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December 19, 2013

Graduating Students Thankful for Opportunities at CBA

Graduating seniors, masters and doctoral students from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration will receive their diplomas this Friday and Saturday at commencement exercises at Pinnacle Bank Arena. Before the graduates begin their next chapter in new careers or furthering their education, some took time to share how CBA helped them Start Something.
Sarah Tucker

Tucker explores aviation logistics

One of the first supply chain management degrees from UNL will be awarded to Sarah Tucker from Littleton, Colo. She will be moving to Columbia, S.C., where she will work in the Global Supply Chain Advanced Development Program at Schneider Electric. Tucker is proud to have been one of the inaugural supply chain graduates.
“I didn’t know what career path I wanted to follow at UNL. I moved from the College of Engineering to the College of Business Administration without a major. Then the supply chain management major made its debut and was a perfect fit. I became president of the Young Supply Chain Management student group which allowed me to meet many students and industry professionals,” Tucker said.
Josh Sexson

Sexson studies for finals

Josh Sexson, who grew up near Grant, Neb., will receive his degree in agribusiness. He stressed the value of learning preparedness skills.
“Being born and raised on a farm, I have a strong work ethic and understand that a job isn’t just 9-5. During planting or harvest, we wake up early, work through lunch and stay until the sun has set to get the job done. You must be ready for anything – rising prices, weather conditions or breakdowns. CBA has prepared me to be ready for anything, particularly the unexpected,” Sexson said.
Sexson worked as an intern at HuskerVision while at UNL and learned the art of shooting videos for many of the sports teams both home and away. He will pursue a career in the agricultural division of the banking industry.
Christine Ochsner

Ochsner explains her UCARE research project

Christine Ochsner, an accounting and economics major from Geneva, Neb., will go to work as an intern with KPMG in Omaha and plans on returning to the School of Accountancy to receive a master in professional accountancy.
“I did little things to enhance my CBA experience. I would sit in the front of the classroom, introduce myself to professors and visit them during office hours. I was passionate about my major and not afraid to show it. Showing you care goes a long way in the classroom,” Ochsner said.

Kylie Peterson

Peterson in Africa

Kylie Peterson, who will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics, gained global business knowledge through her involvement with Enactus, a student organization housed in CBA. The Kearney, Neb., native spent last summer working on an Enactus project with an agricultural co-op in Zambia. She worked to increase their efficiency of the supply chain of non-native crops and lay the groundwork for a community micro-financing system to provide loans to people – particularly farmers – without any financial security.

“My experience abroad gave me the opportunity to put what I learned in the classroom into practice, especially when it came to organizational behavior. Working for a small organization with limited resources, I had to strategize and prioritize to focus on what could make a sustainable difference,” Peterson said. “The Gender Economics and Social Provisioning class I took at CBA covered a variety of topics and required a degree of independent thinking that has prepared me for worldly adventures.”

She plans to pursue a master’s degree in community planning and regional development after she spends some time traveling.

Graduate and professional degrees will be awarded at 3:00 p.m. Dec.20 and bachelor’s degrees will be presented at 9:00 a.m. Dec. 21.


Holtjona Galanxhi-Janaqi, Tirana, Albania, Diplom, Tirana University, 1998; Master of Business Administration, Tirana University, 2001; Business—Dissertation: Individual-Organization Convergence: A Framework for Investigating the Impact of Enterprise 2.0 Benefits. Advised by Professor Silvana Trimi.
Wonho Jeung, Seoul, Republic of Korea, Bachelor of Arts, Korea Military Academy, 1998; Master of Business Administration, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2007; Business—Dissertation: Exploring the Changing Effects of Individual Differences on Social Status of Influence. Advised by Professor Peter D. Harms.

