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Graduation Class Recognized for Getting Involved

Graduation Class Recognized for Getting Involved
More than 300 business students receive their degrees this weekend including 55 MBA, 11 MPA and 242 undergraduate recipients.

December College of Business graduates followed a shared path through involvement in clubs and organizations creating new friendships and lifelong relationships to carry with them in their future pursuits. The graduates start their next chapters with those strong connections following the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Commencement activities being held this weekend.

Samantha Braun from Columbus, Nebraska, holds the distinction of being the first from her family to graduate from college. She participated in Residence Life and played for the Nebraska Women’s Rugby Club while majoring in marketing. She plans on attending graduate school at Chadron State. “As a first-generation college student, I was very excited to go to a Big Ten school so close to home and cheer on the Huskers,” Braun said.

Also hailing from Columbus, Shannon Raitt graduates with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a minor in Clifton Builders Management. She became a Clifton Builder in the Clifton Strengths Institute during her sophomore year and will work at Ameritas as a vendor relations coordinator.

Raitt praised her Clifton Builders experience, “By surrounding myself with individuals who act on their high leadership and entrepreneurial potential, I found myself more engaged in my classes. I continue to aspire to change the world by building new businesses, teams or communities through leadership and involvement. With the experience and relationships I've built in the Clifton Builders program, I feel like I can do just about anything moving forward.”

Rok Krizaj, a management major with a minor in psychology, traveled more than 5,000 miles to attend Nebraska from his home in Idrija, Slovenia. He played tennis for the Huskers and was involved in Global Nebraska and the Big Red Investment Club.

“My experience as an athlete and student leader prepared me to strive in an environment that entails hard work, taking responsibility and delivering results. I got the chance to mentor younger players to help them with cultural transition and adaptation to a college environment. While in the College of Business, I was given the opportunity to help lead teams as outside consultants for Union Pacific and Ameritas and work on projects with each company’s top executives,” said Krizaj, who plans to return to Slovenia, to work in management consulting.

In contrast to Krizaj, Wyatt Packard stayed in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, to immerse himself in the Big Red experience. Packard becomes one of the early recipients of the new law and business minor while earning his degree in management. He served as a peer career coach in the Business Career Center, competed in the 3-2-1 Quick Pitch Competition and was a member of the Society for Human Resource Management.

“Graduating from Nebraska means a great deal to me. Not only have I had the opportunity to receive an excellent education in my home state that has prepared me for my career, but I am privileged to be a part of the Nebraska Business community and the University of Nebraska alumni. To graduate as a Chancellor's Scholar is a testament to the amazing faculty and staff that make the University so great,” said Packard, who will attend graduate school in Missouri while working for the Lincoln City Libraries.

Taggart Bailey, from Pierce, Nebraska, played on numerous intramural teams, including a nationals-bound flag football team. He also interned at Northwestern Mutual in Lincoln, which turns into a full-time job as a financial advisor after graduating Saturday. His thoughts upon being a Husker sum up the greater purpose of getting involved in collegiate activities.

“The best thing about being a Husker is the friends and connections I made while attending the University of Nebraska and living in Lincoln,” said Bailey.

Watch the live stream of graduate commencement activities on Friday, December 20, at 3:00 p.m. and undergraduate activities, Saturday, December 21, at 9:00 a.m.:

Fall 2019 graduates from the College of Business include:

