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Honors Academy Celebration Highlights Graduation Activities

Honors Academy Celebration Highlights Graduation Activities
Honors Academy students pose following Graduation Celebration
The University of Nebraska–Lincoln granted more than 525 undergraduate and graduate business degrees during commencement exercises May 5-6. The college celebrated the graduation of the inaugural cohort of the College of Business Honors Academy with a special graduation event on May 5. The event concluded several prominent graduation activities for the College of Business including the MBA Graduation Luncheon, the School of Accountancy Graduation Celebration and the Senior Sendoff and Graduate Goodbye, which took place at the Railyard in Lincoln’s Haymarket District.

Dr. Kathy Farrell, interim dean, spoke to the 33 graduating Honors Academy students and their families at the Wick Alumni Center. She expressed her amazement at both their accomplishments and the people who rapidly built the program.

Katie Warneke receives her Honors Academy medallion from Honors Academy Director Erin Burnette as Coordinator for the Honors Academy Becka Neary-DeLaPorte reads her name.
Katie Warneke receives her Honors Academy medallion from Honors Academy Director Erin Burnette, as Coordinator for the Honors Academy Becka Neary-DeLaPorte reads her name.
“The Honors Academy was born due to an idea by our previous dean, Donde Plowman,” said Farrell. “She knew we needed to attract students who were not just strong academically, but also exhibited strong leadership skills. Donde hired Dr. Donna Dudney as the first Director of the Honors Academy in April 2012, and in less than a year, the program went from an idea to accepting the first cohort.”

Erin Burnette, who became director of the Honors Academy in 2012, presented graduating students their Honors Academy medallions. She also spoke to them about the expanding community they created.

“The unique skills and experiences each of you provided created the backbone of the Honors Academy,” said Burnette. “We loved watching you challenge and support each other through the ups and downs of college life, both in and outside the classroom. Through this camaraderie and desire to succeed, you accomplished incredible things.”

The accomplishments of the cohort include traveling abroad 26 times to 13 countries, competing in competitions across the U.S. and participating in internships at nearly 75 companies. They also took on a multitude of leadership roles in student government, senior honor societies, student organizations, athletics, fraternities and sororities, and other groups across campus.

Dudney, who now serves as associate dean for undergraduate programs and student engagement, delivered the concluding remarks. She praised the cohort for taking a risk.

Theresa Ferguson of Lincoln celebrated her graduation with family at the Senior Sendoff.
Theresa Ferguson of Lincoln celebrated her graduation with family at the Senior Sendoff.
“You were the ones who took a chance and joined something new,” said Dudney. “I’ve been teaching at the College of Business for almost 20 years. I’ve always found teaching rewarding, but being part of the Honors Academy has been the most rewarding opportunity of my professional life. I can’t wait to say, ‘I knew you when,’ because I know all of you are going to Start Something big.”

Over 400 people, including graduates, family members, friends, faculty and staff attended the Senior Sendoff and Graduate Goodbye. Nelnet sponsored the event.

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College of Business Grads

Doctor of Philosophy

Mohammad Nasser AlMarzouq, Kuwait, Kuwait; Business—Dissertation: The Effect of Family Ties Between Director-Owners and Auditors on Audit Quality in Kuwait. Advised by Professor David Smith.

