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Davidson Receives Nebraska Admiral Award

Economics Professor Recognized for Impact in Economic and Financial Literacy
Davidson Receives Nebraska Admiral Award
Jennifer Davidson received one of Nebraska's highest honors for its citizens when named Admiral for the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska this spring.

Jennifer Davidson, associate professor of practice in economics, Nebraska Council on Economic Education president and Nebraska Bankers Association Faculty Fellow, was named an admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska for her commitment to expanding the understanding of economics by establishing statewide in-school savings programs.

Considered one of the highest civic honors and honorary titles given to Nebraskans, the honor was presented by Nebraska by Gov. James Pillen this spring.

"In her roles as an associate professor and president of the Nebraska Council on Economic Education (NCEE), she has dedicated her career to teaching Nebraskans the value of economic and financial literacy through innovative teaching, engaging presentations, as well as research and curriculum development," Pillen shared as he read the decree.

Governor and Davidson smile at podium in capitol.
Davidson remains dedicated to expanding financial literacy.

Davidson connected students, teachers, bankers, schools and communities to expand the In-School Savings Program and helped teach the benefits of saving with a bank or credit union. Currently, there are more than 64 operating in-school savings programs throughout the state.

"She has impacted more than 111,343 students — which is more than what could fill Memorial Stadium and enough to be Nebraska’s third largest city; 3,559 teachers; and around 400 schools over nearly 10 years," said Pillen.

In the 2023-24 school year alone, 5,439 elementary students saved $307,871.40, according to the NCEE.

Kelly Lammers, director of the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance, nominated Davidson for the award. Since its inception in 1932, admiralships are presented to Nebraskans who contribute to the good of the state and promote the Good Life in Nebraska.

"Jennifer's dedication to growing Nebraska's understanding of economics is shown through the art of bringing a student savings program inside the school. Success is knowing the hours of dedication by all parties: banks, credit unions, teachers, and students and seeing the smile that comes from a lifelong-learned skill," Lammers said.

Lammers and Davidson worked together for many years on economics education initiatives. When Davidson started in 2008, there were just three in-school saving programs in the state. When she became NCEE president in 2014, there were seven, and in the last four years, 44 programs were implemented across the state.  

"She exemplifies why we all love the great State of Nebraska. She positively impacted countless Nebraskans with many more to come in the future," said Lammers.

Published: June 18, 2024