The School of Accountancy recognizes excellence among our supporters, faculty, alumni and students to acknowledge the efforts of those who have helped us achieve the mission and goals of our School. Students are honored via the Dean's List for those who achieve a 3.6 grade point average or higher during a given semester. Our alumni are recognized through the School of Accountancy Hall of Fame for their outstanding achievements in business endeavors. Our faculty have received awards and honors that exemplify excellence in classroom instruction. And finally, our generous supporters are acknowledged for the contributions that they have made in gifts which allow our program to continue to thrive and flourish.

Hall of Fame

The School of Accountancy Hall of Fame is designed to honor those graduates of the College of Business program with an accounting degree or emphasis who have achieved state, national and/or international standing in their business endeavors and who, through their example, provide current students inspiration for accomplishing their own career goals.

Anyone may nominate a candidate for the Hall of Fame to the School of Accountancy Advisory Board and faculty. In selecting nominees, nominators should consider, but not be limited to, the following criteria:

  • The nominee is a graduate of the Nebraska College of Business with a degree or emphasis in Accounting.
  • The nominee has achieved statewide, national and/or international prominence in a distinguished accounting career in public accounting, business, education or government. The individual must have a demonstrated record of achievement and impact on the accounting field.
  • The nominee has performed significant service to the communities of which he or she was a part.
  • Through the nominee's professional accomplishments, integrity, personal values and service commitments, the nominee serves as a constructive role model for current and future School of Accountancy students.

Subcommittees of the Advisory Board and the faculty will consider the nominees recommended and select the inductee(s) for recognition. It is expected that candidates will attend their induction into the Hall of Fame. There is no requirement that inductees be added to the Hall of Fame every year.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Name Date Inducted
Linda K. Burt September 2019
Ralph Castner September 2019
Don Ham October 2018
Mark Chronister October 2018
Sue Wilkinson October 2017
Tonn M. Ostergard October 2017
Dr. James F. Brown Jr. October 2017
Paul Mendlik September 2016
James Kroeker April 2013
James F. Rouch May 2008
Thomas D. Hubbard April 2006
JoAnn M. Martin February 2004
John W. Goebel June 2003
Sheri L. Andrews March 2003
Lynn E. Turner March 2002
Robert H. Raymond October 1997
John T. Connor October 1997
Jeffrey E. Curtiss March 1997
Janet M. Labenz March 1997
W. Grant Gregory October 1996
O. J. Anderson March 1996
Jean Jeffrey March 1996
Miles Tommerassen March 1996
Jerome H. Bailey October 1995
David N. McCammon March 1995
J. B. Dresselhaus September 1995
Raymond C. Dein September 1995
Philip G. Johnson September 1995
Dana F. Cole September 1995

Awards & Honors

College of Business Distinguished Teaching, Research and Service Award

The Distinguished Teaching, Research and Service Award is the ultimate honor that can be bestowed upon a faculty member at the Nebraska College of Business. It exemplifies excellence in all phases of the profession of professorship by examining the faculty members contributions in teaching students, making an impact in their field of research and contributing service to the institution in a variety of ways.

  • 2013 Recipient – Arthur Allen, Accountancy
College of Business Faculty Service Award

The College of Business Faculty Service award is given to the faculty member at the Nebraska College of Business that has demonstrated a high level of service to students, colleagues and the institution through going above and beyond the typical expectations of their profession.

  • 2013 Recipient – James Brown, Accountancy
College of Business Excellence in Teaching Awards

The Teaching Excellence Award is presented to a lecturer or adjunct faculty member. The award originates with student nominations each semester. The Scholarships, Honors, and Awards faculty committee then reviews the nominees teaching philosophy and syllabi, and selects the winner.

  • 2005 Recipient – Debra M. Cosgrove, Accountancy
College of Business MBA/MPA Distance Teaching Award

The MBA/MPA Distance Teaching Award was established in 2005. All on-line students are requested to vote for their favorite professor, thus determining the winner.

  • 2009 Recipient – Jim Brown, Accountancy
College of Business Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

The Graduate Teaching Assistant Award is presented to a graduate student who has teaching responsibilities.

  • 2004 Recipient – Brad Cripe, Accountancy
College of Business Distinguished Teaching Award

Every semester our students nominate the faculty member who has made the most positive impact on their educational experience. The Scholarships, Honors, and Awards faculty committee then reviews the nominees teaching philosophy and syllabi, and selects the winner. The Distinguished Faculty Award is presented to a tenured or tenure-track professor.