Master of Arts
John William Baker, York—Business
Brenna Marie Boulanger, Dover, NH—Business
Ryan Michael Coomes, Lincoln—Business
Branden Allen Enstrom, Sequim, WA—Business
Logan G. Faller, Falls City—Business
James W. Hajek, Omaha—Business
Jordan Melisa Linder, Colorado Springs, CO—Business
John Michael McCaig, Lincoln—Business
Alex Michael Wach, Wauneta—Business
Ethan Mark Weeder, Osmond—Business
Master of Business Administration
Tommie Albert Bardsley, Jr., Lincoln—Business
Jon Robert Beck, Lincoln—Business
Matthew Ryan Birkel, Omaha—Business
Sheldon James Boschen, Lincoln—Business
Luke Paul Martens Bretscher, Lincoln—Business
Daniel Steven Bukenholts, Omaha—Business
Timothy John Donohue, Des Plaines, IL—Business
Brittany Nicole Durdle, Streator, IL—Business
Brett Richard Erickson, Norco, LA—Business
Kyle Joseph Evans, Studio City, CA—Business
Tyler Jay Farmer, Smyrna, TN—Business
Colin Edward Farritor, Lincoln—Business
Mattie Leigh Fowler, Tucson, AZ—Business
Karren Jessie Goodwin, Lincoln—Business
Alexander Wayne Grosvenor, Lincoln—Business
Derek Anthony Grutsch, Lincoln—Business
Andrew Davis Guiney, Omaha—Business
Anh Nhat Ha, Hanoi, Viet Nam—Business
Bret Dorsey Harrison, Clovis, CA—Business
Jennifer R. Harvey, Lincoln—Business
Phillip Ryan Holbrook, Platte City, MO—Business
Joseph Scott Kendall, Lincoln—Business
Peter Andrew Komar, Johns Island, SC—Business
Kazuhiko Konno, Lincoln—Business
Madison Smith Lavelle, Lincoln—Business
Sarah M. Lottman, Aurora, CO—Business
Gary Allen McComb, Jr., Indianapolis, IN—Business
Ashley Marie McNamara, Ridgecrest, CA—Business
Matthew William Metzger, Denver, CO—Business
Joshua Michael Middendorf, Omaha—Business
Jonathon Wade Olin, Omaha—Business
Jayasaikumar Padimiti, San Ramon, CA—Business
Ruth Katherine Ross, Wichita, KS—Business
Jared Michael Roths, Lincoln—Business
Fatma Abdallah Ahmed Saoy, Lincoln—Business
Powers Arden Schurrer, Portland, OR—Business
Andrew Gregory Sheppard, Bend, OR—Business
Bruce Eugene Spencer III, Waveland, MS—Business
Steven Oliver Tenny, Omaha—Business
Matthew Michael Theis, Lincoln—Business
Kyra Jean Townsend, Eden Prairie, MN—Business
Mark John Vincent, De Pere, WI—Business
Christina Marie Vue, Cottage Grove, WI—Business
Jianing Wang, Lincoln—Business
Hannah Elizabeth Williams, Albuquerque, NM—Business
Matthew Brian Hamilton Williams, Albuquerque, NM—Business
Erin Marie Wolf, Longmont, CO—Business
TaeEun Yim, Lincoln—Business
Master of Professional Accountancy
Nicholas William Burianek, Arlington—Accountancy
Connor Jeffrey Cochran, Ashland—Accountancy
Hai Ngoc Dao, Lincoln—Accountancy
Miles Patrick Fitzsimmons, Omaha—Accountancy
Matthew Jameson Fry, Lincoln—Accountancy
Samuel James Gemar, Lincoln—Accountancy
Casey Cheyenne Gieseking, Columbus—Accountancy
Chase Neff Gorham, Lincoln—Accountancy
Amber Hagerbaumer, Genoa—Accountancy
Zhexi He, Yongzhou, China—Accountancy
Colleen Elizabeth Jareske, Omaha—Accountancy
Archie Paul Keebler, Sterling—Accountancy
Tram Thi Le, Lincoln—Accountancy
Riley Janae Linder, Lincoln—Accountancy
Emma Elizabeth Mabry, Lincoln—Accountancy
Feiyang Nie, Guangdong, China—Accountancy
Justin Scott Niederklein, Omaha—Accountancy
Matthew Riley Peppmuller, Lincoln—Accountancy
Ellen Leslie Peterson, Lincoln—Accountancy
McKenzie Caroline Roehrs, Lincoln—Accountancy
Megan Renee Rudolph, Lincoln—Accountancy
Cody James Schuldt, Lincoln—Accountancy
Jacob Robert Siadek, Lincoln—Accountancy
Austin Lynn Stark, South Sioux City—Accountancy
Rosena Denae Startzman, Sawyer, KS—Accountancy
Hanh Tran, Lincoln—Accountancy
Rayne Thomas Walton, Olathe, KS—Accountancy
Zachary Stephen Weis, Omaha—Accountancy

