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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Richard L. Guffey Memorial Scholarship Program

In memory of Richard L. Guffey, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska has provided funding for scholarships and stipends for elementary and secondary teachers to continue their education. Each year BCBS, through the Nebraska Council on Economic Education (NCEE), provides scholarship money for Nebraska elementary and secondary teachers who want to receive training and professional development to enhance the teaching of economic and financial literacy concepts in their classes.

Richard Guffey was the Chairman and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska and served as an active member of the NCEE Board of Trustees and Executive Committee for more than ten years. Mr. Guffey strongly believed that all students should have an understanding of the economy and how it works and believed the best way to successfully accomplish that is to train our teachers to teach economics. It is because of Mr. Guffey’s beliefs that BCBS is making this scholarship money available to Nebraska teachers.

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If you are interested in taking a course at one of our Centers for Economic Education to enhance the teaching of economics and personal finance in your classroom, please contact Jennifer Davidson at 402-472-3805 or