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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Investment Portfolio

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Major Talent
Major Talent | Lincoln | August 2023

Founder: Tim den Hoed

Major Talent translates a veteran's military skills and experiences into language that businesses understand, making it easier for companies to hire them, and providing veterans with better job opportunities.
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SheMate | Omaha | June 2023

Founders: Teresa Friesen and Kristin Stone

SheMate provides virtual mentoring and wellness groups facilitated by successful women in sports to help young and aspiring athletes navigate their present and future in healthy, intentional and strategic ways. Together, these women are changing the status quo and reenvisioning the sports industry. The SheMate community consists of college, pro, Olympic and Paralympic women athletes who host all virtual meeting groups aimed at making tangible changes in the immediate and bettering the sports industry well into the future.
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ReUnite | Lincoln | May 2023

Founder: Tyler (TJ) Jacobson, ’20

ReUnite’s software allows users to schedule collection of recyclables and waste products through partnerships with haulers. The company currently generates revenue through their website and plans to pivot to a B2B SaaS model as they begin selling to independent haulers.
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Swishboom | Omaha | April 2023

Founder and CEO: Kellee Mikuls

Swishboom is a mobile app that allows families to post their babysitting jobs to a network of trusted sitters. Swishboom has helped families get over 6,000 hours of babysitting jobs claimed, while creating a gig economy for babysitters to pick up flexible job opportunities.
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Tiiga | Lincoln | November 2022

Founders: Jeff Tezak, ’08, ’09 and ’18, Harrouna Malgoubri, ’20, and Katy Tezak, ’17, economics and finance

Tiiga provides low calorie, nutrient dense, non caffeinated, sustainable energy by combining electrolytes with the fiber rich African baobab fruit. Baobab, the famous African superfruit, has been used for energy, immunity, and gut health for thousands of years in African culture. Tiiga brings this power direct to consumers with a great tasting, on-the-go drink mix.
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Fast Forward | Kearney | April 2022

CEO: Dusty Birge

Fast Forward helps electric utility companies lower inspection costs by automating thermal inspections of power lines using proprietary data collection software. Inspectors install a roof-mounted thermal camera on a vehicle to speed up the inspection process by 10 times.
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Maxwell | Omaha | July 2022

CEO: Adriana Cisneros Basulto, ’07, MBA

Maxwell makes it easy for small to midsize employers to offer personalized employee benefits and rewards, as well as attract and retain the talent they need. Client companies assign a budget for employees to use on curated benefits, reimbursements or purchases made with their Maxwell debit card.
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Nestimate | Lincoln | March 2022

CEO: Kelby Meyers, ’12, economics and finance

Nestimate provides the first software-based solution enabling guaranteed income in retirement plans in a scalable manner. It also fills a gap in the retirement planning space by presenting retirement data in a clear, concise manner.
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Sentinel Fertigation | Lincoln | November 2021

CEO: Jackson Stansell, ’21, biological engineering Ph.D. student

Sentinel Fertigation looks to solve profitability and environmental sustainability issues in agriculture caused by inefficient nitrogen fertilization. By using tech to create more efficient nitrogen applications in the field, it saves farmers money while also being more environmentally conscious.
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