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Tyler Lee Abbott, Hickman
Nathan James Ackerman, Lincoln
Rebecca Ann Adams, Ogallala
       (With High Distinction)
Rajwah Issa Al-Rawahi, Muscat, Oman
Robert Dale Albrecht, Jr., Norfolk
Sarah Christie Allen, Fort Collins, CO
           (With Distinction)
Caroline Elizabeth Amsler, Stevenson Ranch, CA
Ross Christian Anderson, Omaha
Lisa Margareta Andersson, Varberg, Sweden
Nichole Lynn Andreasen, Genoa
Nicholas Paul Arlt, Norfolk
Yama Attaie, Lincoln
Elizabeth Kathryn Avery, Lincoln
Alec James Backes, Arlington Heights, IL
Rahmeen Bahramzad, Lincoln
Christian Alexander Bailey, San Clemente, CA
McKenzie Jill Balfany, Lincoln
       (With High Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
Brady Allen Ball, Lincoln
Seth Jacob Barkley, Lincoln
Jordan Ashley Barnes, Lincoln
Elsa Barragan Herrera, Grand Island
Alejandro Barreiro Pujol, Victoria, MN
Paxton Ann Barta, Parker, CO
Alexander John Becker, Sussex, WI
Ellen Marie Genevieve Beerman, Omaha
Blake Tanner Beiermann, Columbus
Courtney Nell Belden, Sioux Falls, SD
Paxton Louis Bentzinger, Olathe, KS
Andrew Dale Berger, Elkhorn
Miguel Betancourt, Lincoln
Timothy David Blaser, Bloomington, IL
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Matthew Christopher Bloch, North Hollywood, CA
Megan Layne Blunck, Brighton, CO
Kaleb Anthony Blythe, Roca
Jessica Ruthanne Bober, Omaha
      (With Highest Distinction)
Courtney Paige Bogle, Austin, MN
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Taylor Shane Bolam, Omaha
Lindsay Marie Bolamperti, Omaha
Kinsey Ann Bosselman, Lincoln
Daniel Patrick Briggs, Elkhorn
Andrew Scott Broders, Newport
Cale Rohde Brodersen, Lincoln
       (With High Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Alexa Kay Brouillette, Omaha
Raven Symone Brown, Omaha
Nicholas John Bruhn, Lincoln
Stephanie Dawn Brummond, Omaha
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Aaron David Bubb, Lincoln
Jonathan Bucyana, Lincoln
Katelyn Rose Burbach, Lincoln
Erin Kathleen Burggraff, Bloomington, MN
Michael Andrew Burke, Omaha
Alex Lee Buys, Brookings, SD
Megan Christine Carlson, Omaha
Xiaoxuan Chen, Lincoln
Yixin Chen, Lincoln
Melissa Yar-Wenn Cheng, Petaling
Jaya, Malaysia