Master of Business Administration
Imran Naoruddin Amirani, Maharashtra, India, Diploma, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, 1997; Bachelor of Engineering, University of Pune, 2000; Master of Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2003 —Business
Christian Thomas Anderson, Penn Valley, CA, Bachelor of Science, Michigan Technological University, 2005 —Business
Kenneth Raymond Anderson, Omaha, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2011 —Business
Christopher Scott Braselton, Windsor, VA, Bachelor of Science, University of South Florida, 2006 —Business
Rachael Irene Buck, Albion, Bachelor of Science, University of Nebraska at Kearney, 2010 —Business
Walter Mathias Clark, Elmhurst, NY, Bachelor of Engineering, Vanderbilt University, 2006 —Business
Kyle Portman Conner, Farmington Hills, MI, Bachelor of Arts, Grand Valley State University, 2000; Master of Science, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2007 —Business
Bryson Keith Gregory, Lincoln, Bachelor of Arts, Brigham Young University, 2009 —Business
Rebecca Memmott Hoover, Pocatello, ID, Bachelor of Science, University of Idaho, 2007; Bachelor of Arts, University of Idaho, 2008; Doctorate of Pharmacy, Idaho State University, 2012 —Business
Joshua Paul Ihnen, Sheldon, IA, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2011 (High Distinction) —Business
Jian Jiao, Omaha, Bachelor of Engineering, Shandong University of Technology, 1999; Master of Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, 2002; Master of Science, Iowa State University, 2007 —Business
Kelly Michael Kain, Glendale, AZ, Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Montana-Missoula, 2009 —Business
Jungang Li, Lincoln, Bachelor of Economics, Qingdao University, 2010; Bachelor of Law, Qingdao University, 2010; Master of International Business, Florida International University-Biscayne Bay, 2011 —Business
Jay Henry Martin, Davey, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2011 (Highest Distinction) —Business
Derek Charles McConnell, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2006 —Business
Daniel Peter Moberly, San Ramon, CA, Bachelor of Science, United States Air Force Academy, 2003 —Business
Richard Alan Moon, Beatrice, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1992 —Business
Benjamin Lynn Newman, Roseville, CA, Bachelor of Science, United States Air Force Academy, 2007 —Business
Angie Marie Okelberry, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Agricutural Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2005 —Business
Timothy Joseph Pach, Elmendorf AFB, AK, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 2006 —Business
Jade J Pyle, Bakersfield, CA, Bachelor of Arts, University of California-Los Angeles, 1982; Medical Degree, Texas Tech University Health Sciences, 1995 —Business
Richard Allen Ralston II, Andover, KS, Bachelor of Science, Friends University, 1994 —Business
Abraham Samuel, Overland Park, KS, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 2004 —Business
Shawn Wayne Schadle, Belvidere, IL, Bachelor of Arts, Illinois Wesleyan University, 2001 —Business
Adam Kyle Scharf, Houston, TX, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Toledo, 2007 —Business
Brock A. Smith, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010 (Distinction) —Business
Christopher Newton Smith, Webster, NY, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Kansas State University, 1994 —Business
Jonathan Henry Smith, Meridian, MS, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, United States Air Force Academy, 1999 —Business
Samuel Benjamin Stockton, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2011 —Business
Joshua John Vinduska, Chicago, IL, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Marquette University, 2010 —Business
