June 20, 2013

Big Impact: Eddie Brown

Eddie Brown
When Eddie Brown enrolled at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 1995, he dreamed of becoming a medical doctor. This dream guided his path to attend college but there was a minor flaw with his plan – he hated science.

“During my freshman year, I got my very first F in my life in biology 101,” said Brown. “After that, I sprinted over to the College of Business Administration, because I knew a solid business degree would be the most marketable option for me and my skills.”

Originally from Chicago, Ill., but raised in Lincoln, Neb., Brown had every intention to leave Nebraska for college. Admitted to Michigan State University, he ultimately enrolled at UNL, because he received more financial assistance and would not need student loans. As the youngest of five children raised by a single mother, that was a huge factor in his enrollment decision.

Once admitted in CBA, Brown decided on marketing as a major by eliminating skill sets he did not have.

“Marketing was hands down the perfect path for me. It was a great fit because I am full of ideas, creative and an outside-the-box thinker. It is how I live my life.”

Graduating in 2000, Brown joined Target as an executive team leader. He then went on to work for Wells Fargo Bank and Allied Insurance. An interest in human resources led him to Developmental Services of Nebraska, Inc. At the same time, Brown posted his resume online and was approached to start his own business. He ultimately chose to open his own insurance agency with Farmers Insurance Group and hasn’t looked back.

“I love being an insurance agent, because of the value added service, knowledge and protection I provide to each of my clients. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I also love being a business owner, because I have learned so much from my previous experiences which I am able to pass along to my clients,” he said.

Eddie Brown
Not one to sit around, Brown recommends students engage in other activities while at UNL in order to be well-rounded individuals. He was elected 2nd vice president of ASUN and performed with the Scarlet and Cream Singers across the U.S. for four years as a university ambassador.

As one of the original mentees in the TeamMates Mentoring Program, he volunteered in the program as his experience got him on the collegiate path. Brown also participated in the Study Abroad at Oxford Program through CBA. The oldest study abroad program at UNL, the Nebraska at Oxford program is celebrating its silver jubilee in 2013.

“Participating in the Oxford program was an incredible opportunity placed before me and I took it. With my upbringing I would have never imagined I would leave the country,” said Brown.  

Brown is the lead singer for the Lincoln band D*Funk, allowing him to continue to sing and perform, and also wear several management hats.

“As the lead singer, you run the show and have to figure out ways to engage your audience. I am our resident photographer and videographer, as well as our merchandiser. My passion is singing, dancing and engaging the crowd, and we have been blessed to turn that passion into another small business opportunity.”

Clearly, Brown is hitting all the right business notes thanks to his education at CBA.