Clifton Builders Program Strengths Coaches
BSAD 111 Student Strengths Coaches Student Strengths Coach Application

Why be a Strengths Coach?

Do you get a kick out of helping all types of students discover and develop their uniqueness? Do you excel at inspiring and empowering others? Are you great at conversation and seeing the strengths of others? Do you challenge people to be their best? Do you desire to be part of a groundbreaking approach to impact student success?

The Clifton Strengths Institute is looking for potential Student Strengths Coaches to work with first-year business students in BSAD 111: Investing in Strengths, for the first 8-weeks of the Fall 2019 semester. The course consists of three components: lecture, team meetings/small groups, and two 1:1 Strengths coaching sessions. The course revolves around the discovery and implementation of the results from the CliftonStrengths assessment. This assessment is based off of 50 years of research and has helped millions of people discover what they do best.

You’ll be trained and certified as a Clifton Institute Student Strengths Coach and will work with a team of equally talented strengths coaches helping students understand and apply their strengths to be more engaged in school and have higher life well-being.

Our Culture

At the Clifton Strengths Institute we are committed to creating a cutting edge work environment that reflects the classes and programs we implement. We’re dedicated to the development of your strengths and your engagement with the students you lead and coach.

Your Role and Responsibilities
  • Lead two 30-minute 1:1 strengths coaching sessions with each member of your team; 8-10 students
  • Lead a 50-minute team meeting of 8-10 students once a week for 8 weeks
  • Attend a 1-hour Coach Meeting once a week for 8 weeks for continued training and development
  • Attend and help facilitate discussions in 3-4 lectures throughout the first 8-weeks
  • Monitor your students’ progress and manage their gradebook in Canvas
  • Be trained and certified as a Student Strengths Coach on the CliftonStrengths Assessment
  • Successfully complete the Student Strengths Coach Training Course (MNGT 451); 3 credit-hour course, Wednesdays 4:30-7:30 (tentative time frame)
  • Be at your best coaching, leading and caring for students in small groups and in 1:1 meetings
  • Engaged and energized by helping students understand and apply their strengths to be successful
  • High personal expectations and brings out the best in others
  • Commit to a semester long certificate training course
  • Available to work up to 6 hours a week during the first 8 weeks of the fall semester
  • Must be at least a part-time student at UNL
  • Must maintain a 2.5 grade point average or above to be eligible for MNGT 451 and coaching
  • Cannot be on academic probation during MNGT 451 or coaching
  • Open to ALL majors/colleges
Professional Development Benefits
  • Learn about student development grounded in positive psychology used on 900 campuses across the country
  • Leverage your own CliftonStrengths themes to create a positive environment for students to grow and develop
  • Develop leadership skills through leveraging your strengths to develop individuals or manage a team
  • Become a Certified Student Strengths Coach
  • Undergraduate Students receive a stipend for the 8 weeks

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