Tanner Scott Wealand, Topeka, KS, Bachelor of Business Administration, Washburn University, 2008 —Business
Megan Rhian Wheatley, Willetton, Australia, Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010 —Business
Elizabeth Christine Zimmerman, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2011 —Business
Master of Professional Accountancy
Andrew Michael Heiden, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012 —Accountancy
Travis Ryan Holl, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012 —Accountancy
Joel William Jacox, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012 —Accountancy
Giao Thi Xuan Nguyen, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012 —Accountancy
Cory Michael O’Donnell, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010 (Highest Distinction) —Accountancy
Kristina Maria Oria, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010 —Accountancy
Rayza Julia Ramirez, Bellevue, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012 —Accountancy
Raeann Marie Snyder, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012 —Accountancy
Jacob Daniel Sweetwood, Elkhorn, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012 —Accountancy
Courtney Lauren Wells, Palmer, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012 (Highest Distinction) —Accountancy
Karissa Anne Wilcox, Lenexa, KS, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012 (High Distinction) —Accountancy
Shuang Xu, Lincoln, Bachelor of Economics, Shanghai University, 2003 —Accountancy
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Elijah Martin Aden, Lincoln
James Aaron Aguero, Spring, TX
Ahmad Jabor Al Dosari, Doha, Qatar
Nathan Robert Anderson, Omaha
Jordan Paul Anderson-Wlaschin, Omaha
Keiton Jeffrey Armstrong, Lincoln
Marcus Charles Armstrong, Elkhorn
Tyler Edmund Arnold, Lincoln
Nicholas Ryan Arrigo, Lincoln
Olivia Kathryn Bagnell, Papillion
            (With Distinction)
Yu Bai, Lincoln
Joshua Raymond Baumann, Omaha
Alexander Barnes Bellamy, Elwood
John Peter Bendon, Jr., Omaha
Christopher Earl Benitz, Belle Mead, NJ
Andrew Joy Benton III, Lincoln
Rachel Catherine Beranek, Sioux Falls, SD
            (With Distinction)
Shawn William Bernard, Benkelman
Joshua Wayne Bestol, Lincoln
Kaci Jo Biederstedt, Armour, SD
       (With Highest Distinction)
     (University Honors Program)
Jacob Joseph Blessing, Lincoln
Zachary Earl Bochek, North Platte
Adam G. Bouc, Columbus
Bradley Ryan Bowdino, Waterloo
Andrew Duane Braun, Columbus
Courtney Janette Breault, Roseville, CA
Valerie Michele Brinkley, Blue Springs, MO
            (With Distinction)
Ronnie Lethel Buggs, Omaha
Stephen Richard Kiesling Busch, Fort Calhoun
Xianwen Cai, Guangzhou, China
Tyler Patrick Carlson, Woodhull, IL
Tyler Axtell Carpenter, Park City, UT
Hunter Christian Carrig, Omaha
Sadid Carrillo, Schuyler
       (With Highest Distinction)
Alexandria Brooke Cerveny, Aurora
Logan Tyrrell Chapman, Lincoln
Sarah Anne Chapman, Omaha
William Joseph Cheloha, Sutherland
Juan Chen, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lisha Chen, Lincoln
Yuen Sue Chin, Bayan Baru, Malaysia
       (With Highest Distinction)
Seung Hoon Choi, Lincoln
Steven Paul Christensen, Lincoln
Richard Allen Claussen, Lincoln
Breanna Shae Clayton, Norfolk
Zachary Elliot Clifton, Lincoln
Cassidy Lynn Cook, Lincoln
            (With Distinction)
Patrick Edward Cooney, Fort Worth, TX
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Gustavo Coria, Columbus
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Brett Wayne Crawford, Clay Center
Julie Anne Curry, Omaha
Cameron Lee DeBord, Gretna
Lindsey Renee Diez, Dakota Dunes, SD
Kurt William Thomas Dodge, Milford
Ethan Jacob Dornbush, Omaha
Dustin Raymond Dozler, Albion
Daniel John Dugan, Omaha
            (With Distinction)
