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January 27, 2017

The Ledger Records 30 Years of Accounting News

The Ledger Records 30 Years of Accounting News
Thirty years ago in 1986, the School of Accountancy formed a committee among its faculty, staff and advisory board members to create the inaugural issue of The Ledger. While its design changed with time and technology, its goal remained constant. It informs alumni and friends about the school’s events and initiatives, celebrates student and alumni successes and shares how the faculty advances the field of accountancy.

“This issue of The Ledger marks an important milestone for us. For more than 30 years, we have made it a priority to build a community of students, alumni, faculty and staff, business partners and donors. The Ledger enables us to share the biggest stories and accomplishments each year to our community,” said Director of the School of Accountancy Aaron Crabtree.

The inaugural issue included 16 pages featuring news, profiles on each advisory board member, a list of donors to thank them for their support and a remembrance story of two professors emeriti who passed away the year prior, Dana F. Cole and Ray Dein. Cole wrote an introductory accounting textbook which “later became the standard among accounting faculty across the nation.” Dein, who served as president of the American Accounting Association and was a popular professor among students including Warren Buffett ’51, contributed “greatly to accounting theory.”

Over time the annual publication expanded to show more alumni and school community features. News of an anonymous gift of a portrait of Fra. Luca Pacioli, considered the father of accounting, graced its pages in 1995. The piece by artist Greg Holdren is still used as a teaching tool in informal events such as celebrating International Accounting Day. In 1996 the issue spotlighted the six inaugural members of the school’s Hall of Fame. Several issues featured the accomplishments of student organizations such as Beta Alpha Psi. More recently the school has been able to share stories of generations of Husker and accounting alumni like the Lienemann and Klintworth families in 2012 and 2014 respectively.

Crabtree said, “The Ledger’s content has grown to tell more about our great community of whom are connected by their love for the School of Accountancy and helping others through our talents.”