Student Connecting with an Employer at Career Fair
Connect with Employers

Career Fairs and Events

Career Fairs and Events help students learn about organizations, positions, and career fields while also developing relationships with employers. Stop by the Business Career Center for tips on how to prepare and make the most of your experience.

Employer in Residence

student presenting what he learned on his internship

Employer in Residence showcases employers who recruit Nebraska Business students. The college hosts a new employer every day to interact with students looking for career opportunities. The Employer in Residence booth is located just inside the southeast doors on first floor of Howard L. Hawks Hall.

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Informational Interviews

Informational interviews give you an inside look at an occupation, industry, and employer that can help you determine if that career is a good fit.

Five Steps for Success

1. Identify individuals in the fields you are interested in and prepare to contact them. Use your connections to help you find professionals.

2. Contact the person you are hoping to interview. Keep in mind that all of the professionals you are contacting have been where you are now, and many are excited to pass on their knowledge and experience to students.

3. Prepare for the opportunity by researching the organization and preparing questions.

4. Conduct the interview professionally, dressing appropriately and arriving on time. If a phone/virtual interview, call on time and be in a quiet place.

5. Follow-up with a thank-you and connect on LinkedIn. Let the interviewer know about your key take-aways from the conversation and your action steps.

Salary and Negotiation

Honorees after event

Every job offer is different. Visit the Business Career Center to discuss your situation before making a decision.

Internship/Job Offer Guidelines
College of Business salary information

Accepting/Declining Offers
When presented with an offer,
• Thank the employer and ask when they need your final answer
• Consider the entire offer package (benefits, signing bonus, moving expenses, etc.) and the position fit
• Send a courteous letter of acceptance or decline after informing the employer of your decision over the phone.
• Once you have accepted an offer, stand by your decision and do not continue to job search.