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December 21, 2015

School of Accountancy Hosts 2015 Summer and Fall Graduation Celebration

Nearly 120 people attended the fourth semi-annual Graduation Celebration hosted by The School of Accountancy at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration on December 18 at the Lied Commons. Students’ families, accounting faculty and staff came together to honor graduating seniors majoring in accounting and graduate students earning their master in professional accountancy (MPA).

Students and their families visited with the accounting faculty and staff and enjoyed a program which included a keynote address by Ron Nebbia ‘85, consulting partner and shareholder with Lutz in Omaha.

Ron Nebbia speaking to students
Ron Nebbia speaking to students
“I was flattered to have the opportunity to speak and join the students, family, faculty and staff in celebrating the accomplishments of these graduates. I was honored to be asked to give some advice to the students as they embark on their next adventure,” Nebbia said.

During the event Aaron Crabtree, director of the School of Accountancy and associate professor of accountancy, presented certificates to graduates after Nebbia gave his speech giving guidance to students as they enter the work force.

“Using the analogy of rocks. It is important to understand that some loads in life we choose and can enjoy like building and supporting a family. That is a responsibility we take on that can be a joyous one,” Nebbia said. “At the same time, there are rocks that others put on us that are unnecessary. Graduates should be aware of what life can bring and prepare themselves to follow their hearts and steer clear of needless rocks.”

Nebbia advises students to “arrive with an open mind, spend most of your time listening and prepare to become like your parents.” He closed his speech by stating, “Follow your heart, watch out for the rocks and remember the law of supply and demand. Congratulations.”

Hanh Tran receives her certificate
Hanh Tran receives her certificate
Senior Hanh Tran from Vung Tàu, Vietnam graduated this past weekend with her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a double major in accounting and finance. Tran has applied for the MPA program at CBA and hopes to start this May.

“This event provides an exciting opportunity for students to introduce their parents and family to the faculty that helped them along the way. I enjoyed the celebration and am grateful accounting hosts this celebration,” Tran said.

The event was designed to celebrate students becoming alumni and further strengthen their relationship with the School of Accountancy. The school has several initiatives to engage alumni including its annual publication The Ledger and a quarterly alumni e-newsletter will begin in 2016.