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February 12, 2013

Dean's Advisory Board Member Mark Hesser Talks to CBA Students

Mark Hesser, UNL College of Business Administration Dean’s Advisory Board member and alumnus, was recently named to the FDIC Advisory Committee on Community Banking. Hesser, who serves as president of Pinnacle Bank, promotes the bank’s vision of serving local customers through the concept of local control.

He recently talked to students in the commercial bank management class taught by Dr. Kathy Farrell, senior associate dean at CBA, about Pinnacle Bank and the overall workings of the banking industry.
“I enjoy speaking to students here at the college because reaching local students fits in with what Pinnacle Bank tries to do,” Hesser said. “It’s a family run business that firmly believes in local management and local control even though Pinnacle is a $3.7 billion institution.”
Hesser encourages students to focus on accounting courses and stay active in college.
“We’d like them to have a strong background in accounting and if they’ve had taxation that’s very beneficial,” he said. “We also look at extracurricular activity. Someone with a 3.5 GPA who is very involved in college is more impressive than someone with a 4.0 GPA who has never left the dorm room.”
Hesser, who has been with Pinnacle Bank since 1990, talked to students about tips they can take while in college to prepare for a banking career.  He also went over the nuts and bolts of examining financial statements to give students a sense of the income and expense components of banking.
Mark Hesser

Mark Hesser talks to bank management students

He sees the growth of CBA as a key to improving business in Nebraska.
“Great things are going on at the college, and I’m excited to be involved through the advisory board,” he said. “The new facility is greatly needed and with the addition of Dean Plowman, joining the Big Ten and some of the new professors we’ve hired, it’s tremendous improvement across the board. We now have a much better opportunity to attract students from other Big Ten states.”
Hesser has also been involved in Boy Scouts of America, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln Independent Business Association and a variety of other service positions in the community.