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Senior Sendoff Highlights Weekend of Graduation Activities

Senior Sendoff Highlights Weekend of Graduation Activities
Graduating senior Katherine Ditter at the Senior Sendoff
Graduating students from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration celebrated weekend commencement festivities with family and friends at the Senior Sendoff on December 16, at the Nebraska Champions Club. Despite icy conditions, more than 50 people attended the event aimed at giving graduates a chance to say goodbye to college.

Dr. Donde Plowman, James Jr. and Susan Stuart Endowed Dean of the College of Business Administration, lauded the students at the event.

Plowman with faculty and student advisory board members
Plowman with faculty and student advisory board members
“I want our graduates to remember the significance of what you accomplished,” said Plowman. “You are in an elite group of people who chose to attend and graduate from college. Your diploma represents how hard you worked at CBA. Warren Buffett ’51 wrote me a letter a couple years ago telling me he hoped I was proud of our graduates because they are as smart and capable as graduates from any school in this country. I see that letter on my desk at work every day, and now we expect big things of you as leaders in the community, whether serving on city councils, the PTA, your church or in your next job.”

Katherine Ditter, a marketing and management major with a minor in finance from Omaha, Nebraska, attended the Senior Sendoff. Ditter competed on the Husker swim team, including being named Academic All-Big Ten multiple years.

“After completing my swimming eligibility this past year, I got to know people even better at CBA and experience the great energy going on at the college,” said Ditter. “One of my memorable classes was the senior capstone course taught by Marijane Hancock. You work with students in your same major in group projects running a business internationally and domestically. The project got me excited about going forward with my degree.”

Jennifer Gogol, a marketing major from Highlands Ranch Colorado, also attended the Senior Sendoff which was sponsored by Nelnet. She praised the faculty as being indispensable to her positive experience at Nebraska.

Gogol with mother Ada Glassman
Gogol with mother Ada Glassman
“The faculty at CBA is incredible,” said Gogol. “They want to see you succeed and care about you as an individual. They helped me become a well-rounded human being in addition to the great educational opportunities. Some of the most memorable projects involved working with actual clients in the community to create business plans.”

In total, more than 1,400 students earned undergraduate degrees from UNL at commencement ceremonies at Pinnacle Bank Arena, including 250 from CBA. Chuck Hagel, former U.S. senator from Nebraska and secretary of defense, delivered the commencement address at Saturday’s undergraduate ceremony.

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Doctoral Degrees

Ana Lucía Córdova Cazar, Quito, Ecuador; Survey Research and Methodology—Dissertation: Wellbeing and Data Quality in the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) from a Total Survey Error Perspective. Advised by Professor Robert F. Belli.

Rebecca Jeanne Powell, Cary, NC; Survey Research and Methodology—Dissertation: An Experimental Examination of Visual Grouping Techniques in Skip Patterns on Respondent Navigation Errors. Advised by Professor Jolene D. Smyth.

Master of Business Administration
Jasmine Janae Hansen, Glenville, MN—Mathematics
Derrick Paul Barnsdale, Grosse Ile, MI—Business
Brett Shay Barthelme, Tulsa, OK—Business
Danielle M. Beranek, Evansville, WI—Business
Jessica Rene Cassidy, Grafton, IL—Business
Heather Chance Breeding, Minneapolis, KS—Business
Matthew Hill Clare, Lincoln—Business
Derek Duncan, Tempe, AZ—Business
Benjamin Walter Earling, Washington, DC—Business
Michael Terry Fena, Reno, NV—Business
Alexander Robert Gansebom, Osmond—Business
Robert Tyler Hughes, Minot, ND—Business
Sean Connor Keenan, Omaha—Business
Ryne Kyle Lambert, Little Chute, WI—Business
Stephen Andrew Lupo, Omaha—Business
Conor Edward McDermott, Carter Lake, IA—Business
Jeffrey Lee Nichols, Lenexa, KS—Business
Paige Victoria Orcutt, Sioux Falls, SD—Business
Josue Orellana, Spring, TX—Business
Thomas James Pryor, Lincoln—Business
Tyler Ryan Sanderson, Lincoln—Business
Walter Henry Schwarz, Wallingford, CT—Business
Jacqueline Therese Stokes, Willoughby Hills, OH—Business
Aaron Mark Teachout, Juneau, AK—Business
Kevin George Von Seggern, Seneca, KS—Business
Jonathan Edward Williams, Papillion—Business
Dale Robert Winter, Atascocita, TX—Business
Ryann Elisabeth Wonders, Lincoln—Business
Sze Ling Yap, Lincoln—Business
Michael Owen Yardley, Lincoln—Business
Master of Professional Accountancy
Kelsey Lynn Boesiger, Lincoln—Accountancy
Derek Douglas Hammer, Franklin—Accountancy
Liwei He, Omaha—Accountancy
Jared Jeffrey Heins, Eagle—Accountancy
Emmanuel Tettey Nartey, Lincoln—Accountancy
Phillip Scott Oman, Lincoln—Accountancy
Joshua Ryan Read, Lincoln—Accountancy
Schuyler James Sharp, Lincoln—Accountancy
Cassidy Emmee Stelzmiller, Lincoln—Accountancy
Megan Kathleen Sullivan, Bellevue—Accountancy
CamTu Tran, Lincoln—Accountancy