Master of Business Administration

Tadashi Andrew Abe, Omaha—Business

Andrew John Batten, Omaha—Business

Alexandre Jacques Gerard Beaussart, Omaha—Business

Vladimir Bernard, Bay Shore, NY—Business

Bradley John Cain, Lincoln—Business

Jason Daniel Campbell, Circle Pines, MN—Business

Andrew Carman, Gilbert, AZ—Business

Kelsi KahleRae Carrell, Lincoln—Business

Fouy Kok Chau, Fountain Valley, CA—Business

Dain Joseph Christensen, Lincoln—Business

Thomas Jordan Cramer, Omaha—Business

Matthew Tyler Davis, APO, AE—Business

Sean Marcus DeLancey, Jacksonville, FL—Business

Katelyn Rebecca Dvorak, Lincoln—Business

Zeid El Jundi, Calgary, Canada—Business

Paul Matthew Embree, Lincoln—Business

Rogelio Martin Estrada, Rancho Santa Fe, CA—Business

Corey Robert Evans, Jordan, MN—Business

Avinash Gandamala, Lincoln—Business

Brett A. Gay, Nebraska City—Business

Vincent Gutgsell, Omaha—Business

Heather Ashley Hastings, North Bend, WA—Business

Jacob Michael Havranek, Lincoln—Business

Randy James Hert, Katy, TX—Business

Robert James Hotovy, Columbus—Business

Kevin Michael Juhl, Urbandale, IA—Business

Richard David Karas, Lincoln—Business

Grayson Michael Kielhold, Lincoln—Business

Chad Allen Kilpatrick, Lincoln—Business

Marcia Marie Kimler, Coburn, PA—Business

Qianqi Li, Lincoln—Business

Rhonda Sue Lundgren, Geneseo, IL—Business

Bandana Maharjan, Kathmandu, Nepal—Business

Riaj Mahmud, Dhaka, Bangladesh—Business

James Lawrence McDonald, Lincoln—Business

Jacqueline Marie Meyer, Reno, NV—Business

Joseph Mark Nixon, Winter Garden, FL—Business

William Howard Nosal, Lincoln—Business

Steven Noskin, Frisco, TX—Business

Meghan Ann O’Callaghan, Lincoln—Business

Cheryl D. O’Dell, Lincoln—Business

Anders Lee Olson, Lincoln—Business

Timothy Dwight Onkst, Harker Heights, TX—Business

Erika Prucha, Lincoln—Business

Dominik Tyler Redden, Lincoln—Business

Douglas Michael Rood, Rockton, IL—Business

Heidi Louise Ruedisili, Cannon Falls, MN—Business

Jesse Edward Staley, Brighton, CO—Business

Orsolya Toth, Ann Arbor, MI—Business

Thomas Tam Tran, Richmond, TX—Business

Joshua Aaron Twente, Oskaloosa, IA—Business

David Van Allen, Bloomington, IL—Business

Patrick Joseph Wright, Lincoln—Business

Gongda Xie, Lincoln—Business

Che Hyon Yi, Centennial, CO—Business


Master of Professional Accountancy

Patricia Jane Altenbach, Lincoln—Accountancy

Danielle Breen, Lincoln—Accountancy

Andrea Leigh Exstrom, Holdrege—Accountancy

Karli Maurice Flanders, North Platte—Accountancy

Claire Marie Hasty, Omaha—Accountancy

Amanda Marie Heinicke, Lincoln—Accountancy

Cassandra J. Munoz, Lincoln—Accountancy

YiBing Shen, Lincoln—Accountancy

Leanna Leota Smith, Lincoln—Accountancy

Lindsay Marie Weber, Cook—Accountancy

Yusi Xie, Xi’an, China—Accountancy


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Alexander James Abbott, Wahoo

Parker Lewis Abena, Edina, MN

Andrew Kent Adelson, Stromsburg

            (With Highest Distinction)

Asim Ali Saif Al Abri, Ruwi, Oman

Withab Khalid Khalaf Al Amri, Lincoln

            (With High Distinction)

Abdul Sallam Issa Mohammed Al Balushi, Ruwi, Oman

Hamed Mohamed Khamis Al Hajri, Ruwi, Oman

Sara Ramadhan Al Huraizi, Ruwi, Oman

Emmanuel Aldana, South Sioux City

Grant Stephen Alley, Chesterfield, MO

Emily Lynn Almgren, Omaha

Daniel Ang, Taman Desa, Malaysia

Andrew Jon Arend, Alexandria, SD

            (With High Distinction)