James Edmund Dumire, Aberdeen, SD
            (With Distinction)
     (University Honors Program)
        (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)
Lisa Marie Dyke, Gretna
Tyler Coleman Eberle, David City
Isaiah Taylor Edson, Gothenburg
James Douglas Eldridge, Omaha
Ryan David Faith, Lincoln
Taylor Jay Fjeldheim, Lincoln
Ryan Michael Flink, Lincoln
Blake Alan Fredrickson, Omaha
            (With Distinction)
Nicole Joy Frisbie, Lincoln
Jared Ross Froehlich, Lincoln
            (With Distinction)
Kayla Jo Gaden, Lincoln
David John Gleason, Omaha
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Amber Rae Hatfield, Omaha
Tyler William Hefner, Coleridge
Connor Lee Heise, Pender
Ryan John Hendrickson, Lincoln
        (With High Distinction)
Dylan Andrew Heng, Nebraska City
Lea Symone’ Henry, Omaha
Justin Andrew Hiemer, Omaha
       (With Highest Distinction)
Kalyssa Marie Hoefer, Lincoln
Andreas Hofer, Heidelberg, Germany
Parker Neal Hoffman, Lincoln
Kari Nicole Holmes, Scottsbluff
Hannah Lanae Hostetler, Lincoln
       (With Highest Distinction)
Nathan Lee Hotovy, Columbus
Oscar Alberto Huapaya Florian, Lincoln
Matthew P. Hudson, Omaha
Chase Landon Hughes, Norfolk
Kasey Thomas Huppert, Falls City
Allison Faye Jackson, Herman
Tyler Michael Jarosz, Lincoln
Matthew Steven Javorsky, Lincoln
Kelly Lynne Jefferson, Geneva
       (With Highest Distinction)
Austin Scott Jones, Lincoln
Maureen Gwyneth Jones, Lincoln
Casey Michael Keim, Omaha
Eric Christopher Kellogg, Blair
Julianne Marlene Kincaid, Lincoln
Ethan Drae Kindler, Lincoln
Kale Price Kiser, Frisco, TX
Reed Warren Knoll, Lincoln
Angel Hung Koh, Batu Caves, Malaysia
       (With Highest Distinction)
Holly Rae Kohel, Lincoln
Andrew M. Kohtz, Lincoln
Ryan William Kortus, Lincoln
Bryan Michael Koster, Lincoln
Adam Richard Krotz, Lincoln
Maegan Michelle Kubin, Lincoln
Jacob Ryan Kuhn, Firth
Aneesh Kumar, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Michael Steven Kutilek, Omaha
Jordan Dale LaBorde, Las Vegas, NV
Sheena Loree Larsen, Beatrice
Long T. Le, Lincoln
Rachel Anne Leapley, Gretna
Colin Douglass Lee, Omaha
Thomas Jeffrey Lemke, Glendale, AZ
Hanji Li, Kunmin, China
            (With Distinction)
Jianxiang Li, Pasadena, CA
James Douglas Lienemann, Lincoln
Wei Yoong Lim, Lincoln
Yi Jun Lim, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Robert Henry Loftis, Craig
Yen Ven Loh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nicholas J. Long, Hebron
Juexuan Lu, Kunming, China
       (With Highest Distinction)
Livingston Christian Lukow, Lincoln
Casey Krez Lundberg, Lincoln
Jucheng Luo, Lincoln
Jared Richard Lyons, Nehawka
Yibo Ma, Baoji, China
            (With Distinction)
Ryan Paul Maloley, Omaha
            (With Distinction)
Gina Nicole Mancuso, Bellevue
            (With Distinction)
Anthony Lee Mandl, Moville, IA
Clare Christine Maney, Lincoln
Natalie Jane Manner, Lincoln
Guochao Mao, Lincoln
Jade T. Mar, Lincoln
Taylor Norene Martin, Lincoln
Andrew John Matthies, Lincoln
Luke Alexander Mattison, Lincoln
Samuel John Meister, Lincoln
Jose Gumaro Melero III, Laredo, TX
            (With Distinction)
Matthew James Merrill, Lincoln
       (With Highest Distinction)
Devan Dean Meyer, Beatrice
Whitney Jean Michael, Albion
       (With Highest Distinction)
Mary Katherine Mitenko, Omaha
Chad Brodie Mizner, Long Pine
Kramer William Morris, Norfolk
Nolan David Morten, Lincoln
Tyler Douglas Mustard, Omaha
Derek Daniel Myers, Lincoln
Cheney Robert Neesen, Lincoln
            (With Distinction)
Woan Ling Ng, Port Dickson, Malaysia
Audrina Nguyen Ngo, Lincoln
Tyler Dean Niederklein, Omaha
Collin Joseph Nissen, Omaha
Cody James Norton, Lincoln
Brittany Alden Obermeyer, Lincoln
Christine Helena Ochsner, Nelson
       (With Highest Distinction)