Andrew Wheeler Christensen, East Peoria, IL
Tyler Michael Christensen, Lincoln
Cing Sian Ciin, Lincoln
Joseph Arthur Clinch, North Platte
Michael Jeffrey Colgate, Parrish, FL
Travis Ryan Collins, Omaha
           (With Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)
Trevor Austin Colson, Lincoln
Brenda Maria Contreras, Omaha
Claire Brady Coppersmith, Bloomington, IL
      (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
Charles Joseph Costa, Manhattan Beach, CA
Michael James Courchaine, Sussex, WI
      (With Highest Distinction)
Laura Sandvik Crary, Little Canada, MN
Zach Jeffery Crom, Allen
Angela Daniela Cuadros, Glenwood, IA
       (With High Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Lauren Marie Cunningham, Laurel
Kalan Elizabeth Dahir, Omaha
Gongyuan Dai, Lincoln
Brady Jonathan Darby, Lincoln
Luke Gregory DeBenedetto, Chanhassen, MN
Bryan Abel Delgadillo, Dakota City
Michelle Nichole DeLomba, Murray
Amy Marie Demers, Blair
      (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Scott Louis Demolli, Colorado Springs, CO
Megan Louise Dennis, Omaha
Jake Steven Derr, Omaha
Dalton Quinn Dey, Gresham
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Connor Louis Dietrich, Omaha
           (With Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Morgan Ashley Dilbeck, Lincoln
My Thi Tra Dinh, Ha Dong, Viet Nam
Zachary Robert Duden, Lincoln
       (With High Distinction)
Paige Angeline Duin, Lincoln
Aivi Nguyen Duong, Lincoln
Amanda Marie Earll, Mead
Michael John Ebel, Naperville, IL
Pierce Robert Edman, Sioux Falls, SD
Brian Cole Edwards, Lincoln
Jack Kenneth Egan, Allen, TX
Anna Elizabeth Elbracht, Gretna
       (With High Distinction)
Andrew Jordan Epperson, Lincoln
Austin James Evans, Omaha
Ryan Ellsworth Evers, Papillion
Hannah Kate Fahrlander, Omaha
Bailey Svea Fairchild, Lincoln
           (With Distinction)
Justin Thomas Falck, Elkhorn
Randy Philip Farr, Lincoln
Teresa Sanchez Ferguson, Lincoln
Constance Mary Fiedler, Lincoln
Clayton Dale Finck, Falls City
Nathaniel Craig Fischer, Burke, VA
Austin Fish, Lincoln
Marc Fleury, Omaha
Matthew Daniel Foley, Lincoln
       (With High Distinction)
Ku Fong Yu, Puchong, Malaysia
Chloe Augusta Foote, Lincoln
Ryan Joseph Friend, Omaha
Mary Elizabeth Frigo, Skokie, IL
Adam Brett Froendt, Omaha
      (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Thomas Matthew Froeschl, Falls City
Zhaoyang Fu, Lincoln
Nicholas Andrew Fuller, Sun Prairie, WI
Lauren Nicole Gaare, Omaha
Matthew Joseph Gaebler, Omaha
Brendan Joseph Gallo, Brandon, SD
      (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)
Shang Gao, Xian, China
Alexander William Gass, Omaha
Hannah Marie Gerlach, Parker, CO
Shalene Kay Gerritsen, Hastings
Matthew Thomas Gilbert, Fenton, MI
Kale Nathan Gockley, Imperial
Cortland Michael Goffena, Chadron
Sydney Viola Goldberg, St Joseph, MO
    (University Honors Program)
       (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)
Zachary Scott Goltz, Aurora
Aaron Nicholas Goodman, Hamburg, IA
           (With Distinction)
Megan Lee Gould, Alliance
Megan Elizabeth Gray, McCook
           (With Distinction)
Adam Thomas Greitens, Lincoln
Bryant Marc Grimminger, Ceresco
Hao Gu, Falls Church, VA
Mathew Neil Guenther, Bloomfield
Linghua Guo, Lincoln
Rui Guo, Taiyuan, China
Kylee Jean Gwinn, Omaha
    (University Honors Program)
Emma K. Haas, Smithville, MO
      (With Highest Distinction)
Michael Alexander Hadden, Lincoln
       (With High Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Elizabeth Anna Hadwiger, Columbus
Brandon Lee Hahn, Lincoln
Matthew Thomas Hall, Lincoln
       (With High Distinction)
Reid Kellogg Hammitt, Lincoln
           (With Distinction)
Timothy Zachariah Hannon, Lincoln
Darian Aye Hansen, Fremont
Daniel James Hanson, Lincoln
Mathias Glenn Hanten, Lincoln
Guillermo Haro, Jr., Lincoln
Jeffrey Nicholas Harris, Naperville, IL
Margaret Elizabeth Haverland, Oshkosh, WI
           (With Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)
Alexander John Hayenga, Worthington, MN
           (With Distinction)
Kyle Joseph Healey, Omaha
Stetson Paul Heirigs, Aberdeen, SD
           (With Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Madison Jo Helget, Fremont
       (With High Distinction)
Steven Dale Herbolsheimer, Hartington
Allison Jane Hergenrader, Lincoln
      (With Highest Distinction)
Dexter Miles Herr, Lincoln
Seth Michael Hicks, Lincoln
Lance Garrett Hiebner, Lincoln
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Hayley Jeanne Higgins, Omaha
Mitchell Allen Higgins, Loup City
      (With Highest Distinction)
Jordan Marie Hoeft, Holdrege
       (With High Distinction)
Nathan Charles Hofmann, Omaha
       (With High Distinction)
Shelbie Marie Hoggatt, Gretna
Trevor Allen Hohbein, Lincoln