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Joshua William Abels, Papillion
           (With Distinction)
Carmen Esther Acosta, Lincoln
Morgan Anderson, Exeter
Trenton Michael Andre, Omaha
Trevor M. Baily, Omaha
Dustin Thomas Baker, Waverly
Joshua Thomas Banderas, Lincoln
Jacob Richard Beran, Gretna
Tyler Jon Bergmeier, Waterloo
Jaraka Shyanne Berringer, Lincoln
Elaina Kennedy Blair, Omaha
Hollie Lynn Blanske, Oak Grove, MN
Bryce Charles Blycker, Omaha
           (With Distinction)
Elizabeth Ann Boulay, Omaha
Chase Edmund Bradbury, Weeping Water
Aaron James Bummer, Frisco, TX
Kyle Robert Charrlin, Omaha
Adam Rickardt Cheever, Lincoln
Zechariah Chermok, David City
Nicole Lanee Chmelka, Seward
Leland Li Ren Chow, Subang Jaya, Malaysia
           (With Distinction)
Douglas Richard Coons, South Elgin, IL
     (With Highest Distinction)
Samuel Lucas Cotton, Las Vegas, NV
Melanie Kathryn Crawford, Plano, TX
Payton Andru Davidson, Rapid City, SD
Derek Michael DeMers, Lincoln
Yixuan Deng, Taiyuan, China
Bria Ivana Sheena Deveaux, Lincoln
Molly Ann Dey, Gresham
Katherine Ann Ditter, Ralston
Aaron Bruce Docter, Firth
Thomas Everett Docter, Firth
     (With Highest Distinction)
Lega Mulugeta Dolicho, Lincoln
William Lewis Duffy, Lincoln
Alexander Daniel Dyer, Omaha
Ross Dzuris, Plattsmouth
Melinda Sue Eichenberger, Arapahoe
Michael Paul Elofson, Omaha
Scott Charles Elsass, Eden Prairie, MN
Bret Joseph Evert, Lincoln
           (With Distinction)
Michelle Suzanne Faimon, Seward
Berenise Flores, Omaha
Adam Foster, Lincoln
Jesse James Foster III, Lincoln
Christian James French, Lincoln
Zachary Douglas Fuller, Ogallala
Dier Gao, Yangling, China
Kylie Reanna Garza, Lincoln
Jack Palmer Gell, Omaha
Josha Jane Gifford, North Platte
Jennifer Stefanie Gogol, Highlands Ranch, CO
Justin Timothy Grages, Waterloo
James David Grandinetti, Valencia, CA
Chase Conner Gress, Central City
Chenying Gu, Shanghai, China
Whitney Elizabeth Hall, Sioux Falls, SD
Zhikai He, Xiamen, China
Marc Herrmann, Sankt Ingbert, Germany
Vance August Heyer, Lincoln
Will Taylor Higgins, Lincoln
Jared Michael Hill, Omaha
Joseph Thomas Hill, Omaha
Kayleigh Morgan Hill, Omaha
Christian Jeffrey Hodson, Hastings
Fritz D. Hoppe, Columbus
Xiaoqing Hu, Chaozhou, China
Derek Juran Hudson, Omaha
Justin Miles Humphrey, Omaha
Brenda Muthoni Ikinya, Nairobi, Kenya
Joshua William Isherwood, Lincoln
Kevin Douglas Jacobson, Lincoln
Ziyun Jiang, Beijing, China
Colton Robert Jones, Norfolk
Adam Scott Jorgensen, Waverly
Daisha Mae Jorgensen, Randolph
Rachel Lynn Kahnk, Lincoln
Kanmani Kanesan, Klang, Malaysia
Brittany Lea Kassube, Papillion
Victoria Dawn Katzberg, Hastings
Cayle Katherine Klein, Lincoln
Katherine S. Klingelhoefer, Amherst
           (With Distinction)
Jordan Alexander Knapp, Lincoln
James Kruger, Lincoln
     (With Highest Distinction)
Sean Charles Kruger, Elkhorn
Arisa Nicole Krzycki, Lincoln
Keaton Daniel Kucera, Utica
Dustin Shea Kuzelka, Omaha
Brooke Langemeier, Stromsburg
Ryan Patrick Larson, Lincoln
Wei Kuan Lau, Johor, Malaysia
           (With Distinction)
Brandon Lee, Greenwood
Tyler Anthony Leise, Hartington
Xiaoxiao Li, Lincoln
Xuan Li, Lincoln
Yulun Li, Xi’an, China
Soon Chye Lim, Seremban, Malaysia
           (With Distinction)
Nick James Linder, Gretna
Colin Thomas Longo, Omaha
Robert Alexander Lowe, Kearney
Tanner J. Lubach, Glendale, AZ
           (With Distinction)
David Stephen Lutton, Omaha
Andrew Joseph Makovicka, York
Taylor Clarine Marten, Halsey
