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One-on-One Career Coaching

The College of Business Career Center ranks among the top career services providers. You’ll have access to a personal career coach, 24/7 online resume review and a strong alumni network.

Career Coacing
Connect with a Personal Career Coach

MBA@Nebraska students and alumni have the ability to work with professional Career Coaches, either in person or online. Career Coaches will help you assess your current career stage as well as think strategically about new opportunities. They are available to assist you in reviewing new positions and help you market yourself more effectively.

24/7 Online Resume Review

As an MBA@Nebraska student, you’ll get access to VMock—an online resume review tool used by the best business schools in the world—to get instant and personalized resume feedback. VMock uses criteria gathered from employers and global best practices to give you an aggregate resume score, line-by-line suggestions, and guidance on how to best market your competencies.

MBA@Nebraska Network

Join Nebraska Business’ worldwide network of more than 30,000 Nebraska Business alumni, employers, and friends of the college. At Nebraska, our first thought is collaboration—so you’ll be able to develop professional relationships with vital connections for career advice, job connections, and more.

Student Career Resources

Handshake is the place for students to search and apply for internships, co-ops, part-time and full-time jobs.

Handshake - Student Career Connections

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According to Financial Times, MBA@Nebraska ranks #1 in the world for alumni salary increases in 2018. Financial Times reported that, on average, our graduates earn 40 percent more money after obtaining their degree.