September 20, 2012

#UNL24 Social Media Event Hits CBA September 24!

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is pushing toward a social media blitz on Monday, September 24, being called #UNL24. The College of Business Administration and all CBA students, including Courtney Breault -- number 24 on the Husker softball team -- are being encouraged to play ball!
The day will capture 24 hours at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, so when you use the hashtag #UNL24 on your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts, you will immediately be part of the fun.  All of the content will be presented at a special web site located at
Whether you have a specific share that incorporates the number 24, or if you just want to show everyone else what your typical Monday is all about, you will have the opportunity to tell your story – albeit, perhaps in 140 characters or less.
Courtney Breault

#24 Courtney Breault

Breault, a senior management major, is just one of the number 24’s that CBA will be promoting through the college Facebook page and Dean Plowman’s Twitter feed. We have other ideas we are dreaming up, and it will be the task of students, faculty and staff at CBA to top us with their most creative 24’s.
Breault, who is originally from Sacramento, Calif., knows firsthand the enthusiasm that Nebraska fans can generate on campus.
“You can’t beat the whole atmosphere here,” Breault said. “The fan support here was a huge factor in me coming to Nebraska. I wanted to be in a place where the whole state and all the fans focus on one thing, and in Calif. that’s not the case.”
On Monday, September 24, everyone at UNL will have a chance to share in that focus and prove once again why Nebraska is #1 – 24 hours a day!