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Career Accelerator Program Developed Due to Canceled Internships

Career Accelerator Program Developed Due to Canceled Internships
Grace Novak, senior marketing major, meets with Lauren Stehlik, assistant director of the Business Career Center, to catch up about Novak's internship she got after the coaching she received in the Career Accelerator Program.

Students faced an immediate challenge when plans for summer internships, jobs and study abroad opportunities abruptly ended due to COVID-19. In response, the Business Career Center and Clifton Strengths Institute collaborated to create an innovative Summer Career Accelerator Program.

“By combining our student services, we could create opportunity. The partnership allowed us to support and develop our students through a career and strengths coaching lens. Because of this, our students were able to take action to grow both personally and professionally,” said Janessa Hageman, assistant director of the Business Career Center. 

The one-on-one strengths coaching provided direction and accountability. After completing the six-week program, the 22 students shared their final projects with employer partners. Additionally, they can share their experience in interviews and on applications.

Grace Novak, a senior marketing major from Omaha, worked with Lauren Stehlik, assistant director of the Business Career Center, to develop an individualized action plan to make her summer matter. Seizing the opportunity, Novak focused on making her internship search successful.  

“This program pushed me to become more serious and organized in my internship search. Lauren took an individualized interest in what I was looking for and my needs,” said Novak, who succeeded in finding an internship with RKD, a fundraising and marketing agency in Lincoln. “This program was a great experience and reflects the desire of the College of Business community to have all students succeed.” 

Due to tangible results and positive feedback, the program runs again during the extended winter term.  

“Career development is a journey. At times individuals are confident and know they can push themselves, and other times, people are not quite sure which direction to take. This program was purposefully crafted to be a long-lasting program to support students in their career exploration as well as gain targeted experience and skills to feel confident to lead the future of business,” said Hageman. 

View the students’ projects:

Published: November 23, 2020