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January 26, 2016

Seavey Recognized for Excellence in Classroom

Scott Seavey, assistant professor of accountancy at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration, received three separate teaching awards in 2015. Seavey has taught both undergraduate and graduate auditing courses at CBA for five years.

Seavey received a certificate of recognition for contributions to students from the UNL Parents Association and Teaching Council, the Distinguished Teaching Award and the 2014 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Education from the UNL Office of Graduate Studies. The latter award included a $2,000 check and commemorative medallion, and was presented at the Graduate Studies Awards Luncheon in February at the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center.

Scott Seavey teaching at CBA
Scott Seavey teaching at CBA
Seavey understands the importance of effective teaching and the impact faculty can have on generations of business students.

“The undergraduate level is very textbook based,” Seavey said. “You have to learn the rules, but once you get to the graduate level, you can actually think about it and discuss more abstract concepts.”

Rather than simply teaching students content in anticipation of exams, he prefers to prepare his students for the real world. Often, he will ask his graduate students only one question on a test to assess their ability to form a cohesive explanation of accounting principles learned in class.

Additionally, Seavey does not use PowerPoint slides, because it forces students to actively take notes. “It’s very hard for students to fall asleep when they have to write down everything I say,” Seavey said. “They are required to participate and I make certain they do.”

Students and parents who nominated him for the awards appreciate his methods.

“Dr. Seavey makes accounting fun,” said the student who nominated him.

Seavey said, “I take pride in watching my students excel. There’s a lot that goes into teaching, and it’s really great to be recognized for all of that effort. I love being in the classroom.”