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October 27, 2015

Curriculum Expanded to Provide Competitive Advantage

The curriculum for accounting students at the School of Accountancy at the University of NebraskaLincoln expanded to include courses in computer science and engineering, marketing and supply chain management this semester. The additional courses will provide a competitive advantage for students in the work place. 

Dr. Aaron Crabtree, director of the School of Accountancy, said, “The accounting degree will help get students in the door, and the supplemental courses will help them flourish once they get on the job. The extra skills they will bring to work will set them apart from other new hires.”

The recommended courses are in three main areas including sales and oral communications, computer science systems and supply chain data analytics.

School of Accountancy students
School of Accountancy students
“Being able to communicate face-to-face is critical when in the work environment. Understanding how computer data systems are structured and how to protect them will help student’s secure critical information. Data analytics will allow students to take all the data a company has and turn it into useable information,” he said.

Crabtree meets with the accountancy advisory boards and employers on a regular basis to discuss the needs of current and future accounting students.

“These courses help address what employers say the school of accountancy can improve on as well as the skills they expect students to need in the future,” Crabtree said.

The School of Accountancy works with multiple departments such as Career Services at CBA and Undergraduate Programs in the College of Business Administration to guide students through their college career.

“We have given a list of specific courses to undergraduate advising to let accounting majors know coming in what classes they should plan to take. We also have given the information to recruiters so they know what courses would differentiate possible hires,” he said.

The mission of the School of Accountancy is to provide an exceptional educational opportunity to students, create high impact research and engage and collaborate with the community.

“Our accounting faculty strive to keep their curriculum current and provide students with the best education possible. I believe by encouraging courses in other areas our students will be more prepared to face the job market upon graduation,” Crabtree said.