Tylor Elizabeth Holbrook, Kearney
Erica Nicole Holcomb, Lincoln
Mitchell Eugene Holloway, Omaha
Zachary Thomas Holm, Omaha
Reid Thomas Hooper, Topeka, KS
Nicholas Paul Hovermale, Lincoln
Derek Juran Hudson, Omaha
Jake William Huennekens, Lincoln
Kelly Marie Hunter, Lincoln
Jennelle Beebe Jarrett, Papillion
      (With Highest Distinction)
Addison David Jensen, Denton
Collin David Jensen, Mobridge, SD
Jacqueline Anne Louise Jensen, Omaha
Cassi Jerene Johansen, Osceola
Amanda Marie Johnson, Lincoln
Carter Rolf Johnson, Lincoln
      (With Highest Distinction)
Earl Julius Johnson IV, Lincoln
Ross Palmer Johnson, Grand Forks, ND
           (With Distinction)
Scott Michael Johnson, Omaha
Jennifer Leigh Jones, Lincoln
       (With High Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
Tyler Lane Jones, Lincoln
Alexander James Kassulke, Watertown, WI
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
McKenna Kristine Kime, Lincoln
      (With Highest Distinction)
Alyssa Jo King, Ceresco
Molly Elizabeth King, Hampshire, IL
Abigail Rose Kirby, Battle Creek
      (With Highest Distinction)
Colin John Klatt, Columbus
Luke Michael Klingbeil, Papillion
Riley James Knake, Norfolk
Gabrielle Kay Knoble, Funk
Ryan Sinclair Knudson, Lincoln
Gean Xin Kok, Seremban, Malaysia
Cami Lynn Kopetka, Lincoln
Patrick Kotek, Gurnee, IL
Connor Michael Koukol, Omaha
Tucker Moore Krantz, Centennial, CO
       (With High Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Matthew James Kratochvil, Columbus
Patricia Katherine Krause, Downers Grove, IL
Morgan Marie Kuhl, Lincoln
Caitlin Frances Kunz, Lincoln
      (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Alexander Lee Lahargoue, Olathe, KS
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Tuan Quoc Lam, Lincoln
Ryan Jacob Lamb, Papillion
Sophie Ann Lebewitz, Plymouth, MN
Kirby Newman LeBlanc, Omaha
Kah Weng Lee, Cheras, Malaysia
Nikolas Edward Leger, Lincoln
    (University Honors Program)
       (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)
Carson R. Leiting, Sioux City, IA
       (With High Distinction)
Renate Caitlin Leonard, Thousand Oaks, CA
Matthew Robert Fritz Leuty, Shoreview, MN
Hui Wen Liew, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Yuanyuan Lin, Yantai, China
Braxton Joseph Lindhorst, Greenwood
Sarah Lynne Lindstrand, Lakeville, MN
Brett Alan Little, Lincoln
Jiayi Liu, Lincoln
Kai Liu, Lincoln
Lu Liu, Yantai, China
      (With Highest Distinction)
Qian Liu, Shenzhen, China
Tiantian Liu, Xiamen, China
Samuel Jacob Loerch, Papillion
Claire Christine London, Papillion
Preston Joseph Luedtke, Columbus
Mark Anthony Lundell, Kearney
Zijun Luo, Lincoln
Shumei Lyu, Hangzhou, China
Alexa Crystal Magill, Syracuse
Jared Allen Maguire, Norfolk
      (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Emily Forbes Manos, Arlington Heights, IL
Brandon James Masching, Valley
DeAnna Rose Sunberg Masterson, Lincoln
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Leanna Kate Mathews, Lincoln
Rachawadee Pawlulu Maungkya-Taveepanpun, Lincoln
Mitchell Lane May, Omaha
Grant Michael McGill, Naperville, IL
Patrick William McGuire, Bennington
Andrew Steven McIntosh, Papillion
      (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Connor Michael McLaughlin, Papillion
Benjamin Lee McQuiston, Lincoln
Thomas William Meier, Omaha
Jared Michael Mertz, Omaha
Jay David Meyer, Pleasant Dale
Megan Ann Miller, Scottsbluff
Michael Scott Miller, Rosalie
Soo-gyeong Min, Ilsandong-gu Goyang-si, Republic of Korea
Ryan Lynn Montgomery, Lincoln
Eric Montoya, Albuquerque, NM
Kiara KayAnn Moody, Lincoln
Nicholas Steven Moor, Omaha
Austin Richard Moore, Omaha
           (With Distinction)
Taylor Marie Moore, Chanhassen, MN
       (With High Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Brodie Robert Morgan, Lincoln
Krista Noelle Morgan, Chicago, IL
Kylynn Moyer, Omaha
      (With Highest Distinction)
Jack William Moylan, Omaha
Rachel Ann Murray, Waverly
Thomas Carleton Myers, Lincoln
Samuel Burton Nagel, North Bend
Colin Gerald Nathan, Fullerton
Fatmetou Ndiaye, Lincoln
Mary Margaret Nebbia, Waterloo
Joshua Dwaine Nelson, Omaha
Morgan Ellyn Nelson, Sioux Falls, SD
       (With High Distinction)
Hong Ngoc Nguyen, Lincoln
Eric Jaden Nielsen, Kirkman, IA
       (With High Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Brandon Blake Niesen, North Platte
Tori Lynne Nietzel, Omaha
Stephanie Nicole Novak, Aurora, IL
Brooks Gale Nusz, Omaha
Joseph James O’Malley, Lincoln
Kyu Young Oh, Daegu, Republic of Korea
      (With Highest Distinction)
Carson Michael Ohm, Omaha
Eric Alexander Oman, Lincoln
Sydney Nicole Omtvedt, Kearney
Jamie Lynn Orth, Julesburg, CO
       (With High Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Kristiana Brooke Oslund, Highlands
Ranch, CO