Taggart Cole Bailey, Pierce

David Nath Bartle, Tulsa, OK

Patrick Nicholas Bates, Omaha

Kyle Robert Bauer, Crete

Michael Aaron Bebout, Schuyler

Brent Austin Beethe, Elk Creek

Kyle Anthony Bender, Naperville, IL

Quincey Thomas Bernard, Delmas, Haiti

Kaitlyn Anne Berner, Sidney

            (With Distinction)

Vanja Bilinac, Lincoln

Rebekah Christine Birch, Burwell

            (With Highest Distinction)

            (University Honors Program)

Megan L. Blome, Lincoln

Andrew John Blum, Lincoln

Ethan Paul Bohn, La Vista

Dicaprio Dwight Bootle, Miami, FL

Jack Raymond Borden, Naperville, IL

Toby Davis Boyer, Ham Lake, MN

Samantha JoElle Braun, Lincoln

Reid Scot Brost, Lincoln

Wade Robert Brugger, Plattsmouth

Jessica Forrest Brummell, Elkhorn

Caroline Abbey Buelt, Polk City, IA

Jon Charles Burmeister II, Lincoln

Jason Alfonso Calderon, La Vista

Daniel James Cappo, Munster, IN

Joshua Jay Carlson, Fremont

Asmir Cavalic, Lincoln

Shengjie Chen, Lincoln

Xin Chen, Beijing, China

Yu Leong Chen, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Walker Claussen, Lincoln

Adam Jackson Claypool, Lincoln

Christian Cleberg, Lincoln

            (University Honors Program)

Madison Elizabeth Clements, Country Club, MO

            (With High Distinction)

            (University Honors Program)

Reid John Dalton, Waverly

Trey Thomas Dodson, North Platte

Zihan Du, Leshan, China

Austin Pauer Dupler, Lincoln

Courtney Brooke Eastman, Lincoln

            (With Highest Distinction)

Jose Luis Fajardo Sanchez, Lincoln

Sabin Felea, Henderson, NV

            (With High Distinction)

Austin James Ferguson, Lincoln

Bailey Marie Fitzgerald, Crete

Kelvin Chieng Jien Gan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hui Gao, Lincoln

Tyler Jonathan Gargano, Omaha

Kathryn Grace Gay, Papillion

Milkias Yebrah Gebremariam, Lincoln

Chengyin Geng, Beijing, China

Ting Guo, Lincoln

            (With Highest Distinction)

Matthew Jarrod Hamilton, Lincoln

Robert George Hansen, Lincoln

Tyler David Hattan, Lincoln

Nicholas Carl Healey, Lincoln

Eric Marshall Herr, Lincoln

            (University Honors Program)

Andres Alberto Herrera, Jr., Lincoln

Alex John Hoffman, Elk Point, SD

            (With Distinction)

Weiguan Hua, Lincoln

            (With High Distinction)

Madison Linn Huismann, Grand Island

Joseph Abbott Jeanetta, Bellevue

Ziliang Jiang, Mianyang, China

Yucheng Jin, Hangzhou, China

Kennedy Alexa Stanla Johnson, Lincoln

Sloan Phillips Johnson, Cambridge

Christian Lee Jones, Elkhorn

James Tyler Kating, Barrington, IL

Ryan Thomas Kennedy, Palatine, IL

Hyun Tae Kim, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Trevor Allen Klein, Lincoln

Benjamin Mark Klenke, Malcolm

Alysa Rae Knutson, Lincoln

Xin May Kok, Selangor, Malaysia

Ching Long Kong, Falls City

Rok Krizaj, Idrija, Slovenia

            (With Highest Distinction)

Wyatt Michael Lantry, Valley

Riley Earl LaRue, Lincoln

Thomas Henry Lassek, Fremont

Heting Li, Changchun, China

Yu He Lian, Klang, Malaysia

            (With High Distinction)