  • 2011 Recipient – Aaron Crabtree, Accountancy
  • 2006 Recipient – Dechun Wang, Accountancy
College of Business Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award is presented annually to the faculty member who is deemed to have had published a significant research paper in a high caliber journal that has an important impact in the author's area of research.

  • 2013 Recipient – Scott Seavey, Accountancy
College of Business Outstanding Student Award
  • 2011 Recipients – Nolan Ingebrigtson, Accountancy / Justice Coffey - Accountancy
FSA (Federation of Schools of Accountancy) Student Award

Each year the FSA (Federation of Schools of Accountancy) presents an outstanding Master of Accountancy student award to a student at each member school. The School of Accountancy has been separately accredited since 1984 and is a full-fledged and active member of the FSA.

  • 2013 Recipient – Erica Lam
  • 2012 Recipient – Cody Zavadil
  • 2011 Recipient – Taylor Pugh
  • 2010 Recipient – Jami Olson
  • 2009 Recipient – Shane Vitosh
  • 2008 Recipient – Kemp Johnson
  • 2007 Recipient – Rebecca Waltke
UNL Parents Association Award

The UNL Teaching Council and UNL Parents Association recognize faculty members for contributions to students during an annual ceremony. The awards provide positive feedback to campus faculty and staff about the work they do with students.

  • 2013 Recipient – Debra Cosgrove
  • 2013 Recipient – Gordon Quitmeyer
  • 2013 Recipient – Jean Riley-Schultz
  • 2013 Recipient – Trevor Shonhiwa
UNL Student Impact Award

UNL Student Impact Awards are given to students, faculty and student organizations who make a significant contribution to students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

  • 2008 Outstanding Officer of the Year – Brittany Wozny
  • 2008 Outstanding President of the Year – Josh Wortmann
  • 2008 Distinguished Chapter – Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)
  • 2007 Outstanding Student Organization Advisor of the Year – Deb Cosgrove
  • 2007 Superior Chapter – Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)
UNL Spirit of Service Awards

The Spirit of Service awards recognize the efforts of students, student organizations, faculty, staff and community partners in areas of community engagement.

  • 2013 Recipient – Jean Riley Schultz, Faculty Member
  • 2013 Recipient – Kyla McGregor, MPA Student
  • 2013 Recipient – Erica Lam, MPA Student
BAP Educator of the Year Recognition Award

The Beta Alpha Psi student organization recognizes an Educator of the Year at the Nebraska School of Accountancy to those faculty members that have demonstrated excellence in teaching.

  • 2013 Recipient – Deb Cosgrove
  • 2011 Recipient – Tom Kubick
  • 2011 Recipient – Deb Cosgrove
  • 2010 Recipient – Gordon Quitmeyer
  • 2008 Recipient – Nancy Cassidy
  • 2007 Recipient – Deb Cosgrove
  • 2006 Recipient – Aaron Crabtree
BAP Professional Meeting of the Year Award

The Beta Alpha Psi student organization recognizes outstanding contributions made by businesses to Nebraska students.

  • 2013 Spring Recipient – ConAgra Foods
  • 2012 Fall Recipient – BKD
  • 2011 Spring Recipient – ConAgra Foods
  • 2011 Fall Recipient – Koch Industries / Gallup Organization
  • 2010 Spring Recipient – ConAgra Foods
  • 2010 Fall Recipient – Koch / Northwestern Mutual
  • 2009 Recipient – Deloitte
  • 2008 Recipient – Kennedy and Coe
  • 2007 Recipient – Lutz and Company / Deloitte
BAP Outstanding Member Award
  • 2013 Recipient – Kyla McGregor
BAP Outstanding Candidate Award
  • 2013 Recipient – Christina Padilla-Rosas
Dean's Coin Award

The Dean's Coin is presented to individuals who have gone above and beyond to help others in the College of Business.

Anyone can nominate a colleague by sending an email to Rik Barrera, assistant dean at the College of Business.

  • 2013 Recipient – Debra Cosgrove
  • 2013 Recipient – Gordon Quitmeyer
  • 2013 Recipient – Jean Riley-Schultz
  • 2013 Recipient – Trevor Shonhiwa