Matthew R. Ostdiek, Omaha
Dominic James Otto, Lincoln
Jacob Alan Palm, Lincoln
           (With Distinction)
Kasia Marya Paprocki, Kalamazoo, MI
Dylan James Parker, Lincoln
Jay Kumar Sanjay Patel, Lincoln
Demi Durran Patsios, Saint Paul
Jason Roger Paul, Lincoln
Kayli Abigail Paul, Sioux City, IA
Audrey Nicole Pawol, Blair
Kelly Brule Pearson, Cedar Park, TX
Abby Lauren Petersen, Overland Park, KS
Jared Leroy Petr, Riverdale
Lisa Thi Pham, Lincoln
Dominic Joseph Pizzo, Oswego, IL
Lucas James Post, Lincoln
Aaron Joseph Potter, Omaha
Andrew James Pravecek, Omaha
Sarah Jo Pravecek, Omaha
Jennifer Kay Pribyl, Milligan
      (With Highest Distinction)
Alec Jacob Price, Omaha
Ronni Marissa Price, Smiths Creek, MI
Sidney Anne Price, Superior
Thomas Victor Prinz, Omaha
Devyn Jean Prodoehl, Brookings, SD
           (With Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
Ella Laurene Prussa, Lincoln
Ashley Quiring, Lincoln
      (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Jonathan David Rall, Lincoln
Esther Ramacieri, Repentigny, Canada
Arya Imran Ramlan, Ampang, Malaysia
Cole Michael Reggio, Omaha
Katie Renee Reisdorff, Columbus
Michael Thomas Rerucha, Omaha
Enrique Reyes-Gallegos, Crete
Jacob Samuel Richardson, Omaha
Mackenzie Christine Rief, Brookings, SD
       (With High Distinction)
Gabriela Belle Ritz, Arcadia
           (With Distinction)
Jennifer Rivera, Omaha
Kelcey Michelle Robak, Columbus
Samuel Jacob Roberts, Papillion
Katelyn Dawn Rochat, Andover, KS
Demi May Rodocker, Arcadia
Joseph Thomas Rogge, Denton
Hanna Corynn Rogoz, Woodridge, IL
       (With High Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)
Dakota Alan Ruhnke, Lindsay
Tyler Andrew Rump, Plattsmouth
Danielle Christine Saenz, Omaha
Austin Lee Sankey, Lincoln
Kathryn Ann Schaefer, Blue Hill
Kelly Ann Schatz, Naperville, IL
      (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Haley Anne Schepers, Lincoln
Randy James Scherer, Waco
Allison Marie Schlender, Omaha
      (With Highest Distinction)
Erin Marie Schoonover, Lincoln
       (With High Distinction)
Benjamin Wyatt Schulenberg, Deephaven, MN
Cory William Schulenberg, Omaha
Grant Thomas Schumacher, Lincoln
Travis Michael Sedlak, Lincoln
Yaryna Serednytsky, Lincoln
Zachary James Shanahan, Lincoln
Chad J. Sheeks, Lincoln
Connor James Shelton, Omaha
Jessica Joy Sher, Lincoln
Xiaonan Shi, Beijing, China
Christine Renee Shipman, Beatrice
Jenna Marie Shoecraft, Lincoln
Ryan Eugene Shoemaker, Lincoln
Alexander James Siebrandt, Seward
Grant Kenneth Siekman, Bennington
           (With Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Jacob Patrick Sievers, Omaha
Michael John Singer, Lincoln
Amber Morgan Skogstad, Plymouth, MN
           (With Distinction)
Jonathan David Slabaugh, Omaha
Jackson Louis Slechta, Lincoln
Abigail Noel Smith, Bakersfield, CA
Louis Alexander Smith, Lincoln
Nathaniel B. Smith, Lincoln
Matthew Allan Smutny, Omaha
Alexandra Truth Snodgrass, Omaha
Tyler Joseph Sobieray, Tampa, FL
Bailey Ann Sorensen, Crete
Brooke Ann Sorensen, Crete
Trevor Keith Sorensen, Minden
           (With Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Kevin Spellman, Omaha
Jay Harold Springer, Lincoln
