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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Symposium Endowment Donors

If you would like to support the Mittelstaedt & Gentry Doctoral Symposium, send a check made payable to University of Nebraska Foundation (with Mittelstaedt Symposium in the memo area) and forward to the Nebraska Department of Marketing, PO Box 880492, Lincoln, NE 68588-0492.

Ken and Linda Anglin
Ken and Linda Anselmi
Eric Arnould
Stacey Menzel Baker
A. Dwayne Ball and Shirley Noble
Joseph and Janelle Bellizzi
Joseph and Barbara Belonax
Neelima Bendapudi
Mariam Beruchashvili and Risto Moisio
John Brasch
Greg and Mary Broekemier
James R. Brown
Tim and Laura Burkink
Les and Linda Carlson
Mary Carsky
Vincentia A. Claycomb
Kevin Coulson
Bill and Joan Curtis
John R. Dickinson
Roger and Ruth Dickinson
Anne (Meike) Eilert
Ahmet Ekici
Amber M. Epp
A. Fuat Firat
Jim and Ruth Gentry
Charles Goeldner
Sanford Grossbart and Priscilla Henkelmann
Marko Grunhagen

Shilpa Gupta
Ron and Dedra Hampton
Jonna and Tim Holland
Zhongbing Hu
Jean Johnson and John Cullen
Jeffrey S. Johnson
M. Colleen Jones
Sunkyu Jun
Norm Kangun
Patricia Kennedy
Tom and Karen Klein
Fred Kraft
Mike Krush
Russ and Kathy Laczniak
Clinton D. Lanier Jr.
Michael and Kathryn Latour
Daniel M. Laufer
Eldon Little
Gerry and Michelle Macintosh
Charles S. and Mary Madden
Mary and Mike Martin
Andrea (Lynn) and Ryan Matthews
Lee and Elizabeth McGinnis
Bob and Venita Mittelstaedt
John Mittelstaedt and Patrice Noel
Mary Mittelstaedt Mann and Steven Mann
Bob Nason

Madhavan Parthasarathy
Cara and Luke Peters
Ashutosh Prasad
Linda Price
Anne Ralston
Terri Rittenburg
Bob and Janet Rogers
A. Coskun Samli
Roberta J. Schultz
Steve and Debora Schulz
Stan and Roberta Shapiro
Preeti Sharma
Anyuan Shen
Rob Simon
Patricia and Richard Smith
Laurie Smith and Kent Eskridge
Ravi and Reena Sohi
Robert Stassen
Wanru Su
Tracy Suter
Lori and Todd Tasaki
Hsin Min Tong
Ann Walsh
Steve and Kathy Welton
Carl Witte


Dotzel, Thomas
Assistant Professor of Marketing
HLH 345G
P.O. Box 880492
Lincoln, NE 68588-0492