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Achievements for June 2019

Achievements for June 2019
Thirty in the Nebraska Business community complete training as they work towards earning their Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach certifications. Students receive one-on-one coaching to develop their natural talents.

College of Business students, faculty, staff and departments/units recognized for recent achievements include: Beth Alexander, Mark Barrera, Dr. Tammy Beck, Erin Burnette, Regan Burnham, Paula Caldwell, Isabel Cheesman, Jennifer Davidson, Clyde Davis, Dr. Samantha Fairclough, Maddie Gaber, Dr. Amanda Gonzales, Sheri Irwin-Gish, Dr. Uchechukwu Jarrett, Dr. Rachel Larson, Ashley Light, Dr. Kasey Linde, Dr. Ann Mari May, Dr. Mike McDonald, Dr. Tawnya Means, Jennifer Mostek, Dr. Rebekah Neary-DeLaPorte, Dr. J. Kalu Osiri, Jaylen Peters, Brianna Ridenour, Dr. Blake Runnalls, Katie Sewell, Kimberly Smith, Gerardo Soto, Celeste Spier, Lauren Stehlik, Dr. Chris Timm, Jill Trucke, Elizabeth Uebele, Shivang Vaidya, Rachel Wesley, Qixuan Yang, Peter Zhu, the Business Career Center and the School of Accountancy.

Research + Discovery

  • Carissa Harris, a Ph.D. student in marketing, was one of two inaugural recipients of the Direct Selling Education Foundation Sales Doctoral Student Grants. Harris will explore diversity-based factors that impact salesperson and organization goals with Dr. Blake Runnalls, assistant professor of marketing, and Dr. Ravi Sohi, professor of marketing, Robert D. Hays Distinguished Chair of Sales Excellence, chair of the Department of Marketing and executive director of the Center for Sales Excellence.
  • Dr. Ann Mari May, professor of economics, spoke in an interview for a June 2 Lincoln Journal Star article on the gender wage gap in Nebraska among college graduates. Read the article at:
  • Gerardo Soto, management and economics major from Columbus, Nebraska, and Qixuan Yang, actuarial science and mathematics major from Lincoln, were selected to conduct research within the UCARE program at the university. Soto will explore “The Impact of Limiting Smoking in Public Areas,” and Yang will examine “Non-Technological Acquisition, Relatedness and Innovation Output."


Learning + Transformation

  • The Clifton Strengths Institute recognized six student strengths coaches for surpassing 100 coaching sessions for business students to develop their talents. Coaches recognized were: Beth Alexander, a psychology major from Bellevue, Nebraska; Regan Burnham, a senior management major from Fort Collins, Colorado; Isabel Cheesman, an English major from Lincoln, Nebraska; Maddie Gaber, a management and marketing major from Dallas; Brianna Ridenour, an ’18 management graduate; and Shivang Vaidya, a finance and management major from Navi Mumbai, India.
  • The Business Career Center was recently named one of three winners of the Career Leadership Collective's national Career Innovation Showcase. Chosen from 16 finalists, the center was honored for its innovative peer coach initiative, which was successfully integrated into the curriculum. Watch Nebraska's peer coach proposal here.
  • The Institute of Internal Auditors named the School of Accountancy as one of the top 20 programs in the world that promote internal auditing awareness and education.
  • Thirty individuals in the College of Business community completed Accelerated Strengths Coaching training as they work toward earning their Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach certifications. The faculty and staff who learned how to coach others to best use their natural talents include: Mark Barrera, assistant director of Recruitment Technology; Dr. Tammy Beck, associate dean of graduate programs and executive education; Dr. Dirk Black, assistant professor of accountancy; Erin Burnette, director of Nebraska Business Honors Academy; Paula Caldwell, career coach in the Business Career Center; Clyde Davis, lecturer of supply chain management and analytics; Dr. Samantha Fairclough, associate director of the Center for Entrepreneurship; Dr. Amanda Gonzales, assistant professor of accountancy;Katie Hauge, assistant director of Business Career Center; Sheri Irwin-Gish, executive director of Communications, Marketing and External Relations; Dr. Uchechukwu Jarrett, assistant professor of practice in economics; Dr. Rachel Larson, director of the Business Career Center; Ashley Light, program coordinator and academic advisor in Business Advising and Student Engagement; Dr. Kasey Linde, assistant director of the Teaching and Learning Center; Dr. Tawnya Means, assistant dean and director of the Teaching and Learning Center; Jennifer Mostek, associate director of Business Advising and Student Engagement; Dr. Rebekah Neary-DeLaPorte, assistant director of the Nebraska Business Honors Academy; Dr. J. Kalu Osiri, director of international business; Jaylen Peters, administrative support associate in Business Advising and Student Engagement; Dr. Blake Runnalls, assistant professor of marketing; Katie Sewell, assistant director of the Business Career Center; Kimberly Smith, assistant director of Communications, Marketing, and External Relations; Celeste Spier, associate director for career and professional development in the Business Career Center; Lauren Stehlik, graduate career coach in the Business Career Center; Dr. Chris Timm, associate director of employer experience and outreach in the Business Career Center; Jill Trucke, assistant professor of practice in accountancy; Rachel Wesley, academic advisor in Business Advising and Student Engagement; Dr. Peter Zhu, assistant professor of supply chain management and analytics. Two College of Business May 2019 graduates who also completed the training were Regan Burnham and Elizabeth Uebele.

Connection + Engagement

  • Jennifer Davidson, assistant professor of practice in economics and president of the Nebraska Council on Economic Education, led the efforts to organize and host the 2019 National Personal Finance Challenge for high school students held in Howard L. Hawks Hall May 10.

This column is a monthly feature of the College of Business. Faculty, staff, and students can submit achievements to be considered for this column via the News Submission Form at the bottom of webpage. On the form, select Recognize achievement and fill out the related questions.

Published: June 7, 2019