August 14, 2012

Texan Siblings Catch Husker Fever and Find Connections in CBA

Catching Husker fever isn’t tough in Nebraska, but Ian and Tess Jordan prove that it definitely spreads out of state as well. Though relatives graduated from UNL, the Plano, Texas natives found their own connections to the College of Business Administration when making their college decision.
“When I visited UNL, they made a great effort to personalize the tour and get to know me as a person. That made my decision to attend CBA easy,” said Ian, a senior management and marketing major.
Ian also connected with those in the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity and the Cornhusker Marching Band. He said both groups provided him with essential skills for the future, as he served as rank leader in the marching band and vice president of professional affairs for his fraternity.
“These groups taught me how to best utilize my leadership capabilities, reach out and get to know people, and learn how to work as a team member effectively. All three things will definitely come into play down the road,” he said.
Tess said there are many benefits to coming to UNL, moving away from family to attend college out-of-state can also be challenging. Ian “showed her the ropes” and also sat in the dining hall with her the first few weeks of school.

“The shock factor my freshman year of not knowing anyone was hard to get used to, but it was also a great opportunity to build relationships with people that I know will last a lifetime,” said Tess, also a senior management and marketing major.
She also got involved in organizations and currently serves as a student ambassador for CBA, works as the head office assistant at Cather Pound Neihardt Residence Hall, volunteers as a Young Life Leader and plays an essential role in the UNL Spirit Squad.
Tess and Ian Jordan

Tess and Ian Jordan catch Husker fever

“All the opportunities I have had were strengthened from having to make new friends early on in college. Being involved in these groups has definitely allowed me to grow as a person. I also developed crucial skills in managing my time, working as a team and communicating,” Tess said.
Both Jordan siblings greatly encourage out of state students to visit UNL and see what the College of Business Administration has to offer.
“If they tour the campus and meet the people in the College of Business Administration, they will find themselves wanting to stay and get more connected,” Tess said. “Once here, it is very difficult to shake Husker fever.”