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Creating a Résumé

The first step to applying for any position is to create a résumé. The Business Career Center can assist you from drafting your first résumé to tailoring a résumé to a specific position. To help you get started, we have created templates that you can simply download and edit as well as sample résumés to give you an idea of what information to include. Be sure to also check out Your Ultimate Job Search Guide and the Applicant Tracking System Guide for additional assistance.

Keyword Resources

Struggling with your bullet statements? Check out the keyword resources below for some inspiration!


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Ready to see how your résumé measures up to other students in the college? Complete your profile on VMock and upload your résumé and you will receive detailed feedback of what you are doing well as tips for improvement.

You can setup an appointment with the Business Career Center to discuss your VMock feedback.

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Cover Letters

In addition to a résumé, you should also submit a cover letter with your applications. Cover letters provide detailed descriptions of 2-3 key skills or experiences that demonstrate your qualifications for a position.


Cover Letter Sample
Cover Letter Instructions