,” said Steinle.

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Published: November 19, 2019