Graduate Education

There's no better teacher than experience. At the Center for Entrepreneurship, graduate students design and complete applied research projects which focus on improving the success of Nebraska entrepreneurs. By finding real solutions to real problems, students prepare for their own "real life" after graduation and significantly broaden the career opportunities open to them. Graduate students also learn how to make vital networking contacts with members of the business community to begin creating their career aspirations while still in school.

Courses Offered

ENTR821 Initiating and Managing Entrepreneurial Growth

This course focuses on initiating the entrepreneurial process. Students are exposed to a variety of tactics aimed to increase their ability to recognize or create opportunities for entrepreneurial endeavors. The course teaches students how to formulate an argument to support their idea and how to critically analyze the ideas of others. Students learn through a variety of hands-on methods designed to enhance their critical thinking and practical business skills. Case study analysis and exposure to thought leadership in the field are part of the core learning methods.

ENTR822 Managing Rapid Growth and Change in Organizations

This course addresses financial, human resource, operations and marketing issues that face entrepreneurs whose businesses are confronted with significant growth. In addition, the students will learn change management concepts that are targeted towards managing an organization in extremely turbulent times. Students taking this course will be prepared to work in fast-growth firms, whether they are interested in starting their own business or joining an already established fast-growth firm. This course will be helpful to students interested in fast-growth industries such as life science and high technology.

ENTR823 Business Plan Development and Decision Making

In this class, students learn how to put together a business plan; they move their ideas from concept to business by using a variety of tools. In order to help students learn about the business building process, we have them engage in numerous exercises that help them think critically and in a non-linear way about their business idea. For example, students build their own marketing web sites; this exercises requires they understand their competition, analyze which prospects they are targeting and learn how to hone in on their key messages. Students also use mind mapping and story boarding to work through their ideas. Through the semester, students evolve and change their ideas, and that's what we want. The goal is to teach them a process that can be used to build a new business or to help an existing organization launch a new idea, service or product line.