Chee Hin Ong, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Oscar David Orellana, Fremont
Holly Jean Ouellette, Sioux City, IA
Kyle Andreas Pedersen, Lincoln
Tyler Dylan Peery, Lincoln
Vincent William Pelini, Rittman, OH
Kylie Amanda Peterson, Kearney
Michael Thomas Pfeifer, Omaha
Jacob Daniel Placzek, Lincoln
       (With Highest Distinction)
Yang Jing Poh, Batu Caves, Malaysia
       (With Highest Distinction)
Zachary Alexander Powell, Lincoln
Tye James Powers, Lincoln
Taylor Jay Price, Lincoln
Jacob Rasmussen, Lincoln
John Wesley Ray, Lincoln
Jeffrey Davis Reese, Lincoln
Jenna Ann Reimers, Lincoln
David Joseph Relihan, Stromsburg
Jordan Krista Reynolds, Lincoln
Jeremiah Scott Rice, Lincoln
Harrison W. Richards, Lees Summit, MO
Alexander Burton Robinson, Overland Park, KS
Jonathan Thomas Rodman, Sioux Falls, SD
Morgan James Rose, Broken Bow
Jeffrey James Rosno, Lincoln
            (With Distinction)
Courtney Rose Rowand, Quincy, IL
Lesley Dawn Ruggles, McCook
Michael Wayne Russell, Broken Bow
Tyler Jordan Ruyle, Beatrice
Matthew Kennedy Salerno, Omaha
Deyanira Salgado, Grand Island
Michaela Marie Savidge, Lincoln
Kyle Matthew Schaefer, Boys Town
Ethan Michael Schmidt, Omaha
Nicholas Ryan Schmidt, Bellevue
Paige Elizabeth Schreiber, Columbus
Amy Marie Schroeder, DeWitt
Trevor Eugene Schuessler, Dalton
        (With High Distinction)
Patrick Daniel Schuh, Lincoln
Christian Richard Scollon, Geneva
Daniel Huey Yang See, Kuantan, Malaysia
Jay Robert Seiffert, Lincoln
Joshua Robert Sexson, Grant
Jing Shao, Chrngdu, China
Zhen Shao, Suzhou, China
Rohan Sharma, Omaha
Shuyu Shen, Xi’an, China
Xiaochen Sheng, Hangzhou, China
Yi Shi, Xi’an, China
Kei Shimizu, Tokyo, Japan
William Matthew Shires, Greeley, CO
Perez Wamanga Sigowa, Kampala, Uganda
Wen Jun Sim, Kuantan, Malaysia
Megan Kristine Sisson, Papillion
Nicholas Andrew Slattery, Lincoln
Jordan Matthew Smith, Fairbury
Eric Charles Sock, Lincoln
Dakota Lynne Sombke, Lincoln
Landis Charles Spaulding, Plattsmouth
            (With Distinction)
John Lee Spillman, Bellevue
Katy Ann Steffensmeier, Norfolk
André Maximilian Rainer Stenger, Poecking, Germany
Matthew Alan Stice, Hastings
Justin Andrew Stootsberry, Lincoln
Dan Stuck, Sioux Falls, SD
Markus Enstrom Svoboda, Lincoln
            (With Distinction)
Jerilyn Ella Sykes, Ceresco
Thomas John Taege, Lincoln
Pei Jun Tan, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
       (With Highest Distinction)
Yew Kwan Tan, Lincoln
Zhao Hao Tan, Puchong, Malaysia
Haifeng Tang, Suzhou, China
Shiyuan Tang, Lincoln
Soon Hwa Teoh, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
        (With High Distinction)
Andrew Charles Thedinga, Shakopee, MN
Curtis John Thompson, Ralston
Nicholas Tyler Thune, Sioux Falls, SD
Amy Marie Timko, Omaha
Dustin John Trauernicht, Lincoln
Sarah Marie Tucker, Littleton, CO
Ashley Ines Van Waes, Blair
            (With Distinction)
     (University Honors Program)
        (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)
Patricia Veresova, Piestany, Slovakia
        (With High Distinction)
Anthony Huynh Vo, Lincoln
Eric Jon Vollbrecht, Lincoln
       (With Highest Distinction)
Wenji Wang, Xi`an, China
Xiao Wang, Chengdu, China
Jonathan Michael Wapelhorst, Norfolk
William Eugene Wasserburger, Lincoln
Christopher James Wegner, Lincoln
Ashley Rene Werner, Beatrice
Hilary Elizabeth Werner, Lincoln
       (With Highest Distinction)
Thomas Cody Widdershoven, Omaha
Anna Theresa Wilhelm, Lincoln
Joshua Thomas Willnerd, Hastings
       (With Highest Distinction)
Kendall Robert Witt, Honey Creek, IA
Lauren Ashley Witt, Lincoln
Wade Wokoma, Lincoln
Brian McShane Wurster, Lincoln
Dandan Xu, Wenzhou, China
Dong Yan, Ankang, China
Taeeun Yim, Busan, Republic of Korea
            (With Distinction)
Marcus Dreu Young III, Cozad
Shalima Zalsha, Anchorage
Adam Nicholas Zillig, Lincoln