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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Investment Portfolio

2022 2021


Maxwell | Omaha | March 2022

CEO: Adriana Cisneros Basulto, ’07, MBA

Maxwell makes it easy for small to midsize employers to offer personalized employee benefits and rewards, as well as attract and retain the talent they need. Client companies assign a budget for employees to use on curated benefits, reimbursements or purchases made with their Maxwell debit card.
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Snappy Workflow | Kearney | April 2022

CEO: Dusty Birge

Snappy Workflow helps electric utility companies lower inspection costs by automating thermal inspections of power lines using proprietary data collection software. Inspectors install a roof-mounted thermal camera on a vehicle to speed up the inspection process by 10 times.
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Nestimate | Lincoln | March 2022

CEO: Kelby Meyers, ’12, economics and finance

Nestimate provides the first software-based solution enabling guaranteed income in retirement plans in a scalable manner. It also fills a gap in the retirement planning space by presenting retirement data in a clear, concise manner.
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Sentinel Fertigation | Lincoln | November 2021

CEO: Jackson Stansell, ’21, biological engineering Ph.D. student

Sentinel Fertigation looks to solve profitability and environmental sustainability issues in agriculture caused by inefficient nitrogen fertilization. By using tech to create more efficient nitrogen applications in the field, it saves farmers money while also being more environmentally conscious.
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Husker Venture Fund