The Center for Entrepreneurship is built on the people who teach and learn here. Our vision for integrated learning involves students, faculty, alumni and community constituents working together to foster dynamic interactions that help students grow and future businesses succeed.

Center for Entrepreneurship Faculty

Entrepreneurship professors are not only well versed in the subject matter that they teach, they also have been involved in creating business themselves and know how to make the right connections for students that will get them started in a successful career in business. Students who enroll in the entrepreneurship track as management majors have continual interaction with the entrepreneurship faculty and get to know them on a one-to-one basis.

Entrepreneurship People

Enactus Student Organization

Currently, we have 60 active Enactus student members from 8 different countries and 20 different majors. UNL Enactus has won more than 30 regional and national awards recognizing our dedication to lifelong learning, practicing, and teaching of free enterprise and entrepreneurship. We encourage all entrepreneurship track students to participate in Enactus and get the most out of their college education.

Entrepreneurship Enactus

Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Board

Our Entrepreneurship advisory board is made up of successful entrepreneurs that have a personal interest in making sure the Center provides the most up-to-date and modern educational tools for current students. These leaders from around the country represent a diverse range of industries and backgrounds.