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PrEP Program Prepares Students for Success

The College of Business Administration has intensified the career preparation required for students by creating a unique Professional Enhancement Program (PrEP). The program enhances the professional development of all CBA students through four one-credit hour pass/no pass courses. Fully integrated in the four-year CBA curriculum, PrEP was designed after thorough research and benchmarking by a committee of CBA faculty and career development experts.

“We are the first school with an undergraduate business student population of this size to require four-year career and professional development courses that are integrated into the curricula,” said Dr. Rachel Larson, associate director of career and professional development. “This is significant because it ensures every CBA student graduates with the tools and professional qualities they need for lifelong success.”

PrEP Program
The courses include an exploration of skills utilizing Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment and introduction to business for first-time students, career planning for sophomores, internship and job searching for juniors, and professionalism and life skills for seniors.

The PrEP courses help students develop and practice skills identified as necessary by employers (NACE, 2013) and the college’s employer partners. Students also meet professionals through résumé critiques, practice interviews, career fairs, networking events and informational interviews.

“The PrEP curriculum builds skills employers are seeking,” said Larson. “Our employer partners are excited to share their expertise and take an active part in the business education their potential employees receive.”
Published: February 3, 2015