Garrett Michael Lien, Lincoln

Poh Ling Lim, Selangor, Malaysia

Hao-Yu Lin, Taipei City, Taiwan, Province of China

Leitianyu Lin, Hangzhou, China

            (With Distinction)

Anqi Liu, Hangzhou, China

Austin Russell Lober, Albuquerque, NM

Brenden Marlon Lofgren, Omaha

            (Chancellor's Scholar)

            (With Highest Distinction)

Eduardo Lopez, Columbus

Coy Gerhard Ludwig, Mukwonago, WI

Chase W. Lueckenhoff, Walton

Ted Russell Maline, Oakland

            (With Highest Distinction)

Anna Marie Malone, Lincoln

Hannah Marie Malone, Lincoln

Grant Mitchell Mantell, Phoenix, AZ

            (With High Distinction)

Christopher Michael Margiotta, Omaha

Meghan Spence Matt, Chaska, MN

            (With Distinction)

Patrick James McCarthy, Lemont, IL

Brett Lloyd McConnell, Lodgepole

Megan Kelly McLain, Omaha

Madison Renee Meacham, Omaha

Sinclaire Morgan Miramontez,
Lenexa, KS

Andrew Kolacia Mitchell, Maple
Valley, WA

Sean Terique Mitchell, Omaha

Ryan Alan Moline, Imperial

Kyle James Morbach, Lincoln

Brady Lee Moser, Lincoln

Maluba Mudundulu, Lincoln

Danielle Jane Mukusha, Lincoln

Megan Mulchrone, Maple Grove, MN

Jacob Cole Muraskin, Omaha

Serene Ahmad Nabulsi, Omaha

Gerardo Naranjo, Lincoln

Samuel Ronald Nelson, Omaha

Nixon Thomas Nerud, Dorchester

Olivia Lynn Nesja, Lincoln

Anh Huy Nguyen, Lincoln

Anh Vu Minh Nguyen, Hai Phong,
Viet Nam

            (With High Distinction)

Nathan Nguyen, Omaha

Steve Nguyen, Lincoln

Vincent Nguyen, Lincoln

Jack David Nibert, Wichita, KS

Jared Thomas Nottlemann, Lincoln

Nicholas Matthew Nylin, Lincoln

Joo Teong Ong, Lincoln

Carlos David Ortega, Lincoln

Eli Chester Ourada, Elm Creek

Wyatt John Birdsall Packard, Lincoln

            (Chancellor's Scholar)

Trevor Daniel Pandorf, Columbus

Sydney Ellyn Park, Sioux Falls, SD

Mitchell Riley Parker, Lincoln

Haley Marie Paul, Bellevue

Samuel James Pearson, Cambridge

Haoyu Peng, Fuling, China

Zhiling Peng, Guiyang, China

Adam Todd Perkins, Yutan

Andrew Karl Person, Overland Park, KS

Emily Mae Pick, Lincoln

Samuel Scott Pinkerton, Omaha

Donald Joseph Pistillo, Jr., Morse Bluff

Jennifer Dawn Pitsch, Lincoln

            (With High Distinction)

            (University Honors Program)

(Nebraska Business Honors Academy)

Christopher Michael Podraza, Omaha

Paige Flannery Pogue, Lincoln

Cole Douglas Prohaska, Prague

Sylvester Pua, Kajang, Malaysia

            (With High Distinction)

Hunter Joe Quinn, Oxford

            (With High Distinction)

Shannon Jean Raitt, Columbus

Benjamin Joel Remmers, Hastings

            (With Distinction)

