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Thanking Your Scholarship Donor

Thanking Your Scholarship Donor

Thanks Donors

Congratulations on receiving a scholarship from a University of Nebraska-Lincoln alumni or outside donor! Since these scholarships are honorary, we strongly encourage you to express your gratitude by writing a thank you letter to your donor(s).

A well-written letter illustrates the importance, meaning, and appreciation of the scholarship to you. Receiving a thank you is very special for a donor and will show how much you value their gift.

Writing a Professional Thank You

  • Heading (Date, Salutation or Greeting)
  • First Paragraph: Introduce the purpose of the letter (include scholarship name).
  • Second Paragraph: Share a little about yourself and explain why the scholarship is important.
    • Educational background
    • Accomplishments/achievements
    • Extracurricular activities, personal and/or professional hobbies
    • Goals and aspirations, future academic and career plans
  • Third Paragraph: Thank the donor again and state your plan to do well with their investment.
  • Closing: (Your name, Signature, Your address)
Helpful Tips:
  1. Be sincere, clear and concise
  2. Edit your letter for typos or grammatical errors
  3. Type or nicely hand-write your letter.
  4. Know or research the person you are addressing in the letter (the donor).

Submitting Your Scholarship Thank You

Please email your letters to
Attach your letter as a Word Document or PDF.

Thank You letters may also be hand-delivered to the Business Advising and Student Engagement Office. If you have any questions about the thank you letter requirement, contact the Business Advising and Student Engagement Office at (402) 472-2310 or e-mail to