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Inclusive Excellence

All are welcome

Inclusive Excellence

At Nebraska Business, we believe in the power of every person. This belief is at the core of everything we do and is at the center of our commitment to fostering a more inclusive community. In fact, one of our core guiding principles is Be Inclusive.

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To guide our efforts, the college works to realize the following diversity and inclusion goals:

1. Enhance diversity and equity

  • Recruit and retain a diverse community, particularly underrepresented and marginalized people, among students, faculty and staff.
  • Assess and improve equity and accountability in all college systems and practices (including recruitment, promotions, resource allocation and decision-making).

2. Build and sustain an inclusive community

  • Develop D&I skills with a focus on inclusive leadership and cultural awareness in all aspects of our college mission.
  • Ensure all messaging and physical spaces foster inclusion and a sense of belonging to the entire CoB community.

What is Inclusive Excellence?

Nebraska is committed to cultivating an inclusive excellence mindset. We believe in fully embracing diversity in all forms seen and unseen, making inclusion a top priority, promoting equity across our policies and practices, and ultimately ensuring that excellence is inclusive. To accomplish this, we recognize the importance of understanding exactly what we mean by inclusive excellence.

Inclusive excellence builds on the notions of diversity, inclusion and equity.

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Getting Involved

Our commitment to a better future and to diversity and inclusion involves all of us. Real change starts with looking inward and then reaching out. Participation and feedback from all of the College of Business will be crucial to advance these efforts to make our college stronger and our graduates the business leaders the world needs.

Together we will lead the future of business.


You can get involved or connect with any of the following business-related recognized student organizations: Business International Student Association, Multicultural Business Student Association, National Association for Black Accountants (NABA), Pride in Business and Undergraduate Women in Business.

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We also encourage you to also participate in the university's #NCLUDE, a community for students, faculty, staff and alumni to engage in candid conversations and partake in educational opportunities surrounding the importance and awareness, and submit your My Husker Action that helps eradicate systemic racism, injustice and inequality.

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Diversity and Inclusion Gathering Space (DIGS)

Located in HLH 102 just off the Welcome Center, the DIGS serves as your hub for conversation, inclusive programs and gatherings to create a college community filled with people who feel they belong. This space will evolve and grow to maximize connections and explore our guiding principle, Be Inclusive. You can co-create the experience by suggesting a program or topic to explore and participating in events and discussions held in the space.

The space's name, DIGS, was created by students in the Inclusive Business Leaders program in spring 2021. They want you to come check out our "new digs!"

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Diversity and Inclusion Related Curriculum

College of Business courses that have a human diversity related focus include:

Global Issues (BSAD 320)

Explores complex global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. Examines how change and innovation are continuously transforming human endeavors such as technology, business, politics, laws, culture and arts. Investigates how innovation and change can provide new solutions to the many challenges humanity faces, yet may create novel problems and unintended consequences.

Global Leadership and the Culture Map (BSAD 420)

Connects business functional areas to global contexts in theory and practice. Covers international management from a strategic perspective with an in-depth focus on cross-cultural dimensions among countries. Examines emerging competitive strategies used by multinational companies and strategic issues in international company expansions and international venture launches.

Introduction to International Economics (ECON 321)

Intermediate survey of international trade and factor movements; balance of payments; commercial policy; economic integration; international monetary system and institutions; exchange rates; and open economy macroeconomics.

Managing Diversity in Organizations (MNGT 365)

Challenges and opportunities for maximizing the power of a diverse workforce. Contemporary response to the issues of effective management of pluralistic perspectives and the impact of diversity on organizational climate and productivity. Introduction to diversity competence skill development techniques, strategies, and best practices for organizational effectiveness.

International Management (MNGT 414)

Introduction to major management issues that companies face when doing business internationally. Prepare leaders to deal with a wide array of cultural, economic, legal, and technological differences. Deal with concepts, issues, and research in international management, with a focus on the international application of: (1) culture, communication, and leadership, (2) strategic management, and (3) development and coordination of international subsidiaries.

