October 11, 2011

Big Impact: Tyrone Fahie

Tyrone Fahie

Tyrone Fahie

Big Opportunities
I chose Nebraska because of their academic reputation. I originally came to school here as an electrical engineering major. The UNL Engineering proram was rank 10th in the nation. I finished my first year as an EE major, but I wanted a career with more social interaction. I transferred to the College of Business to study MIS. Once I enrolled in CBA, I was able to continue working for the IT department for the college and was able to work closely with the professors for technology needs. These personal relationships allowed for me to want to pursue my MBA here. The college's part-time MBA program was perfect for me as I was allowed to take classes both online and on campus. That flexibility allowed for me to continue playing football here.

Big Insight
The best thing that prepared me for the real world was my internship. It applied my classroom knowledge in the real world. I would recommend that every student pursue an internship to enhance their experience as a student. Several employers have great respect for current students and graduates from the UNL College of Business. I would say to take advantage of the career fairs and the career center that Carol Rogers and Tom Allison manage. They have made a lot of connections throughout the business community and by working hard at your internships and jobs it continues to look good for the University and your degree. 

Big Connections
Since I began my career at TD Ameritrade several of my colleagues have been impressed with the amount knowledge and the quality of the CBA MBA program. There are several graduates from UNO and other Omaha area schools here and I feel that the skill set that I learned at Lincoln will continue to help me advance throughout my career. Becoming a more well rounded college student will also go very far for graduates. Organizations such as the business fraternity and SIFE do more than just look good on a resume, they will help you get connected with several businesses in the area that are looking for quality applicants.