January 14, 2011

Mary Uhl-Bien Speaks of "Sea Change" in Leadership in Auckland Business School Video

CBA professor and Howard Hawks Chair in Business Ethics and Leadership, Mary Uhl-Bien was interviewed for a video presentation by the University of Auckland Business School. The conversation addressed emerging trends in leadership research and practice. Dr. Uhl-Bien also visited with members of the New Zealand Leadership and members of the Auckland community to discuss new ways of understanding the challenges of leadership today.

"It's an exciting time to be in leadership and I feel fortunate to be in the situation that I'm in as a leadership researcher," said Uhl-Bien. "The opportunity has never been greater. There's a sea change going on in the field of leadership and it involves a shift from hierarchical ways of thinking to a connectionist view."

Dr. Uhl-Bien, who is also a member of the Institute for Innovative Leadership at UNL, spent much of 2010 traveling around the world to help share her research and learn from others. Her interest in the work is heightened by the current climate of leadership research.

"A lot of the theories that have been predominant are now mature, and there's a gap in the field -- so there's an opportunity. For me as a leadership researcher I'm able to jump into that opportunity and look at leadership in new and different ways."

View the entire 40 minute interview hosted by Auckland Business School professor Brad Jackson to get a taste of the new view of leadership taking place in higher education. Jackson will speak at UNL on Friday, January 21 in CBA 114. The video may take a few moments to load depending on your connectivity.