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UNL Parents Association Honors 17 CBA Faculty, Staff

The College of Business Administration at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln had 17 faculty and staff members recognized by the UNL Teaching Council and UNL Parents Association for their outstanding contributions to students. The award honors those faculty and staff members who have made significant differences in the lives of their students.
On January 29, Dr. Donde Plowman, James Jr. and Susan Stuart Endowed Dean, presented the following recipients with their awards. The numbers in parentheses indicate number of years the recipient has received the award.
Accountancy: Arthur Allen (2); Jina Morris (1)
CBA Honors Academy: Erin Burnette (2)
Dean’s Office: Shelley Harrold (1)
Economics: Sam Allgood (4)
Finance: Shawn Strother (1); Sue Vagts (3)
Management: Jake Messersmith (1); Varkey Titus, Jr. (3)
Management and Center for Entrepreneurship: Samuel Nelson (6)
Marketing: Leslie Carlson (2); James Gentry (3); Michelle Jacobs (5); Imran Khan (1); Amit Saini (3)
Undergraduate Programs: Megan Friesen (1); Ashley Wegener (1)
Nominations for these awards are solicited through a mailing sent out by the UNL Parents Association. Parents are able to recommend faculty and staff members who have positively impacted their students’ lives. These awards provide positive feedback to campus faculty and staff and encourage strong student/faculty relations. All nominees were presented with a certificate of recognition.  
Published: February 12, 2016