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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Student Opportunities

Student Involvement


Entrepreneurship Catalysts

Supported by the Nebraska Center for Entrepreneurship, the cohort-based program provides first-year students of any major with a $1,000 scholarship, valuable connections, community and experiences as they explore their purpose and recognize their entrepreneurial potential.

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Entrepreneurship Accelerator

The Nebraska Entrepreneurship Accelerator connects budding and current student entrepreneurs from across campus with the experts and resources you need to launch your idea and grow it into a sustainable venture. As part of the accelerator, students in their sophomore year and above will meet goals in a supportive environment and gain traction to make measurable progress with their venture.

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Entrepreneurship Accelerrator
Univerity Programs and Resources

Husker Venture Fund

The Husker Venture Fund offers hands-on investment experience for students at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln while providing funding for student- and faculty-led startups. The fund, built by alumni and university supporters, is managed by students under the supervision of the Center for Entrepreneurship, the University of Nebraska Foundation and Invest Nebraska.

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Husker Hustle

Compete in the Husker Hustle Scholarship Competition for your opportunity to earn one of two $2,500 scholarships for aspiring or established student entrepreneurs. The scholarships were established by Janna Ronert, ’87, a successful entrepreneur who wants to help students who are passionate about their idea and hungry for success.

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Husker Hustle
Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Center for Entrepreneurship student Ambassadors are a group of undergraduate student leaders who work with the center in a variety of ways. They enhance the awareness of entrepreneurship across campus by highlighting their student experiences while promoting the Nebraska Center for Entrepreneurship.

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Center for Entrepreneurship
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