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May 12, 2015

Legacy Families Share School of Accountancy Experience

The School of Accountancy has an engaged community that often spans several generations within a single family. The Nebbia, Hovendick and Klintworth families currently have second generation accounting students attending the College of Business Administration who were influenced by their accounting alumni parents.

Nebbia Family
Nebbia Family (left to right):
Ron '85, Allison '15, Alex, John, Maggie, Amy and Steven '12
The Nebbia family has been in Omaha, Nebraska, since 1918 and have been involved with UNL for many years. Ron Nebbia graduated in 1985 with an accounting degree and is now a consulting partner and shareholder with Lutz in Omaha. He and his wife, Amy, have four children – John, Steven, Allison and Maggie – who have all attended UNL. In addition, Steven and Allison followed in their father’s footsteps as accounting majors.

“As a double major in accounting and finance, my dad definitely played a role in my decision to pursue accounting. Growing up, I gained insight into what an accounting career and life was like,” said Steven, who graduated in 2012. “Accounting is an appealing profession to me, because it requires a good work ethic and people skills.”

Most people think of numbers and not people skills when they think of a career in accounting. In reality, it is a relationship-based career that begins with the community formed with faculty, staff and classmates in the School of Accountancy.

“As accounting majors, we are all a part of the same career path. Once we graduate we’re pledged to making the profession as good as it can be through continuing education and sharing best practices with one another. It’s a life-long commitment,” Ron said.

Hovendick Family
Hovendick Family (left to right):
Kalli, Kyle, Caden, John, Kirk '82, Laurie, Jacob '10, Meagan and Henley
Kirk Hovendick, partner at Labenz & Associates, met his wife, Laurie, while he was an accounting major at UNL. Their son, Jacob, also graduated with an accounting degree in 2010 and is now employed by the Adams Bank & Trust in Ogallala, Nebraska. Both Kirk and Jacob serve on CBA advisory boards as a way to give back to the college.

“The UNL School of Accountancy stands out because of the quality of people,” Kirk said. “It is a great part of the CBA community. I like the excitement of what is going on with the new building and with the leadership that Donde has provided since she has been there. Just to see the excitement and energy makes me want to be involved.”

Klintworth Family
Klintworth Family (left to right):
Brian '15, Mike '89, and Rees, (front row) Ellen and Holly
Accounting student Brian Klintworth, who plans to graduate in December 2015, is involved in several student organizations including Beta Alpha Psi, the CBA Student Advisory Board and Beta Sigma Psi. He encouraged his father Mike to join the School of Accountancy Advisory Board in 2014 when a position was offered.

“I believe my family’s success is because of UNL and the School of Accountancy. UNL is a big school, but when you get into your specific major, you learn from a tight knit group of professors, and it becomes a positive experience,” said Mike. “I’m pleased that as my children have attended UNL, there is the same focus on the individual students and their success.”