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Mid-Week Majors Booth Series Connects Students to Careers

The College of Business Administration Office of Undergraduate Programs and Career Services at CBA is launching “Mid-Week Majors,” a weekly booth where students are empowered to learn more about career opportunities associated with each of the 10 undergraduate business majors. For five weeks in the fall, students at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln can visit with a career coach and undergraduate academic advisor at the booth in CBA to explore interests and majors and how they connect with the career opportunities in that field.

The Mid-Week Majors Booth will be held Wednesdays, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. in the CBA first floor atrium near the north entrance of the building. The series features the following majors and career fields:
  • September 7 – accounting and economics
  • September 14 – actuarial science and finance
  • September 21 – business administration and international business
  • September 28 – marketing and agribusiness
  • October 5 – management and supply chain management 
“When choosing a major, students need information on classes as well as career paths. Typically, they get this information by having two separate appointments – one with the Office of Undergraduate Programs and one with Career Services at CBA. By providing students with the resources of both offices at one booth, students can quickly get all the information they need in one stop between classes without even making one appointment,” said Katie Sewell, assistant director of career development and planning in Career Services at CBA.

MABA students
While staff will highlight business majors, they can also answer questions about the business minor. Designed to complement any non-business major, the general business minor requires 18 hours of coursework in six areas of business, including accounting, business law, economics, finance, marketing and management. Students can also tailor the classes to fit their schedules as courses are offered on-campus and online as well as during the fall, spring and summer.

“All students are welcome to stop by the booth. The business minor benefits any student on campus no matter their major,” said Sewell. “You will also get to meet our career coaches who can help you get your résumé started, practice your interview skills or even prepare for life outside of college.”

Students who have already decided on a major also benefit from the booth series.

“Students who have already chosen their major are encouraged to stop by the booth to learn more about the basics of career and internship opportunities, accompanying majors or minors, course sequencing and advising/career services and resources,” said Megan Friesen, assistant director of academic success and advising. 

Held as a follow-up to the Mid-Week Majors Booths, the series culminates in “Choosing Your CBA Major” sessions. These workshops will assist students who would like to learn more about the career opportunities, academic coursework options and skill sets needed to obtain employment in their chosen business field. Students can choose to attend one of the following workshops:
  • Tuesday, October 11, 12-1 p.m. in CBA 222
  •  Tuesday, October 11, 4-5 p.m. in CBA 222
  •  Wednesday, October 12, 3-4 p.m. in CBA 222
“The timing of these workshops is crucial as they are before spring priority registration for classes in late October. We want to reach students and have these discussions prior to them taking classes for a major they are unsure about or before they struggle with the coursework,” she said.

Students can also ask questions and explore content about majors and careers on Twitter by using the hashtag #midweekmajors. 
Published: September 7, 2016