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Ninete Explores Cultures, Learns Languages Through Student Organization

Biological Sciences Major Takes Advantage of the Business International Student Association
Ninete Explores Cultures, Learns Languages Through Student Organization
Zach Ninete with other Business International Student Association members and their advisor at the student organization's Cultural Gala.

Zach Ninete, a biological sciences major with a minor in Japanese, found community in student organizations like the Business International Student Association. Through his involvement in the College of Business club, he learned how to immerse himself in campus life and about the opportunities these organizations bring.

Ninete studied abroad in Japan.
Talk about why you decided to apply to Nebraska and, specifically, what led you to study biological sciences and Japanese.

Coming out of high school I didn’t know where I wanted to go. I had many offers but what caught my attention the most was Nebraska. After attending the Power Up Weekend and orientation, I knew there was something special about UNL. It was a place where I could grow as a person and get out of my comfort zone, which it has been since day one! I have met so many amazing people and have been a part of many great opportunities on campus, Nebraska is my second home!

When I was younger, I had severe asthma and allergies, and I struggled with doing anything physical. I saw an asthma doctor for help, but in all honesty, he would always say my asthma wouldn’t get better and that I could never be in sports. Jumping to today I am now asthma symptomatic free, meaning it doesn’t bother me anymore. Because of this, I have a passion for becoming an allergist/immunologist to help inspire others with asthma to fight their asthma. I hope to inspire those with asthma that there are no limits to the things they can do! This has led me to major in biological sciences so I can pursue medical school to become an allergist/immunologist. Also, being a part of multicultural organizations on campus, volunteering at multicultural events, and being involved with the Kawasaki Reading Room on campus has led me to minor in Japanese.

You are a member of the Business International Student Association (BISA). Explain what BISA is for those who may not be familiar with the group.

The Business International Student Association is a registered student organization (RSO) at the College of Business. In this club, you can meet international students from around the world! They hold a lot of cultural events where you learn more about different cultures and languages.

Ninete recommends getting involved on campus by checking out multicultural student organizations and their events.
How did you become involved and what opportunities do you have in BISA?

I became involved by attending the club fairs and Big Red Welcome on campus. I also joined and checked out other clubs and organizations by having friends recommend them or going to special events on campus. Some opportunities in BISA are the cultural gala — a multicultural formal — skiing trip, going to haunted houses and more!

How have involvements in BISA, NSE, Asian Student Union, OASIS and the many others you are part of shaped your college experience?

Being involved in these multicultural clubs and organizations really opened my mind. Before coming to college, I came from a predominantly white area with little to no diversity. So, it was a big change coming to campus. From these clubs, I have made many international friends, learned how to speak six different languages (not fluently), tried new foods, and learned more about cultures different from my own. These experiences led me to study abroad in Japan in my freshman year and have also interested me in learning more about different cultures in general!

What advice do you have for other Nebraska students looking to get involved on campus and join more RSOs?

My advice for students is to check out multicultural RSOs on campus. You’ll be able to meet amazing people and learn more about them and their culture. It is a great experience I would highly recommend!

Is there anyone at Nebraska who has had a positive impact on you?

One person that has impacted me a lot on campus has been Madoka. She is the person who runs the Kawasaki Reading Room on campus. She has helped me with my Japanese, volunteered at multicultural events around Nebraska and campus, gotten me in touch with international students, given me information about study abroad trips to Japan, and supported me in general. She is an amazing person who goes above the call of duty!

What is something you learned during your time at Nebraska that you will take with you in the future?

Something I have learned during my time at Nebraska is to always do your best, be kind and stay positive. Doing your best in academics but also doing your best in life, pushing yourself to your limit and then passing it. Always be kind — everyone around us is going through something we may not know and being kind can change someone’s day. Being positive can help you push through challenges.

Published: May 31, 2024