Pass / No Pass Considerations

As you consider whether to change one or more of your courses to P/NP for the Spring 2020 semester, please review these considerations:

  • A “P” is earned for grades equivalent of C or better, will complete the requirement, and will still allow you to move forward in your degree.
  • An “N” is equivalent to a grade of C- or lower. “N” outcomes will not complete a degree requirement, will require retaking the requirement, and could delay graduation.
  • P/NP courses will not affect your GPA. If retaking a course, a “P” will be allowed as a grade replacement, this exception is only for Spring 2020.
  • A grade of C-, D+, D, or D- is sometimes allowed to complete a business degree requirement, while some business classes require a C or better. You can contact an advisor to learn about the specific grading requirements needed for your spring courses.
  • All grades of F in the Spring 2020 semester will automatically be converted to an “N” and will not affect your GPA.
  • To be eligible for Dean’s List for Spring 2020, a student must complete at least 12 hours of graded coursework with a semester GPA of 3.6 or higher.
  • To be eligible for Graduation with Distinction, a student must complete 45 graded credit hours (excluding P/N) at Nebraska prior to the semester they graduate and must have completed 60 graded credit hours (excluding P/N) at the time they graduate. Transfer students who have transferred more than 50 credit hours to UNL, are enrolled at UNL during the Spring 2020 semester and are otherwise eligible, will be allowed up to six credit hours of Pass/No Pass credit to count as graded hours.

Pass / No Pass Implications

Changing course(s) to P/NP may have other implications. Before making a final decision, please consider:

  • Do you receive scholarships, federal loans, and/or grants? Consult with Husker Hub at or 402-472-2030.
  • Do you receive GI Benefits? Consult with VA Coordinator, Deb Quinn at
  • Are you an international student? Consult with ISSO at or schedule an appointment.
  • Are you considering graduate or professional school? Pre-Law and Pre-Health students should speak with an Explore Center advisor; other students should contact a representative from the schools they plan to apply.

How Do I Change a Course to Pass/No Pass?

  • The deadline to change a course to P/NP is May 29, 2020 – which means that you can see your final Spring grades before making a decision.
  • Changing a course to P/NP requires visiting with an academic advisor to review the information above and begin the paperwork process.
  • If you have not met with an advisor yet, please schedule an appointment as soon as possible. We anticipate appointments will fill quickly, so please schedule ahead of time. If you no longer need the appointment, please cancel ahead of time so another student can utilize the time.
  • If you have already met with an advisor and talked about how P/N would affect your semester and degree progress, you can email the advisor with your decision after you know your final grade(s).
  • All P/N requests will be processed by the Registrar after the May 29th deadline, you will not see changes in MyRed until early June.
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