Ryan Joseph Martin, Omaha
Skylar Dawn Mathis, Valentine
Kaitlin MacKenzie Mathison, Bennington
Kevin Maurice, Lincoln
Mitchell James McCann, Waterloo
Madison Margaret McConkey, Gretna
Ian Robert McGowan, Crete
Connor Michael McLaughlin, Papillion
Kelly Estephania Menjivar, Lincoln
Adam Marcus Moline, Imperial
Alex Scott Moreland, Omaha
Alexander Shereef Morsey, Omaha
Cody Gail Mosel, Plainview
Tashinga Muchegwa, Papillion
Nathan Michael Muller, Fremont
Zachary James Murphy, Omaha
Micah Christian Neill, Cozad
Chun Seng Ng, Shah Alam, Malaysia
Braedon Nielsen, Wilmington, OH
Xingpei Niu, Xi’an, China
Skye Michael O’Neil, Lincoln
Seth James O’Neill, Jackson
Thomas Hollis Paczko, Mount Prospect, IL
      (With High Distinction)
Samantha Rae Paprocki, Omaha
Ryan Robert Parise, Shoreview, MN
Kendra Ann Pearson, Wahoo
Jake Lon Peterson, Omaha
Mitchell Ryan Peterson, Columbus
Jordan Marie Pethoud, Lincoln
           (With Distinction)
Tony Phuoc Pham, Lincoln
Tahner Guy Pinkman, Lincoln
Aaron Joseph Potter, Omaha
Nicholas Alan Preister, Columbus
Yao Qian, Yangling, China
Brandon Eugene Reilly, Elkhorn
Jessica Victoria Reiser, Waverly
Payton Nicole Rice, Bridgeport
Dominic Christopher Richardson, Lincoln
Kelsee Marie Richardson, Lincoln
Trevin Chandler Roberson, Lincoln
Amber Nicole Rolfzen, Papillion
Keric Rolle, Nassau, Bahamas
Rose Nur Farhanna Roselee,
Seremban, Malaysia
Holli Jessica Ruhl, La Vista
Alexander Scott Ryan, Lincoln
Skyler Scott Sailors, Lincoln
Melissa Salas, Lincoln
Nicholas Drew Sandberg, West Des Moines, IA
Zhicheng Sang, Lincoln
      (With High Distinction)
Paul Aaron Sanny, Omaha
Sara Ann Sayre, Lincoln
Joshua Allen Schindel, Lincoln
Christoph Schindler, Hanau, Germany
           (With Distinction)
Brandon David Schreiner, Elkhorn
Devin DuWane Schroeder, Lincoln
Jessi Marie Schulte, Lincoln
Trey Charles Semrad, Linwood
Dannee Sengdara, Lincoln
Xu Shi, Xi’an, China
Taylor Renae Shoen, Truman, MN
Caitlin Anna Mae Shuster, Lincoln
Anantharaman Sivananainda Perumal, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Timothy Russell Smith, Kearney
      (With High Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
Trevor Vernell Spanel, Lincoln
Adam Robert Spinola, Naperville, IL
Collin Taylor Stange, Lincoln
Taylor Jean Stauffer, Aurora
Anthony John Stuchlik, Kearney
Kimberly Kay Sukup, Lincoln
Timothy Edward Sullivan, Mundelein, IL
Haozhe Sun, Xi’an, China
Aaron Joseph Svoboda, Lincoln
Berenice Tavizon-Alvidrez, Omaha
Michael Justin Tichenor, Omaha
Peyton Katherine Tobin, King City, MO
Zachary M. Joseph Toelle, Lincoln
Shauntel Nicolle Upton, Grand Island
Anqi Wang, Wuhan, China
Tanner Austin Weir, Lincoln
Abigail Renee Welsh, Omaha
Chenggui Wen, Lincoln
Jordan Christopher Westerkamp, Glen Ellyn, IL
Travis Dean Weyers, Roca
Nathan Michael White, Lincoln
Connor Leon Wilburn, Lincoln
Katelyn Mary Williams, Omaha
      (With High Distinction)
Alexander Matthew Wirth, Grand Island
     (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
Benjamin Jordan Wolf, Lincoln
Nicole Lynn Woodford, Gretna
Kailun Wu, Xi’an, China
Zhiyao Wu, Lincoln
Linzhu Xu, Lincoln
Hao Xue, Shijiazhuang, China
Jie Kit Yip, Ampang, Malaysia
Adam Richard Young, Lincoln
Kyle Andrew Young, Omaha
Mengqian Zeng, Chengdu, China
Chen Zhang, Lincoln
           (With Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
Keren Zhang, Lincoln
Long Zhang, Lincoln
Lingmin Zheng, Guangzhou, China
Merima Ziga, Lincoln
Published: December 19, 2016