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Chip Duden of Werner Enterprises Sees Success in Supply Chain for CBA Students

Supply chain management is the newest major at the UNL College of Business Administration. Chip Duden, vice president of strategic business analytics at Werner Enterprises and member of the CBA supply chain management advisory board, sees supply chain as a great way for current business students to set themselves apart. Duden spoke to students in several CBA supply chain management classes recently about the increasing opportunities in the field.
“Supply chain is more than just moving products and services from the supplier to customer,” Duden told students. “It’s the ability to leverage technology to maximize production efficiency and minimize inventory. It offers better product visibility and leverages relationships with suppliers and logistics providers. All of that adds up to a tremendous value throughout the supply chain.”
He emphasized the tremendous need to increase speed that he has experienced in his 18 years at Werner.
“We've seen a tremendous increase in the need from customers for more detailed information quickly, particularly over the last five years due to the economy slowing and the explosion of mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. Companies are having to manage their expenses more efficiently so a lean supply chain is critical -- knowing where your product is through every step of the supply chain isn't a luxury, it's a necessity in todays global economy.”
Chip Duden

Chip Duden speaks to SCM students at CBA

Duden, a 1987 UNL alum who majored in business administration, emphasized global supply chains are increasingly important.
“Many organizations today lack the personnel and expertise to implement an effective global supply chain,” he said. “Students with a supply chain management degree are able to step into the job market and contribute immediately.”
Duden explained that Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate jobs in the logistics field will grow at twice the normal rate of the economy in the next 10 years. Beyond the employment opportunities it also gives students the chance to work in the field of their choice.
“Supply chain is not restricted to a specific industry -- you can work in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, transportation and logistics or the food and beverage industry. Supply chain expertise is necessary in nearly every business sector.”

Published: March 18, 2013