Wyatt States, Lincoln
           (With Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Keevan Michael Statz, Lincoln
           (With Distinction)
Nicholas Gene Steffl, Sioux Falls, SD
Brennan Jeffrey Stevenson, Palm Harbor, FL
Parker William Stock, Lincoln
Garrett Michael Stolz, Douglas
Luyao Sun, Lincoln
Matthew Sunderman, Lincoln
James Hirst Akihiro Sutcliffe, Newbury Park, CA
Rachel Lynn Sutcliffe, Overland Park, KS
      (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)
Kylie Ann Sveum, Elkhorn
Magella Anne Swanson, Doniphan
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Jun Tao, Lincoln
Bryce Edward Tarletsky, Lincoln
Brandon Wern Jian Tham, Lincoln
Alexander John Theisen, Lincoln
Matthew Vernon Thies, Lincoln
Dillon Ray Thoman, Papillion
Seth Quay Thompson, Williamsport, MD
Vincent Jay Tomcak, Lincoln
Jenna Dawn Torres, Lincoln
Tuan C .Tran, Lincoln
Shayla Marie Trotter, Arcadia
Ryan David Tuder, Lincoln
Austin Troy Underwood, Lincoln
Kathryn Ruth Upton, Colorado Springs, CO
Ulises G. Valencia Segura, Grand Island
Emily Rose Van Der Bosch, Lincoln
Courtney Lea Van Hoosen, Omaha
      (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Morgan Sue Van Housen, Polk
Trevor Lee Vander Kamp, Grand Haven, MI
      (With Highest Distinction)
Connor Lee VerMaas, Lincoln
Matthew Thomas Virnoche, Fitchburg, WI
Sydney Anne Vogel, Saint Louis, MO
Scott Michael Volmer, Omaha
Austin Allen Vornhagen, Kearney
Mitchel Alan Vrbicky, Omaha
Jamie Lynn Waddington, Papillion
Katherine Elizabeth Waite, Bellevue
Jordan Paul Walz, York
Bishi Wang, Guangzhou, China
           (With Distinction)
Weiya Wang, Lincoln
       (With High Distinction)
Katherine Ann Warneke, Omaha
       (With High Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
John Leehy Warren, Omaha
Alec Waters, Grand Island
      (With Highest Distinction)
Lindsey Ferne Watson, Lincoln
Kyle Andrew Webb, Elwood
Cole Edward Weers, Diller
Morgan Anne Weishaar, Lincoln
Colton A. White, Grant
Brandon Connor Whiting, Wentzville, MO
           (With Distinction)
Dillon Cole Whittier, Lincoln
Larissa Morgan Wiebelhaus, Parker, CO
           (With Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Mauri A. Wilhelm, Springfield, IL
Nicholas Wimmer, Lincoln
Megan Rae Wolf, Naperville, IL
David Matthew Wolfe, Lincoln
      (With Highest Distinction)
Shu Qi Wong, Skudai, Malaysia
           (With Distinction)
Emily Lynne Wood, Lincoln
      (With Highest Distinction)
Blake Robert Woodruff, York
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Daniel Woodworth, Papillion
      (With Highest Distinction)
    (University Honors Program)
       (CBA Honors Academy)
Dylan Joseph Wrightsman, Beatrice
Yunpeng Xia, Nanjing, China
Gongda Xie, Lincoln
Yi Xie, Changshu, Suzhou, China
      (With Highest Distinction)
Dan Xu, Lincoln
Dan Xu, Beijing, China
Feiyang Xu, Lincoln
Tianyi Yao, Beijing, China
Ho Sheng Yip, Mentakab, Malaysia
       (With High Distinction)
Leye Yu, Lincoln
Nathan Robert Zahn, Syracuse
Tyler Evan Zellers, Omaha
      (With Highest Distinction)
Xiaotian Zhang, Nanjing, China
Yining Zhang, Taiyuan, China
Zheng Zheng, Guangzhou, China
Colton Dane Zumpfe, York
Published: May 8, 2017