Inclusive Business Leaders

Inclusive Business Leaders is a cohort-based program of first-year business students who demonstrate a commitment to making Nebraska Business and the field of business amore inclusive environment for all. In addition to receiving a scholarship, these students participate in monthly activities and have an opportunity to create meaningful relationships with faculty and staff, college leadership and business professionals in a variety of fields.

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Inclusive Excellence Advisory Board

An Inclusive Excellence Advisory Board of faculty, staff, students and alumni assist with formalizing our initiatives and priorities, establishing and tracking goals and ensuring action and achievement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you partnering with to make the college's diversity and inclusion goals realized?

It takes all of us to create a community where all feel welcome and like they belong. We need your help and participation to do this!

We partner with the UNL Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Associate Dean of Inclusion Rik Barrera serves on the university's Council on Inclusive Excellence to help expand the impact of campus efforts within the College of Business. This way the college complements campus initiatives without duplicating programs.

We partner with the Office of Academic Services and Intercultural Services (OASIS) for planning and programming collaborations. They are excited about the college's DIGS so that conversations normally held at the Gaughan Center will spread across campus to engage more people and in different ways.

We partner with the LGBTQ+ Resource Center for programming collaborations. They are excited about the college's efforts to develop a more welcoming and inclusive campus community.

We also will work with our alumni and business partners to further the work of diversity and inclusion through offering professional development training, career services and partnerships.

How do you serve on the college's Inclusive Excellence Advisory Board?

The inaugural members of the board formed in the fall of 2020. The board consists of three students, two faculty, two staff, two alumni/business partners and four permanent members whose role at the college includes work in this space, such as the Associate Dean of Inclusion.

There will be other opportunities in the future to be selected as the board members complete their service terms. We will advertise the call for nominations to the board on this webpage and in college communications and social media. In the meantime, we would love your participation in and support of the programs and initiatives discussed by this board and held at the College of Business.

When is the Diversity and Inclusion Gathering Space open?

The DIGS is open during current building hours: Mondays-Thursdays 6:30 a.m.-10 p.m. and Fridays 6:30 a.m.-7 p.m.

How can I share my ideas for a program or event at the College of Business?

We'd love to hear your ideas and feedback! Our community gets to co-create the DIGS by sharing ideas for conversation and programs.

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Does Hawks Hall have gender-inclusive restrooms and lactation rooms?

Yes, gender-inclusive restrooms available on lower level, first floor, second floor, third floor and fifth floors (005B, 029, 108C, 206B, 337A, 337B and 507D). Lactation rooms available on the lower level and fourth floor (004B and 407D).

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How do I report an incident?

The University of Nebraska's incident reporting, or TIPS, system is an online tool for reporting campus incidents or positive acts of kindness. It is available through a link in the footer of every university webpage.

How can I stay updated on the college's progress toward these goals?

You can subscribe to the college's monthly newsletter, Inside Nebraska Business. In this newsletter, each month Dean Kathy Farrell shares top level college updates, including the college's diversity and inclusion efforts.

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Racial Equity Resources

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion requires each of us to continuously ensure our interactions be respectful, protect free speech and inspire academic freedom.
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Accessibility Resources

In addition to the services already provided within the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, this page includes other resources and information to assist students, staff and faculty.
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Student Resources

All students should have the opportunity to learn in an environment that appreciates the differences in one another, where they are an equal among their university community.
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Faculty-Staff Resources

We seek to achieve a working and learning environment that is open to all people. Dignity and respect for all in the university community is the responsibility of each person who works and studies here.
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Community / State / Federal Resources

This page has several resources for the Lincoln area including Culture & Support, Lincoln Area Agency on Aging and Lincoln Commission on Human Rights. It also has resources at the State and Federal levels.
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All Are Welcome: Diversity & Inclusion Basics Workshop

Watch the recording of this workshop which is an introductory presentation where participants explore their own identity, address various diversity and social justice topics, and participants engage in meaningful dialogue.
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OUCH! Workshop

Watch the recording of this workshop which help participants focus on understanding the impact of stereotypes and biased statements, identify the most common reasons individuals remain silent in situations of bias and stereotypes, and more.
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Barrera, Rik
Associate Dean of Operations, Inclusion and Chief of Staff
HLH 301 J
Montoya, Edgar
Inclusive Business Leaders and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator
HLH 102 B