Ziqi Ren, Shanghai, China

Brandon Michael Robertson, Omaha

Nur Firdaus Binti Roslan, Putrajaya, Malaysia

John Paul Ruhl, Lincoln

Deanna Marie Sanchez, Grand Island

Marcus James Sanders, Lincoln

Mitchell Schenk, Harrisburg, SD

Jacob Michael Schmiedt, Dakota City

Ben Timothy Schnepf, Lincoln

Hannah Rose Schreiner, Hermosa Beach, CA

Nathaniel Paul Schrum, Lincoln

Bailee Ryann Schubauer, Malmo

Trevor Jude Schulte, Omaha

            (With Distinction)

Michael Thomas Seeman, Downers Grove, IL

Dillon Ray Sempek, Papillion

Zhoucheng Shao, Guangzhou, China

Qing Shi, Hangzhou, China

            (With Distinction)

Bailey Ryann Simms, Plattsmouth

Caleb Michael Sneed, Lincoln

Henley Kerrigan Spicl, Elkhorn

Thomas Daniel Stegman, Omaha

Justine Lynne Steiner, Hastings

Katherine Barry Stephen, Lincoln

Paula Rae Stevens, Omaha

Jared Thomas Stewart, Omaha

David Jeffrey Strang, Lincoln

Austin Alan Strasburg, Grand Island

            (With Distinction)

Jordan Michael Strong, Elkhorn

Luke Stufft, Omaha

Keegan Matthew Sullinger, Beatrice

Spencer Daniel Suminski, Lincoln

Xin Yue Tan, Cheras, Malaysia

            (With Distinction)

John Matthew Tasler, Lincoln

Aniya Nicole Tate, Omaha

Paul Geoffrey Tindall, Lincoln

Katelyn Louise Trapp, Lincoln

Samantha Jo Turco, Elkhorn

            (With Highest Distinction)

            (University Honors Program)

(Nebraska Business Honors Academy)

Noelle Elizabeth Turner, Lincoln

Aston Jit Sheng U, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Malaysia

            (With High Distinction)

Holli Mae Van Wyk, Greene, IA

Rosa Itzel Vazquez, Lincoln

Daniel Anthony Volk, Elkhorn

Jacob David Von Seggern, Wisner

Skyler Pierce Vondra, Plattsmouth

Michael John Waldron, Omaha

Jackson Kelly Walker, Prairie Village, KS

Zachary Chaney Walker, Lincoln

Coby Jay Wallingford, Blair

Tyler Lee Walters, Omaha

ZhiYuan Wan, NanChang, China

Chenlu Wang, Hangzhou, China

            (Chancellor's Scholar)

            (With Highest Distinction)

Xinrui Wang, Lincoln

Yijie Wang, Lincoln

            (With Distinction)

Yufan Wang, Hangzhou, China

Zheng Wang, Beijing, China

Justin Mario-Paul Wells, Omaha

Samuel Joseph Wente, Omaha

Christopher Vollmar Wess, Lincoln

Michael Thomas Wheeler, Omaha

Wyatt Leon Whitaker, Omaha

            (With High Distinction)

Blake Richard Wilberger, Lincoln

Jazzarae E’lan Wilkinson, Columbus

Trey Austin Wilson, Central City

James Eduardo Witt, Gibbon

Connor Douglas Worden, Omaha

Emily Marie Wright, Kearney

            (With High Distinction)

Dakota Dean Wullenwaber, Utica

Lisha Xie, Chengdu, China

Chenyue Xing, Lincoln

            (With Distinction)

Jiahui Xu, Lincoln

Jingyu Yang, Xi’an, China

Yuting Yang, Hangzhou, China

            (With Highest Distinction)

Collin Allen Yendra, Lincoln


Kyle Leslie Young, Council Bluffs, IA

            (With High Distinction)

Jenna Zeleny, Gretna

            (With Highest Distinction)

Xuheng Zeng, Lincoln

Linyi Zhang, Shenzhen, China

Tongtong Zhang, Lincoln

            (With High Distinction)

Yujian Zhang, Zhengzhou City, China

Ziyan Zhang, Lincoln

            (With Distinction)

Wanqian Zhou, Lincoln


Published: December 19, 2019