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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Seminar Series

School of Accountancy Seminar Series

Past Seminar Series

2023-24 Academic Year
October 20 2023
Joseph Brazel, North Carolina State University

Paper: Inheriting vs. Developing Data Analytic Tests and Auditors’ Professional Skepticism

November 17 2023
Steve Stubben, University of Utah

Paper: Acquisition of Customer Information and Corporate Decision Making

March 1 2024
Scott Dyreng, Duke University

Paper: Measurement Error when Estimating Covenant Violations

March 22 2024
Brian Miller, Indiana University

Paper: Jumping Ship: Undisclosed SEC Investigations and Voluntary CEO Turnover

April 5 2024
Willie Choi, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Paper: The Effects of Public RPI and Public Goals on Performance

April 19 2024
Joe Schroeder, Indiana University

Paper: Auditor Professional Skepticism: An Examination of Audit Partners and Accounting Estimates

2022-23 Academic Year
September 30 2022
Phil Lamoreaux, Arizona State University

Paper: Auditor reputation, client IPOs, and audit firm data breaches

October 7 2022
Jennifer Glenn, Ohio State University

Paper: Activist Investors and VAs

October 28 2022
Katherine Schipper, Duke University

Paper: What can analysts learn from artificial intelligence about fundamental analysis

November 4 2022
Nerissa Brown, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Paper: Do Local Country Reporting Requirements Affect Parent Company Disclosure of Subsidiary Operations?

November 11 2022
Kathryn Kadous, Emory University

Paper: Does Status Equal Substance? The Effects of Specialist Social Status on Auditor Assessments of Complex Estimates

April 7 2023
Kathryn Holmstrom, Iowa State University

Paper: Investor Reactions to CEO Gender and Firm Performance

May 12 2023
Brad Badertscher, University of Notre Dame

Paper: Materiality Judgment and Firm Disclosure

2021-22 Academic Year
September 24 2021
Rick Hatfield, University of Alabama

Paper: CSR Goal Disclosures and Regulatory Mandates: The Role of Investors’ Perceptions of Greenwashing

October 1 2021
Qian Wang, Iowa State University

Paper: Audit Committee Internal Connections and Oversight Effectiveness

October 15 2021
Andrew Leone, Northwestern University

Paper: Better in Person? The Effects of In-Person Screening on Hiring Outcomes∗

November 12 2021
Ben Yost, Boston College

Paper: Do Tax-Based Proprietary Costs Discourage Public Listing? Evidence from FIN 48

February 18 2022
Frank Heflin, University of Georgia

Paper: Does Auditor Style Influence Non-GAAP Reporting?

March 25 2022
Tim Seidel, Brigham Young University

Paper: Does Greater Diversity among Local Audit Practice Leadership Foster a Climate Conducive to Retention and Audit Quality?

April 22 2022
Margaret Christ, University of Georgia

Paper: How do Relative Performance Evaluation and Auditors' Social Bonds Influence Auditors' Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing?

April 29 2022
John McInnis, University of Texas at Austin

Paper: The superiority of earnings over cash flows in predicting cash flows available to investors over the long run

May 6 2022
Shane Dikolli, University of Virginia

Paper: ESG mutual fund voting on executive compensation shareholder proposals

2020-21 Academic Year
October 9 2020
Michael Dambra, University of Buffalo

Paper: Disclosure and the Cost-of Capital: Evidence from FOMC Announcements

October 23 2020
Andy Imdieke, University of Notre Dame

Paper: Reliance on External Assurance in Bank Monitoring

November 6 2020
Brady Williams, University of Texas at Austin

Paper: Financial Flexibility and Corporate Employment

November 13 2020
Adam Presslee, University of Waterloo

Paper: Why tangible rewards can motivate greater effort than cash rewards: An analysis of four commonly cited attribute differences

December 4 2022
Darren Roulstone, Ohio State University

Paper: Disclosure Similarity and Future Stock Return Comovement

February 5 2021
Yao Yu, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Paper: How Do Accounting Estimate Bias and Method Similarity Influence Investors’ Reliability Judgment and Investment Decisions?

March 5 2021
Weili Ge, University of Washington

Paper: CEOs’ Prosocial Behavior, Their Careers and Corporate Policies

March 26 2021
Eric Chan, University of Texas at Austin

Paper: Promote Internally or Hire Externally? The Role of Trust, Reciprocity, and Performance Measurement Precision

April 2 2021
Mary Ellen Carter, Boston College

Paper: Customer RPE: Using customer performance to filter noise out of CEO incentive contracts

April 16 2021
Lauren Cunningham, University of Tennessee

Paper: Appointing Audit Committee Directors

April 30 2021
Tim Bauer, University of Waterloo

Paper: Rejected but Not Dejected: The Effects of Gratitude and Ingroup Membership on Auditors’ Future Advice-Giving when Past Advice is Dismissed

2019-20 Academic Year
September 6 2019
P. Eric Yeung, Cornell University

Paper: Hoarding Non-Proprietary Bad News through Confidential Treatments? An Analysis of Market Reactions to Redaction Amendments

October 11 2019
Brian Cadman, University of Utah

Paper: Degree of Operating Leverage, Earnings Properties, Reporting Incentives, and the Usefulness of Earnings

October 18 2019
Daniel Saavedra, University of California Los Angeles

Paper: Do lenders influence mandatory disclosures? Evidence from redacted credit agreements?

November 22 2019
Steve Kachelmeier, University of Texas at Austin

Paper: Does Auditor Involvement with Client Prosocial Activities Affect Auditor-Client Negotiations?

January 31 2020
Matt Ege, Texas A&M University

Paper: Does the Business Press Inform Investors of the Value of Big 4 Audits?

February 14 2020
Erin Towery, University of Georgia

Paper: Estimating the likelihood of future tax settlements using firm fundamentals and text disclosures