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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Entrepreneurship Accelerator


Entrepreneurship Accelerator

Nebraska Entrepreneurship Accelerator

The Nebraska Entrepreneurship Accelerator connects budding and current student entrepreneurs from across campus with the experts and resources you need to launch your idea and grow it into a sustainable venture. As part of the accelerator, students in their sophomore year and above will meet goals in a supportive environment and gain traction to make measurable progress with their venture.

Program Benefits

  • Tailored mentoring and coaching
  • Marketing support
  • Legal consult
  • Networking opportunities
  • Support from your peers, the Center for Entrepreneurship team, and members of the community as you set goals and track progress
  • $1000 annual scholarship ($500 each semester)
  • Invitation for ENTR 424 (Practicum in Entrepreneurship), which is only open to Nebraska Entrepreneurship Accelerator members, where you can earn 3 credit-hours for building/growing your business.


Center for Entrepreneurship
HLH 315