January 18, 2011

University of Auckland Business School Professor Brad Jackson Visits CBA

University of Auckland Business School Professor Dr. Brad Jackson spoke at CBA on Friday, January 21. Jackson's presentation was titled "The Quest for a Geography of Leadership or Coming to Grips with Context" and was open to the public. The presentation was made possible as part of UNL's Institute for Innovative Leadership's Brown Bag series. Here is a summation of Jackson's recent work:

During a recent sabbatical Brad Jackson embarked upon a quest to discover, develop and articulate what a geographic perspective might bring to the field of leadership studies and more broadly to the conduct of research and teaching within business schools. Returning to his roots and original training as a geographer, Brad identified several profitable avenues for research and teaching that might be opened up by a ‘Geography of Leadership’. Most notably, the field might finally come to grips with the elusive yet long recognized problem of conceptualizing context in leadership processes. Specifically, it serves to foreground the significance of space and place in fostering common identity, purpose and direction.